Dating tips the ultimate dating advice

In the modern world everything is faster. People are used to get what they want in lesser time and in better quality. Human interaction is decreasing hand in hand with our social skills. This is what makes dating one of the biggest problems of the modern era. It begins with the great difficulty of meeting new people, in our small existence of schoolofficehome, it is hard to be exposed to novelties on a frequent basis. Even when you do come across new people, there is the indecision of how to interact with them on the initial level. Finally, after you got yourself a date, the hardest of it all is, of course, how to survive it successfully. Not only young people are frustrated about dating, but also the increase in divorce rates and the easiness of living overseas, creates growing circle of lonely single people who seek relationships and love. In my articles I will offer every time a new insight and advice. Starting with the initial stage of ‘how to meet new people’ and going through all the possible subjects that relate to the dating scene. The most important thing to remember is that first of all dating is a game and therefore, should be fun. Some people treat dating as a mission to overcome or as a world that needs to be conquered. We must remember that the consequences of successful dating are mainly the bliss of having another person to be with and enjoy mutual things with; therefore the road that leads to this outcome should be equally joyous and satisfying. If at any point of the process you feel hurt, used or humiliated, there is no point in going on dating the person who causes these feelings. On the other hand, this world requires certain qualities that are sometimes hard to obtain without practice. Remember that relationship is a game for two (or more) players, so you have to play your part in order to advance the game, but also remain attentive to the other’s moves all along the road.

Kissing tips for guys

There comes a moment in our life when all of us have to deal with the first date, first kiss, first girlfriend. This is something unavoidable and someday will happen. But for guys, and not only, this can be very stressful and annoying because they don't know how to handle the situation. If you have your first date with a girl that you really like, and you make a bad impression for the beginning, your date will definitely be screwed up. So you have to make a good impression from the beginning if you want to have a second date with her. But, what happens if you don't know how to kiss her and when is the right time to do it? There's no problem. Using some kissing tips you will see that you will get her in your arms faster than you think, even if now you are a bad kisser. Make this moment special; take her to the paradise with your kiss. Learn how to do this, if you want to have success. Here are some kissing tips that might help you. The first kiss should always be done while the two are alone; privacy is very important, because it will help you to avoid embarrassing situation. The first kiss has a big intensity if you two are alone and nobody is staring at you or disturbs you. Be sure that you are ready to kiss the girl before you make the move, it is not only a mental thing, but also a physical thing as well; if you are nervous try thinking at other things to calm down. Relax and be confident, how to have success with your kiss if you are tensed. Choose the best moment to kiss her and for that pay attention to her eyes. A woman's eyes will always betray her emotions. When your eyes meet and neither of you seem to be able to look away, is the perfect moment to kiss her. Beware of moving too quickly, start with small, regular kiss and just after a while you can go further. Which is very important, don't ask the permission to kiss her. You may cup her cheek with your hands gently, use either one hand or two hands depending on how confident you are; now her mind know what you plan to do. For success in your kissing, make sure from the beginning that you have a good breath; it is very important to wash your teeth before going an o date, also you may use a gum or mint if you just ate something out there. Make sure that your lips are soft and your mouth is moist; so run your tongue over your lips once before you kiss, it will be a more pleasant experience. Close your eyes just before your lips meet and tilt your head slightly in the opposite direction of your partner. Also, don't drool all over her mouth while kissing; women don't like wet or sloppy kisses. The secret of being a great kisser is to keep it simple and sexy. Use your hands to hold her face, show her that you are in control, and make this moment unforgettable, it can be a real pleasure. Avoid excess of saliva, it is true that some saliva sharing is unavoidable, but too much is a definite turn off. Also, be a tease; women love to be teased, so let her know who is in control by driving her crazy with your kiss. You must know when to slow down, so let her dying for more. A kiss is much more than a simply touching lips, it is a expression of love, desire and passion. Move your whole body towards your partner and if she is responding press your chest towards her, then your waist and finally move your lips ; feel your partner's rhythm and match it. Learn to use your tongue skillfully while kissing circling the tip of your partner's tongue with your tongue gives both partners a real pleasure. Gently move the tongue in, exploring the inside of the lips. Everyone likes to be kissed in a different way: some like soft slow kissing, others like more wild action, so you need to find out which is her favorite. You can start with regular, simple kiss and then go further to French kiss and so on. If this is the first time you kiss her and you are a little nervous, you should try the simple kiss with closed lips, which is also a hello or good- bye kiss, but for moment is ok. But the preferable is to try the regular kiss with the open lips – open your mouth slightly and place your lips over her lips; breath throw your nose; as your lips met, press them gently over your partners. If you think that you can go further, try the French kiss, which involves touching your tongue with your partners. You can play with your tongue by circling her with your own, be inventive and have fun. Also suck kissing can be very seductive, but not all the women like it. Nip kissing has to be done carefully and only after you kiss the girl a few times before; while suck kissing bite her lip gently but watch out to not hurt her. No matter which kind of kiss you choose, show some passion; this indicates desire and comes from within; if you are relaxed and follow your heart, you will be lost in the kiss and you will make this moment special.

Is online dating safe 7 safety tips to practice online and offline

: Online dating usually makes people more cautious about who they choose to date and in this day and age that can’t be a bad thing! How many times have you been in a bar/club and given your telephone number to someone you know very little about? With online dating you can take as long as you want getting to know and trust someone via anonymous messaging. You date at your pace and you never have to reveal any personal details about yourself unless you wish to do so. If you you're thinking of joining an online dating agency or have already joined, be sure to practice safety guidelines. Here are some dating tips to practice online followed by some "offline" dating tips should you decide to meet someone.

Online dating 1. Do not include any personal information in your profile, e. g. your home address, workplace address, email address or telephone number. Reputable dating sites make safety paramount so that their members can be part of a safe online dating environment and any personal information given in your profile will automatically be deleted. 2. Take your time getting to know someone online before revealing any personal information about yourself and before arranging to meet him or her. Take advantage of anonymous messaging facilities. 3. Don’t lie in your profile or fake your photograph. Remember, honesty really is the best policy so if you are serious about meeting someone genuine, be yourself. 4. It is a good idea to set up a free email account like Hotmail. This way you do not have use your main personal email address in the event that you no longer wish to have contact with a member.

5. Be careful if you think a member is lying to you. Beware of someone who:- -Pressurises you to meet instantly. -Pressurises you for your personal contact information when they won’t provide personal information about themselves. -Is inconsistent with information about their age, marital status, employment etc. -Avoids answering reasonable questions directly. -Contradicts information shown on their profile or which they have previously told you. 6. Don’t be afraid to flirt a little if that's how you feel but equally don't be too flirtatious as it could be taken the wrong way. Never talk about sex or imply this is what you are looking for. 7. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable stop emailing him or her. Again, most reputable dating sites provide facilities for you to instantly block messages from a member who becomes a nuisance. "Offline" dating 1. If you decide you would like to meet someone "offline" only pass on minimal information to begin with.

Start with your email address then mobile telephone number. Both of these can be changed easily if necessary. 2. If you telephone another member use the blocking feature to prevent your number appearing on Caller ID. 3. If you arrange to meet someone, always ensure it is in a public place and preferably in daylight for the first meeting. Do not arrange any initial meetings at your home and never invite them into your home until you feel ready to do so. 4. Always let someone else know who you are going to meet, where you are going and what time you should be back home.

5. Take your mobile phone with you and keep it switched on. 6. Don’t drink too much and never leave your drink unattended – keep your wits about you! 7. Take enough money for a taxi home and don’t accept a lift home with your date even if he or she appears to be great person.Finally, be sensible and trust your instincts – they are usually right!

Workplace romance tips the best inter office memo to remember

For most young career people, they find spending nearly 35% of their time at the workplace than at their respective homes. That accounts to almost 9 hours of work, work, and work. For this reason, most of the people involved in this kind of situation find themselves out of place in the social world because they simply do not have time to meet other people anymore. In fact, they do not even have time for themselves. That is why it is not such an appalling revelation when some surveys showed how 67.8% of the respondents, all working but in different companies, are into relationship with their colleagues. This goes to show that because of the time constraint that most professionals have and because of the lack of sociable time that they need, most of them divert to the aspect of getting a romantic partner in the office instead. Most of those who are involved in this kind of relationship contend that their workplace seemed to be a natural breeding ground for romantic couples since they are together for more than 40 hours within the week. Also, they asserted that creating a relationship in the office is inevitable because most of them get along with each other well based on the premise that they revolve around the same environment that initiates common interests, beliefs, and backgrounds.

However, because of some professional etiquette around the office, some companies despise the idea of having their employees being involved with each other. The bosses believe that romantic and intimate relationships may bring about negligence on their respective jobs. Moreover, certain flaws are seen on this kind of relationship. There is a higher probability that the couple might have a conflict of concern with regards to their respective duties in the office and their duties and responsibilities with each other. Therefore, for those who cannot help but fall in love while doing monthly inventories, here is a list of some workplace romance tips to keep you out of the brink of disaster: 1. Think first before deciding Before deciding on this matter, it would be better to think first, probably a hundred…no make that a thousand times before deciding on it. Try to contemplate on the possible consequences and benefits that you can get from the relationship. If the relationship will not work out, will you be ready to face the consequences? 2. Evaluate each prospect Establishing a worthwhile relationship with your colleagues should primarily be based on its being worthy for a date. It would be better if you will evaluate on the upshots of dating the person based on his or her position in the company, its value, and the possible corollaries of the separation, if ever. For instance, if you want to ask your colleague on a date, try to contemplate first on the issue of rivalry between you and your officemate and the rough situation that both of you may be in after the breakup. Also, try to look the possible angle of biasness for bosses dating their subordinates. The issue of “favoritism” may take place. 3. Be smart Keep in mind that the reason why God placed our minds above our hearts is for the mind to rule above all. So if you are suddenly being snooped with some seniority in the office, do not be deceived yet. Try to test this person for some reliability quizzes and put him more on hot water. The point here is that if ever he is trying to establish a good romantic relationship with you, it is better to be assured that his intentions are for real and just because he is looking for some diversion in the office. 4. Friendships as the best foundation For a budding romantic relationship in the office, it is best to keep focused on creating friendships first. This is because some people believed that friendship, as the core foundation of any relationship, is better than just a break-from-work relationship. Given all that, workplace romance can be really fun and dreamy. However, one or both of them should realize that office romances are not based on a contract that can expires when the time allotted has elapsed. It would be better to hear these kinds of relationships to last a lifetime, even if both of them have already retired from their jobs.

Attention do not fail for dating scams

In our days, dating frauds are becoming more common. That's why it is better to know from the beginning how to protect yourself from fraud when using Internet personals and dating agencies. Many people try online dating in order to find a partner, but many of them don't know that online dating has also risks, such as dating scams. It is considering scam, for example, when a lonely foreign man gets acquired over the Internet with an attractive woman, which will try to get as much money out of the unsuspecting foreigner as possible. Online dating scammers are heartless; they are happy to exploit people's emotions for their own gain.

If you get too deeply involved, a dating scam can heart not only your hurt, but your finances too. So, don't be too sincere with the one you are chatting, remember that Internet personals, dating sites allow anyone to join free so you never know who is behind that pretty photo. The online scams come in many forms and shapes, but the nastiest form is romance scams, when those persons approach you on a dating service. They play with their victim's feelings, send them lovely messages, call them on the phone, and after they built some degree of trust, here come the nasty scam part. They may have many faces: not only they frequently changes names, but they may list themselves by being of different gender, race, age, location. The major weapon of the romance scammers is photos.

If the photos are more attractive, the chances that this could be a scam are bigger. They may get the photos from a modeling site and also photos of innocent people and start using them. How do they act? First, they approach the victim, by using some attractive photos that are usually uploaded from the Internet. Second, they are ''grooming'' the victim; they establish some lovely correspondence with you, talking about unconditional trust and her honesty.

Also, the letters become long, flowery and romantic, and even call the guy '' my love’’, '' my prince'' and so on. She pretends to fall in love with you and talk about her dreams of your first meeting. The next step is to asking for money; after they will come to present you a sad situation, in which they are passing now, will be asking for your help. Such as: they would really like to meet you but do not have enough money or those they have been robbed and beaten and require urgent surgery or treatment for a serious illness. Even if you get in the trap, they will not stop here, and trying to milking the victim for money as much as possible, using different lies as reasons. And finally, take place the disappearing act; start getting out little by little, sending only few messages and then disappearing at all. So, to not pass in such a nasty situation here are some things that you should pay attention: -when you view a profile look out for things like a sleazy user name; a normal and sincere woman will not use a sleazy user name - read what the profiles says, because people milking for others money will say something vague that can fit anyone -look at the photos, if the photos are too attractive, gorgeous and professional in combination with a vague profile it means that there are troubles, that this is a scam; beautiful people are very selective so they include many requirements in their profiles. How to protect yourself: - use your common sense and think first that the offer may be a scam -never send money or give credit card details -do not open suspicious or unsolicited emails, you've better delete them -never reply to a Spam email -do not agree to transfer money for someone else because money laundering is a criminal offense The bad part is that guys are more vulnerable to fail for dating scams. There were many times when men send money to their non existing female admires. So, as an advice, never hand over money or personal details such as home address or bank account to someone who you never actually met. Also never forget that online dating has many advantages and these dating scams shouldn't stop you to try online dating anymore, especially now that you know how to handle the situation.

Taking a risk with online dating

: I’m sure you’ve been hearing loads and loads about online dating and so far, you’re undecided on whether online dating is a blessing in disguise or just another meeting place for perverts. Well, just in case you do decide to take a risk on online dating, here are a few tips to remember so that nothing undesirable would happen. Don’t Give Away Everything On The First Date This is actually a common strategy tip that you can apply to all forms of dating, whether you’re doing it in person or through the aid of a computer. Experts say that you shouldn’t be totally open during the first date. You have to act a little mysterious and intriguing. You should try your best not to give in completely and right away, even if your date is the perfect mate. When dating online, you’re basically asked to do the same thing but for different reasons. Whereas keeping a little to yourself during live dates are meant to retain the other person’s interest, when dating online, you’re advised to do the same as a precaution. Because dating online doesn’t guarantee at all that you’re talking with someone who’s really who he or she says he is, you shouldn’t be too trustful and virtually believe everything your “date” says.

It’s truly better to be safe than sorry. Take The Time To Know The Person Again, this is a common dating tip that you can apply to all forms of dating. Don’t let yourself be blinded by a person’s superficial beauty. For a relationship to grow and work, you have to find out if you’ve got more than sexual chemistry going on for the both of you. If you take the time to know your date, you’ll know if he or she has some secret quirks that can easily make you tick or turn you off. Now, when taking the time to know a person, I’m not saying that you should spend time with them 24/7. All it takes to know a person is to talk to your date and listen to what they have to say, rather than do the talking the whole time. Do A Little Research One really wonderful thing about the Internet is that you can know just about anything and everything in one sitting. You can try checking on and confirming the identity of your date through a little Internet research.

You may also make sure that the dating site you’ve enlisted into have employed sufficient protection to ensure that none of their members would get easily fooled, swindled or smooth-talked into believing something false. More dating information

Dating with confidence

Dating can be a nerve-wracking experience for many people. After all, you could be meeting your future spouse. It can also be a very vulnerable experience. The whole point of dating (usually) is to get to know someone else on an intimate level, or at least beginning this process. For whatever reason, and there are many, most people want to make a good first impression. At the very least, most people want to avoid rejection. Dating is a prime opportunity for this by its very nature. Whether you're looking for a fun night out or a long term development, rejection can occur either way, and it can be difficult to deal with.

Self-doubt can come in many forms, from questioning one's intelligence to one's looks to one's ability to tell a good joke. Dating puts it all out there. How can you increase your confidence when it comes to dating? There are a few things you can do, and certain methods are more appropriate for some people than others. First Things First A date is just a date. It is not the rest of your life. Yes, you may meet your future spouse, but this is far beyond the scope of the date. At this point, no matter how desperate you may be feeling to finally settle down, focus only on the date. Putting more pressure on it makes it harder for both of you. The other person is likely to sense your "desperation" (for lack of a better word), and you end up putting way to much pressure on yourself. Instead, try focusing on the date itself, not where it may or may not lead. Enjoy the time together, or, if you don't, try to avoid blaming yourself and going into the litany of self-talk that tries to convince you that you're not worth dating, you'll never find someone, and that you'll be single for the rest of your life. Be Yourself Yes, you've heard it many times before, and there's a reason for it. If you do hit it off with the other person, it's best if this happens when you're being true to yourself. If you're "faking" it, you're then faced with coming forward and facing humiliation, rejection, or both, or continuing the facade. This takes a lot of effort, it's dishonest, and you can't keep it up for very long anyway. So whatever your faults, try not to hide them too much. This doesn't mean that you put them all out on the table on the first date, but it also means that you don't go to extreme measures trying to hide them or pretending to be something or someone you're not. Get Out of Yourself To help deal with your insecurities about yourself, try focusing on the other person. Show a genuine interest in what he or she has to say. Be honest and courteous in your responses. Let the other person have the spotlight. Not only does this help keep you from focusing on your insecurities, it also helps accomplish what dates are meant to do--get to know someone else better. Ask questions, listen to the answers, and ask more. Talk about common interests when you find them. Above all, try to avoid talking about yourself the whole time or worrying too much about how you look, what you're saying, and what type of impression you're making. Try Something Different If the idea of sitting through a quiet dinner with someone you barely know makes you break out into a sweat, consider dating activities that involve a bit more involvement. Take a tour through a garden, go rollerblading, or do some other activity that keeps you moving. If you have something to do, you can focus less on feeling awkward and more on the conversation. It helps keep the atmosphere lighter as well, which can make you both feel more comfortable and confident.

Who are the people that romance or dating scams are targetted at

Incidences of romance or dating scams have been on the rise since it came to public knowledge not too long ago. Yet, many people in the Western world are yet to grasp the reality of the fact that this scam seems to be on the increase. Perhaps, because most of the people who lose money to these scams do not talk about their losses. Many people prefer to bear the financial losses in silence, rather than disclose to any other party. On the other hand, in Nigeria and other places where the scammers operate from, large amounts of dollars are being received on a daily basis from the scams. In the third week of March, for instance, a 20 year old young man, just seeking admission into the university, scammed 5000 British Pounds from a middle aged woman in the United Kingdom. He is not the only one collecting such amounts from dating or romance scams. Daily, in thousands of cafes all over Nigeria, especially the SouthWest, and other West African countries, tens of thousands of young people are actively working at the scams, looking for such victims. But then, the question arises --whom do the scammers target for their activities? Do they just pick on anyone anywhere, or do they have a particular set of people that they focus on to defraud them of their money?

From what I could gather in my research, here are the main types of people that the scams are focused on: 1. Elderly people and other lonely groups: Elderly women and men looking for companionship are believed to be especially vulnerable to the scams. They are believed to be soft at heart, and willing to part with their money in return for romantic affection and attention. Other lonely groups of people are also a prime target. Their loneliness makes them to be in need of some form of company, which may not be readily available around them in their immediate environment and which the scammers readily provide. 2. Separated women, recently divorced women and the like are easy targets of the scammers. The trauma of their divorce or separation makes them vulnerable to online scams. The scammers hunt on various dating sites for women like these. 3. Overweight people:these set of people are about the easiest to target and to scam, according to the scammers. It appears some overweight people need someone to admire them and to love them the way they are. And it also appears that a number of them are insecure emotionally. And it appears that as a result of this, some overweight women seem to do anything to hold on to a man, even if they do not know if he is for real. It appears that it is their sense of insecurity and their need for acceptance that is often exploited to get money of them. 4. People Looking For Sex: Many adult websites are a special target of the scammers. The scammers show nude pictures of themselves and engage in sexual acts with the persons they meet on the site. Usually, the people scammed through adult sites never disclose that they were scammed or keep their losses to themselves. All those interviewed and who lost money to scams through this means declined to give figures of how much they were scammed of People living with AIDS, and differently-abled people are also a target of the scams. This is by no means an exhaustive list of those being targetted by the scams. These happen to be the most popular ones the scammers target. The best way to deal with the dating or romance scams is to know how the scammers operate and be wise as to their ways. Educating yourself about these scams helps you to know how to prevent it from happening to you.

Internet on line dating what if it really was for free

: A great deal has been said about the pros and cons of Dating Sites on the Internet. There is no doubt that those who use dating sites either due to social constraints in their real life or because of a desire to increase their circle of friends should be aware of not only the positive side of on-line dating but the negative aspects as well. One things remains clear. Internet on-line dating sites are clearly getting more and more members. So what if it really was for free? A few months ago, after doing an exhaustive study of some internet dating sites as well as trying to map out some of the various general trends beginning to be visible in regard to internet sites in general, I realized that almost all of the on-line dating sites have a few things in common. None of the below is to imply that these sites are not legitimate.

Indeed almost all of them are very legitimate and run by major companies. 1. Reliance Upon User-Memberships For Income - Obviously if people don't frequent their site or refuse to pay membership for it, then they can no longer afford to keep it open. Thus it becomes imperative to convince the "visitor" to take out their credit card and become a member. 2. In order to allow visitors to get acquainted most dating sites will allow a "free search" or allow you to contact a specific number of members for free.

Others will allow you to receive email from members (after you have filled in your profile) but to either read or answer those emails (flirts etc.) you must pay. This is "waving the candy in front of the baby" routine. "See, we have people who want to contact you - it is worth the $xx. xx to pay us". 3. Almost all of the sites have an automatic recurring fee after your first membership expires. If you do not remember to physically go and cancel your membership your credit card will be charged. (This by the way is one of the most lucrative incomes for dating sites.) 4. There are other things they do to convince you of their status and how large their membership is, but we will leave this for the technoligical article on building these sites. As to the possible member, and those either new or experienced to the dating game on-line there is one big frustration. Once you pay for one site you search around for other sites.

Usually and before you know it, you have become a paying member at 3-4 sites, which can easily lead to payments of $100+ every three months. This is not a small amount considering what you really get for your membership. Having been in the position myself, and coming from high-tech while my expertise was in databases and viral technology, I could not but begin to wonder if there was not a better way to do this. In research I discovered a few trends on the internet today: 1. Services are being offered for free. Just look no farther than ezinearticles. com for proof of that. However, it is obvious that no one does this out of the goodness of their heart. Obviously even when services are offered for free, there is a sound and viable financial plan behind the web site. 2. Internet sites that offer their services for free swiftly garner the LOYALTY of their users.

This loyalty in many ways transfers into monetary gain for the site. If a user feels loyal to a site, because the site indeed offers what it says it will to the user, and the user gains from those offers, then the user will be that much more inclined to: a. tell their friends about the site b. shop on the site (if it is an affiliate site) c. click on Google adverts etc. if they appeal to them 3. The most popular internet sites on the net, are those which do offer these things for free and do meet their promises to their users. As in all other service industries, if one wants to offer a specific service for free, and as in our case a dating site, the following guidelines should be in place: 1. Enough financial capital to offer these services for free at startup and to advertise them within the normative internet advertising framework. (Make no mistake - this is a huge investment and not for the weak of pocket or will or heart!) 2. The dating site MUST contain all the bells and whistles of the leaders in the market and then some.

3. It could not be a "canned" solution where you buy the software from a third party and put it up on your url. (This requires a marriage in possibilities between the software publisher and yourself which often does not allow for more "creative" solutions.) 4. EVERYTHING offered which the member wanted to make use of, e. g. profiles, email, photo uploads, etc. etc. had to be for free. Period. NO tricks. NO scam. NO come-ons. Beginning to end - FREE. Obviously, no on-line dating site can do a background check on their members or in any way refuse membership just based upon their name or inclinations. This is up to the "couple" to discover and to check out. But what it can do is to offer a way for the members to feel secure, implementing security to the highest level possible, and not allowing spam or unsolicited emails to get through. In conclusion, it is up to you to be an "educated consumer". You can choose to pay for something which is offered for free elsewhere under the wrong assumption that "you get what you pay for". Today on the internet, and now especially with internet dating sites this is simply NOT true. You get what the site offers.

And if it offers the best and top quality, and to boot it is free to use, there is no longer any reason to go elsewhere. And that is, as the clichй goes, "the bottom line".

How to check your online date s honesty

Online dating can prove to be a wonderful experience but you have to remember certain precautions in dating people over the Net. How would you know that the person you will be meeting for the first time is honest and is not deceiving you? Here are some tips to guide you. 1. Listen to what your gut is saying. If something does not feel right when talking to the person, then most likely, something may indeed be wrong and that he or she is not saying the truth. If something does not feel right when communicating with him or her, it is probably an indication to move on. Trust on your instincts. 2. Do not give out your personal home information too early. If he or she is an honest person, he or she would understand this. He or she knows the danger that lurks in online dating, so it is just understandable that you take enough measures to protect yourself. In fact, he or she might admire you for that. It just shows that you are not that cheap and desperate in hooking up with dates. If you want to meet that person again on a second date, arrange for another one. From there, assess if you can give him or her your contact information. 3. To maximize your safety, make an anonymous electronic mail account in services like Yahoo or Hotmail. Try not to give your complete name. This would increase your privacy information. If you think someone is trustworthy enough to give out your main email address and other information, then you can give him or her the information. 4. If you think you have gathered enough information about your date, then you could try doing a background information check of that person. If your date knew that you are giving him or her a background check, he or she won’t give a big deal about it. After all, honest persons don’t have something to hide, do they? Keep in mind that there are people out there who lie about their profile and lie on the things they are saying over the Internet. Some lie about their marital status, some over their physical appearances, and some about their intentions. Be alert at all times. Not all people in online dating services are good people. Trust your instincts. Hopefully, you find one over the Internet that is honest and has good intentions for you. He or she might be your destiny.

Speed dating up to twenty dates in one night

Speed Dating is for you if you are the type of single who would like more than one date, and then have the choice of who you would like to meet again. Date up to twenty enthusiastic singles in one evening of whirlwind dating. Originating in the USA it’s gathering momentum, and has got the attention of Canadian and UK singles as well. You will find regular Speed Dating events in most major cities up and down these countries, and most singles usually go back for more. As with all dating nothing has a one hundred percent strike rate but you have the night out, and the enjoyment factor. Where else can you meet twenty excited, eligible singles that are looking for a night of fun that can turn into romance. Generally at an event tables are set out for the dates then everyone will sit down for their first date. After the dates have finished the gentlemen will usually move around the tables while the women stay seated.

Singles are given cards at the start of the event to mark off the singles they would like to see again. After the event they will go home and login to the events organisers web site the next day to see who they have matched with. If the single has more than one match they then have to decide who they have a stronger desire for. This is the point where the event organisers leave it in the singles hands, and no longer participate in the relationship. Speed Dating isn’t for the shy type.

It’s an evening of pure socializing, and quick thinkers will definitely be in their element. With only a few minutes to get to know someone, being able to think on your feet is a definite advantage. Knowing a little bit about most things will help as well so getting stuck for questions and answers doesn’t become an issue. Keeping up with current events can help also for quick conversation pieces. Women knowing something about their national sport will help in a sticky situation. Some men will definitely find this attractive. And the same goes for the men, knowing something a bit feminine will help them, and score some points for instant attraction.

If you enjoy meeting people, and enjoy plenty of fun conversation, a Speed Dating event is going to hit the right buttons. An evening of fun fuelled dating and a few drinks is what your singles social life could be just what the doctor ordered.

How to get a girl to have sex with you

Without this powerful tool, even the most attractive men won’t be able to take women home – seduction. The average-looking man who knows how to seduce a woman will win every time over an extremely attractive man who doesn’t know how. It is important that you know how to seduce, once you do, you’ll have the luxury of asking, “My place or your?” When attracting a woman, it is important that you bring seduction to seal the deal. Just by having great looks will not invite a woman to sleep with you; you have to show her that you are really interested and can’t leave without her. It’s not a good idea to beat around the bush and try tricking the woman to sleep with you. Cheesy pickup lines will send you home to an empty bed every time. A real player is honest and straightforward without being rude. By lying everything out for full view allows you to lure her in successfully. The thrill of the hunt comes from letting women know exactly what you want; how hard the woman plays will determine how hard he has to hunt. The use of seduction is a technique that can be used to get just about any woman into bed with you. The results of seduction are much more effective than any pickup line or beating around bushes. Follow these tips: • Physical attraction is very well needed. Be clean cut, fresh and well dressed. • Appear harmless. When a woman sees you are friendly and not attacking her, she will let her guard down, which will be easier for you to penetrate the fortress. • Be charming. This is done by showing her that you are genuinely interested in her and only her. • Be intellectual. Engage in important conversations about politics or current affairs. By showing your intellect will make her value you and your opinion more. • Seduce her emotionally. Women are emotional creatures. Give her a warm and fuzzy feeling. Show her spontaneity and excitement; that rush will addict her to you. • Show chivalry isn’t dead. Women like to be treated like their special, so show the princess you can be a prince. • Essence. By having it means mixing all of the tips together. This will turn you into an irresistible seduction machine. You must be genuine or women will reject you for being fake or trying too hard. After you seduce the woman you’re after you will need to keep her interested by: • Make her feel beautiful. Score major points by making her feel like the most beautiful woman that has ever entered the earth, let alone your life. • Put her pleasures first. Don’t show her that you are only interested in satisfying your own needs; cater to hers as well. • Provide her with lots of pleasure. Giving her all the pleasure she needs will encourage her to return the favor. • Deliver orgasms. Explore her body to see how you can do so; even if it means going downtown.

Searching for ms right online

Finally, after several failed match-ups in your online dates, you've met somebody that you think is the "Ms. Right" for you. She agreed to have a date with you. This is your chance to show "Ms. Right" that you are "Mr. Right" for her. Here are some ways to guide you on your date to make her think you are the perfect one for her. 1. Take a Shower or Bath. You want "Ms. Right" to see the best in you? Then don't come unshaven, dirty-looking, and smelling. Women will instantly judge you based on your hygiene. After all, you wouldn't want to see her looking dirty and unkempt would you? 2. Arrive on Time. On your dates, especially on the first one with "Ms. Right", do not ever come in late. Arriving late will send the wrong signals to her. 3. Give "Ms. Right" a Gift. On your first date, bring her a gift that would speak well of your intentions. It would not show that you are generous, but she is special to you. But don't go overboard. She might think that you are buying her love. 4. Prove that you are a Gentleman. Be a gentleman. Open the doors for her. Pull her chair out when you are in a restaurant or cafй. 5. Compliment Her. Give her compliments, but do not go overboard. She would sense if you are just bluffing. If she looks nice in that red dress, tell her. If she looks radiant and pretty on your date, tell her. 6. Make a Conversation with her. Try to converse with her, but do not let yourself hog the conversation. Make an otherwise nervous and exciting situation into a lively one by chatting. Hear what she wanted to say. 8. Pay for your Bill. It is just gentlemanly to pay for the date. However, if she insists that you guys go "dutch", then do not qualm about it. To avoid an awkward situation, imply to her earlier that you are planning to pay for the date. 9. Follow-up Calls. If you really think she is "Ms. Right" for you and you need to date with her again, say that you really intend in calling her soon. But, if you feel she is not the right one for you, don't make promises of calling and not bothering to call her again. Finding "Ms. Right" might be easy, but you have to show that you are "Mr. Right" for her. With these tips, you can never go wrong.

Are you desperate to date a girl

Don’t be! Finding the right girl for you to date takes a lot of confidence, honesty and time. A good place to start is visiting the places where a lot of people hang out, at the same time, places that you love so that you both have a thing in common. If you love going to coffee shops or going to clubs on Friday nights, then look for her there. It is important to meet a girl that do things similar to things that you do. An effective and interesting way to meet a girl is through online matchmakers. These matchmaker sites will assist you so you can find the right girl for you. Here, you can read about their personalities and traits as well as you can talk to them and see their photos. Make certain that you take time in knowing the girl well before you invite and meet with her on a date. If meeting girls online is not your “cup of tea” then you can meet girls at social gatherings, parties, clubs, disco or the gym. You can also organize a simple party and let your girl buddies to bring along their friends. The more girls that you meet, you have more chances of meeting that special girl for you. Just remember that you will not meet her just by staying at home. You have got to go out and look for her with conscious effort and a very alert mind. And when you do find her, although it is a good thing to display your attraction and interest, never over do it; never tell her things that will make her run away from you. Keep in mind not to ask the girl right away for a date; asking her too soon might scare her off. Instead, be casual and friendly; get to her a step at a time, before you decide to date her. Call her so you both can have a conversation and you will find some things about her. Then when you feel that the time is right and that you like her enough to spend an evening with her, then go and ask. Congratulations! Now you are ready for a date (in case she answered yes). Here are guidelines on what to do: 1. Spend the evening in a place you know she loves. Since you already know what her “likes” are during your phone conversations, then you will have an idea where to bring her. Also be sure you like the place; this will be of no problem, since you met her in a place that you both enjoy visiting. 2. Dress right. This means dressing for the occasion and for the place; dress that you look and feel good. Take extra effort so that you are well groomed (shaved, smells nice, freshly ironed clothes and clean shoes). Remember, this is your first date and you have to put on that good and lasting impression on her. 3. Relax and be yourself. Do not put too much thought on whether she will like you or not. The fact that she said yes for this date means she likes you. When you are relaxed, you can converse well and make her at is as well. 4. Be courteous and polite. Be careful of the things you say and do as rude comments or anxious behavior is unpleasant and can offend her. Be considerate and respectful; when you smoke, ask her first. 5. Listen. At some point, let her do the talking and just listen attentively. By listening, your conversation will continue to flow. While it is good to ask her questions so that you can get to know her, be careful with your questions and avoid personal interrogation. 6. Be careful when selecting the food. From your phone conversations, learn what her favorites are. Likewise, carefully choose a menu that is not messy to eat. 7. Never ever get drunk. There is nothing humiliating then having a drunken date. 8. Never talk about your past relationships. Remember, the woman you like is with you now and a potential serious relationship at hand. Forget about the past. 9. End the date right, do not be overly pushy. Evaluate the situation. When you feel that you both had a good time and you like her, a hug or a brief kiss will do. Do not go beyond. This will just send out the wrong sign, signaling to her that you are either very desperate or that you are only out for sex. Do not forget to thank her and tell her that you had a wonderful. So do not be desperate. There are a lot of women out there and if you will not find them, chances are, they will find you! Just be patient!

Dating tips for the timid

There are some timid, shy people around which have difficulties to make an open chat with new singles, they typically need additional time to adjust to the situation. An uncomplicated convenient answer for them might be to go out on a first date to the movies hence to get used to the presence of the new date, without the obligation to talk. When you come out, you might talk about the movie you Just both watched. An additional notion, if you're shy about making a chat, is to ask your date on herself. It'll serve to show that you're interested in learning about her, as well as remove part of the pressure of talking, off you, until you're more comfort. By making them do the to talk you may feel less stressed and eventually you will relax adequatly to talk about yourself.

Last point, take into account that Most humans love to talk mainly all about their life, actually, what they would like most is someone that would hear them attentively, therefore if you are a good listener you will find A lot of people feel most at ease with you. Remember, you should do anythging you can to put your shyness in the corner, otherwise it will put you in the corner...

A look at jewish dating traditions

Jewish dating traditions range from the rigid rules and regulations formulated in Biblical times to the modern, no holds barred attitude of today’s youth. In the olden days, men and women were pretty much kept apart until the matchmaker made an arrangement, introduced the two young people, talked with both sets of parents and set the wedding date. Men and women were kept separate in the temple, praying in separate sections of the building, with the men on one side and the women on the other. The odd thing about this arrangement is that even though the wedding was held in a temple, the same rules applied even then. The bride and groom were kept apart during the service up until the time that it was made complete and then, and only then, could they embrace and begin to celebrate their marriage. In more modern times, in this great, progressive country, the idea of keeping the sexes apart, especially during the wedding ceremony was absurd. You couldn’t keep today’s kids apart with a brick wall and Jewish dating traditions can’t change that. But, there are some traditions that remain in place even to this day. Based around the time-honored practice of motherly guilt, mothers hold sway over their sons and daughters and any good child will go out of his way to keep them happy. In Jewish families, the mother holds the power and if the children want anything from their parents -- inheritances, respect, blessings -- then the rules and Jewish dating traditions of the household must be respected. It’s not a law, not a Biblical rule or a commandment.

It’s just the way it is. From Hasidic, to conservative to reformed, each family group has its traditions even in modern America. The bond that keeps Jewish people clustered together also keeps the children following the family traditions regarding dating and marriage.

Impress your loved ones with special roses

Since ancient times roses are considered to be the symbol of love, and for centuries giving someone a rose has been considered a beautiful gesture. Because roses are involved in so many stories and legends each type of rose has its own meaning, so you can say that roses speak their own language. Nowadays roses can be made more beautiful with the help of special inscriptions and other enhancements, and you can make your loved ones a really beautiful gift by giving them a special unique rose that will certainly impress them. You can do this without leaving your house, with the help of the Internet. You can find special stores on the Internet that sell customized unique roses and deliver them to whomever you want together with a message from you if you want.

This will definitely be a present that they will never forget. There is large variety of special single roses or rose bouquets that you can find available to order. Here are a few beautiful examples of what you can offer your loved ones : If you want something simple you can offer them a single stem rose, that has a customized message on it. This message can be anything from 'Happy birthday', 'i love you', or even 'will you marry me'. These single roses also have a special wrapping around it. If you want something more impressive, you can send a customized rose bouquet. This will contain the freshest roses, wrapped in an unique bouquet, and that can have your special messages printed on their petals. This bouquet may even have 30 roses in it, so it will surely impress. You can also make some combinations with roses and other nice gifts like chocolate or champagne. Your loved one can receive a beautiful single rose together with a box containing the finest chocolate, and a love message from you. or, she can receive the rose (or rose bouquet) together with a bottle of luxury champagne. Also, if you would like, you can send an artificial silk rose to your loved one, so she can keep it for a long time. These silk roses can also be sent with a special message on them or together with chocolate or champagne. All the roses are very fresh and the bouquets are arranged by professional florists, so they would be a beautiful perfect gift for anyone!

Tips for successful online relationships

Finding a person online that intrigues you enough to pursue an online relationship is difficult. Once you have found that person you need to revisit the age old issues of developing that relationship. In many respects, some may say that online relationships are easier then in person relationships. But, in reality it is pretty much the same, just a little bit more removed. Dating tips are essentially the same, but they are a little more subtle then if you are face-to-face. Safety Even if the person sounds fantastic online you must be aware that there are some people out there that are being all you want them to be, but with ulterior motives. The very first piece of online dating advise is to not to give the person on the other end any numbers like telephone or PIN numbers regardless of how good they sound. Be honest with yourself Relationship advice is always a bit suspect because we are all a bit different. Dating advice from one person to another only reflects that one person giving the dating advice and not necessarily how it applies to you. Always take advice on dating and apply it, with modification, to who you are. Don’t fudge about who you truly are, it will only come back to haunt you later on. Slow and steady One dating tip for a quality online relationship is to take it slow. Some might more aptly call this dating tip the restriction of to-much-information (TMI.) You do not need to have an online relationship develop 100 percent in one or two weeks. Let the personal information out slowly. A little mystery will go a long way to building the relationship. Inflection This particular piece of online dating advice is one item that requires a bit of work. Voice inflection when online is lost. Inflection is one of those things that we really take for granted. Quite a bit of meaning is lost without it. If you are sarcastic (like me) you can quickly lose somebody on the other end if they don’t know how the words are intended. This is one of the reasons that the LOL and smile face type notations have come about. The problem is, many people find these notations a bit “cutesy.” The online dating advice here is to use words to explain your inflection rather then symbols. So, if sarcastic, simply insert (sarcasm) into the text or use uppercase (OH BOY!!!) for very happy or (OH BOY) for can you believe what he did. Conversation Most people say that the art of conversation is dead. In a certain sense this also applies to online dating. Using text abbreviations and assumptions make online relationship building even more impersonal then it already is. This particular piece of online dating advice could be applied to regular relationship building as well. Use simple but descriptive whole worlds to describe what you are discussing. The right word will say quite a bit about who you are. For example: I like kayaking because of the way the paddle slips into the calm water works better then paddling is relaxing. You will come off as a bit more refined rather then just another person online. Don’t impose This is perhaps the hardest piece of advice for dating online to get used to. It is so easy to use a word that imposes a thought, belief or need onto another person without even knowing that you are doing it. If there is one thing that will stop an online relationship dead in its tracks it is imposing yourself on another. Once your online relationship progresses a bit you may loosen up a bit with this piece of relationship advice but until then always defer to the other person in the way you phrase a sentence. Make sure you make it known how you feel, but be sure that the wording reflects the other person’s ability to disagree or agree. Be positive Nobody likes a “gloomy Gus” when they get online. They really don’t want to be in an ongoing relationship with such a person, unless they happen to be a gloomy Gus. Stay up beat when you are writing with your online friend. Sure, everybody has their down days, and that is fine to share. It shows that you are becoming comfortable with that person. If there starts to be a pattern, however, you may want to assess what is going on with yourself personally or with a friend but there is really no need to share it online. If your assessment leads to a life change for the better…well, that is a great thing to share. Relationship advice or not, good news is a turn on for most. Be open ended Just about everybody has heard the phrase “leave them wanting more.” This holds true for online dating. You might think about your daily online conversations or your longer term relationships as a multi-course dinner. Always leave the person salivating for the next course. One of the better ways to do this is ask a question or two that requires a little thought or research. This will let them have something to bring to the table for your next conversation. This would also apply to you. Indicate that you will look into something and let them know what you find the next time you write. Meeting for the first time The big piece of online dating advice here is to meet in a busy place. All the online chat in the world won’t substitute for the first meeting and a true assessment. Try to stay relaxed. Listen, but be able to carry the conversation. Stick to areas where you can find help quickly. Call me a bit of a cynic but safety first. Most importantly be yourself How many times have you heard that one? Fortunately or not, the statement does ring particularly true for online relationships. A certain amount of “you” will seep into the online relationship whether you like it or not but try for being true to yourself all the time. Faking who you are will doom the relationship, unless you really didn’t want an online relationship in the first place. If you swear quite a bit in life, go for it (just use symbols so as to not offend to much.), if you happen to be one of those folks that dots their “I’s” with a heart go for that as well. Be who you are and the need for online relationship advice will go away fairly fast.

Let s meet for coffee

Let’s face it, potential dates will not jump on the hood of your car as you speed down the highway from home to work and back. You have to slow down, step out of your comfort zone and really put some effort toward meeting people in order to make the dating scene seem less like a torture chamber and more like the fun it is meant to be. But once you have an exciting prospect there is a whole new set of dilemmas. And delights. If you are like most people when you find an interesting person to date, a billion questions tramp across your mind. Should I act as interested as I truly am? Should I try to remain aloof? Will it scare him or her away if I bare my soul in the first ten minutes? Should I pace myself and introduce my passions slowly? Since there are plenty of dating books but no real manual out there, these will continue to be legitimate and timeless questions. Unfortunately the answer to all of them is simply this: you have to trust your instincts with most things when it comes to dating. However there are a few questionable aspects of the dating scene that you can eliminate simply by setting a few subtle boundaries. To insure a comfortable beginning and attempt a peaceful middle while leaning toward a happily ever after to any date (especially the first date) you must have a strategy. Most people will agree the first date is the most awkward simply due to the fact you don’t really know what to anticipate. That is also the great fun of first dates. Taking the guesswork out of one part of the first date trauma (or drama depending) it is a great idea to simplify that first “date” by meeting for coffee during the early evening or mid day. Not only does that give you an opportunity to escape in as little as fifteen minutes if the experience is perfectly dreadful, it allows the date to last as long as it needs to if things are rolling along nicely. And caffeine can be as effective as alcohol when it comes to loosening tongues and inhibitions! One certain way of enjoying your first date is by being honest and attentive. If rejection is the one thing all humans fear the most, acceptance has to be the one thing everyone longs to experience. Be kind, courteous and respectful even if you don’t feel the date is going the way you wanted it to go. Sometimes the person who does not fit our instant criteria is actually a genuine compatible match for us.

Dating do s and dont s getting a second date

First Date: Do’s and Don’ts Remember that you only get one chance to make the first impression. 1) Ensure that you are listening as well as speaking. 2) Smile 3) Maintain eye contact, but don't stare - this is an agressive act. 4) Don’t spend the entire date talking about yourself. Ask questions about his job, family, friends, goals, pets, hobbies and interests. You will get all the information you need to know if you ask questions and then listen. 5) Don’t ask yourself is the man I want to marry on your first date. Don't look at her as if she has no clothes on. 6) Be safe. Use your good judgement. Always remain in public and take your cell phone. 7) Make sure you tell a friend where you are going. 8) Don’t get drunk. You will more likely to make bad judgements. 9) Look your best. 10) Don’t give away too much personal information. 11) Don’t talk about your ex. This is the fastest way NOT to get a second date. 12) Don’t be late 13) Be yourself. 14) Don’t act desperate, even if you are. 15) Pay attention. Listen for inconsistencies in the conversation. Watch for bad behaviour. Ie drinks too much, aggressive or confrontational. 16) Don’t talk about your weight and dieting. 17) Don’t talk about your girlfriends. 18) Turn your mobile phone off, or have it on vibrate, but DO NOT answer it. 19) Keep your first meeting short. 20) Be confident. This is an attractive characteristic. romance4millionaires. com. au

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