Intro to cd duplication

Intro To CD Duplication The first thing you must know, is that there are many different types of CD duplication. Some of them happen to be illegal, which is why you'll need to make sure that the CDs you are duplicating are allowed by local laws and regulations. The CD duplication process is basically taking one CD and making a copy of it, or if you prefer, many copies of it. A CD can store information of many forms, such as pictures, movies, data, and even music. Therefore, you'll need to determine which type of duplication you are interested in. You'll also need to think about how many copies you plan to make as well, as the costs of equipment will vary. Most computers that you buy these days will come with a CD-RW drive, and the software you'll need to make copies of the CD disks. CD duplication is very easy to do, as you all you have to do is a few clicks. Even if you are new to computers, you'll find that duplicating CDs is one of the easiest things you'll do with your computer. With the common software, you can copy an audio or even a data disk in just a few minutes. The most common program is Nero, as it does wonders for CD duplication and CD-RW drives. If you have access to Nero, you'll find it very easy to use and very handy to have installed on your computer. Once you begin to copy CDs, you can make copies of your audio CDs, back up your computer, even make copies of your pictures. The sky is the limit with CD duplication - which is the main reason it has become so popular over the years. (word count 287)