Free business consulting

Offer Your Business Consulting for Free! I know, I know... You must be thinking that I’m crazy, suggesting to offer your business consulting for free. Well, after you hear me out, you would think it’s a brilliant idea. We know that your business is consultancy so why offer it for free? How can you get money out of handing out free consulting services? Your business then would no longer be a business but would become a charity, right? Wrong. What I’m talking about here is giving out free consultancy as a teaser, a free taste or free sample, so to speak. People don’t just buy new products from a stranger without testing the product first. You are not yet well-known in the business, so nobody would invest in you. Nobody invests in something that is not reliable to generate good results. Unless you are backed by someone very famous and reliable, you are not going to get clients for your business. By providing free consultancies, you are giving them a taste of what it is like to have you as a consultant. You are not going to hand them everything you have got in a silver platter. No, that’s not what I am saying. It just about giving them a free sample-a small sachet of your service. It is a very good way of enticing and luring them to your business. Once you have proven that you can help them and you made them happy with the result of your sample service, they are left with little choice but to hire your services. They wouldn’t be able to deny a good tangible result! So, what you have to do is advertise on your website that you are offering free business consulting. Nothing lures customer more effectively than the screaming word "FREE". People’s weaknesses always include freebies. Create a downloadable request for consulting form on your website so that they can send you their contact information and initial details of their consulting needs. This would also give you chance to build your rolodex of possible clients as they would be leaving their company’s contact information and their own contact information as well. Once you have gained enough names in your rolodex, try to become friends with them. In every business, good relationship is the key. So don’t just build mountains of contacts, but build networks of relationships. Establish a good working relationship with everyone you meet in your free consulting services, and you are sure to get referrals. This way, you are slowly building a network that would work for you and your business. When you have lots of friends in the business world who believe in your talent, they would surely tap you in every endeavor related to your expertise. Soon afterwards, you would find yourself speaking at their conferences or seminars. And that is another opportunity for you to market yourself and your business consulting services. You can do the public speeches for free, too! This way, you are establishing goodwill and gaining their trust. And in a way, they become indebted to you and would doubtlessly return the favor in the future. Offering free business consulting services and free public speeches are even better and cheaper than advertisements using professional advertising agencies. You can also consider it as a practice in honing your consulting skills. But of course, you still do your own advertising from your own website, publishing newsletters and distributing brochures and leaflets.

A road map to success

A Road Map To Success Something that may not be an obvious thing to ask about when you are hiring a business consultant but should be taking into consideration is what type of documentation you will have once the consultation is over. Why do you want to have copies of the paperwork? There are several good reasons. First of all, the paperwork can be an invaluable tool for you to use after the contract with your consultant is over. The paperwork often contains hidden treasures that, while they may not seem obvious at first, will prove to be useful in the future. Secondly, the paperwork is going to include what it is that was analyzed about your company and what was done to improve your company. This is essential so that you can keep it and refer back to it, especially if not all the changes were made by the consultant. Last, it shows you in writing what the consultant did for you while they were working for you. If there is ever a problem with your consultant, or if there is a dispute, this will give you documentation about what was or wasn't done. It's good to have evidence of what was done by a consultant, both for the present and for the future. It is a good way to know what changes have been made by a consultant and it is a good reference tool. The documentation is a part of the road map to success that you are on with regards to your business.

Letters of confidentiality and business consultants

Letters Of Confidentiality And Business Consultants For your business to be the best that it can be, you want to know that your business consultant is going to have your business' best interests at heart. You want to know that you can count on them not to reveal secrets about your business and that everything that you talk about is going to remain confidential. One of the common misconceptions about letters of confidentiality is that they should only be used when the business consultant is going to be with your company for a long time, and not for short term employees. A letter of confidentiality should be used anytime when you are disclosing important information about your company to someone, such as your trade secrets or the amount of money that you make. Another common misconception is that every consultant that you hire is going to go out and reveal the secrets of your company to every person on the street. Chances are that they won't, but they might say something in passing. If they have signed a letter of confidentiality, they are going to think twice about what they say. One other thing to ask a consultant that you are interviewing is if they will continue to work for your competitors, or if they will stop. This, of course, is a conflict of interest and the last thing you want to do is to find out that they are giving the same advice to the very people that you are in competition with. Make sure that you feel comfortable with possible consultants during the interview and feel like you can trust them.

Small business consulting franchise

Guide to Establishing Your Small Business Consulting Franchise Lots of work should be considered once you start your own business consulting franchise. If you will spend a huge amount of time and money, this business is such a satisfying one. But the major thing you need to consider is your consulting experience because this is the very core of your business. Entering a consulting franchise or even joining other’s franchise will require a lot of learning and research. You’ll experience a lot of work. But when your franchise is highly operational, you’ll discover how fun the business is. Anyone can own a consulting firm through franchising. Similar to other business franchises, consulting firms devise ways on how they can offer franchises of their own consultancy. If you will acquire a consulting business through franchising, you must ensure that it includes assistance and advices from the franchise development consultants. They must also provide operation manuals, sales assistance and marketing materials. After acquiring a franchise, your next step is to learn how to manage the consulting business on your own. I have listed here things to consider when putting up your own small business consulting franchise. You will spend a considerable amount of money when opening a business consulting franchise. If you don’t have enough capital you can still raise funds through business loans. Keep in mind that business license is a requirement to make your business legal and official. Next, educate yourself about business consulting franchise. More knowledge means higher business success rate. Consulting is the major area of your business, so better have a solid background about it. Learn from your trusted business partners, they might give you advices on how to start out. If you’re still lacking the needed knowledge, check out your community college. Colleges are offering short extensive classes about business franchising. You can also browse the internet. There are many online programs that offer useful information. The bottom line here is for you to be well versed with your business consulting franchise. Then, you need to market your business consulting franchise. Marketing is the most important part in any business. It’s a way of communicating with the potential clients. If you don’t have any idea how to do it, it will be hard to draw customers. Always consider your target market and you have to merely convince them why they have to go to your firm and not to the others. Always highlight the good factors that set your business apart from other consulting franchises. If you know potential clients already, you can send them mails to inform them of your consulting services. Another way to market your business is through the internet. Find potential clients and send them your files and e-mails. This is a faster way and more advisable than using the traditional mailing services. You can also share links on the internet so you can market your business. Marketing a consulting franchise is a never ending process. Even if you have clients already, you still need to look out for more potential clients to keep the business running. Keep your advertising original. When you have a unique presentation, the chance of having interested customers is big. Clients will be curious of what you really offer. These are the ways to start your business consulting franchise. You need capital and a full knowledge to have a strong foundation. You also need the marketing strategies that will be applied for your business. Just follow these steps and you will enjoy the rewards after. This is definitely a business that will move your way to the top.

How to start a consulting business

The 7 Easy Steps to Start Your Own Consulting Business Offering consultation services is one of the hottest businesses which can provide you with both the profits and flexibility today. To start with your own consulting business, you must be widely knowledgeable about the ins and outs of it. Here are the seven easy steps to inform you on how to run your profitable consulting business. Read on and be guided. 1. The typical way to start any business is to be informed about it. This is also similar to running a consulting business. Start your first day by buying informative books, video collections and other manuals to learn more about the business. You can also seek advice from other consultants who had been successful on their fields. Do not be ashamed or fearful of asking for help. All had gone through this process so keep your composure. 2. Develop a harmonious working relationship with your clients. Building good relationships with the clients is the mantra of all businesses since relationships can go beyond the initial sale and can also forge repeat buys. Clarify client’s expectations versus what you can do. Specify your expertise and the benefits they can get from having you as their consultant. More often than not, clients especially those big organizations have high expectations of the consultants. By being realistic of your capabilities, the good relationship can be developed from then on. 3. Make a good proposal with a clear statement of your strategies and objectives. Since you are the consultant, you are expected to solve majority of the organization’s problems. Clearly state on your proposal the services you will provide and the price you will be asking. Strongly emphasize the advantages that your client will enjoy once they deal with you. You can only do this by presenting the benefits they can reap after getting your services. 4. Create a marketing plan to grab the most profitable client’s attention. You can briefly present your marketing plan; actually you can devise a seven sentence marketing plan. The first sentence explains the purpose of your project. Second sentence explains the ways on how to achieve the purpose and the benefits that the clients can get. Third sentence describes the target market. Fourth sentence describes the niche. Fifth sentence is about the weapons you will utilize. Sixth sentence is about your business identity; and seventh is all about the budget. 5. Present a refined, professional image. Being in the image business, your clients will perceive you as an ultimate maker of sales. One sure way to draw new clients is to be categorized as an expert in the consulting industry. Project yourself as an expert having marketable skills produced from a combination of education and knowledge you gained from years of experience. Since your skills are rare, many companies will be willing to pay your premium. But they also need to see you as in demand, successful and one of the top quality consultants of all time. Make sure that you have all the necessary materials such as sample videos and business cards. Convey an image of an expert who have all the knowledge clients can benefit from. 6. Offer free introductory session when needed. Oftentimes, consultants are conscious of the bills and are hesitant to give their services. Being a consultant does not always mean charging per hour of your precious service. If you are just starting with your business, you must first build client’s awareness about your services so free short consultation will not hurt you. Ensure that your client will be interested on your services by conducting free information seminar once in a while. This can give you exposure and referrals. 7. Be keen with results. The clearest path to have new clients is a promotion from those who saw your first successful project. Keep your network of employers and other persons that you know. Always keep in mind that in consulting business, results are the viable tool to acquire clients. To be successful, you must deliver and offer undisputed value to your clients and all other members of your network. These seven steps are just some of the many ways that can be followed when starting a new consulting business. This might not be enough though since a great effort must be exerted when running any chosen business. With all these ingredients, your consulting business will surely give you huge money.

Make use of the written word

Make Use Of The Written Word Another thing to think about when you are hiring a business consultant is to ask them whether or not they have written anything that deals with the issues that your company is facing. Published works can be an invaluable tool to reference from time to time, when the contract with your consultant is finished or even when they are still working for you. If the consultant has indeed written something, be aware that the published work can be blunt and difficult to read. But its a great way to get into the mind of a consultant and see the world of business through their eyes. Often times, consultants will say more in a published work than they might not say in person. There is another advantage to turning to the published works of people who know business. They can be a wealth of knowledge for those in business, and offer much information that wouldn't be attainable any other way. For example, take someone like Donald Trump. Most people think of him as someone who knows his business. But you couldn't very well call up Donald Trump and ask him for business advice. But he has written plenty of books that are available for anyone to purchase. Don't discount the use of books simply because you have a business consultant, because you will be may be giving up a great cache of information that you may very well find useful. It's always a good idea to use as many resources as possible.

Business consulting

Business Consulting Defined I am sure most of you have heard the phrase, or term, business consulting. And I am sure some of you wonder what this business consulting is all about. How does it make money? How does one become a business consultant? Perhaps you even see some of these business consultants in your office and secretly ask what these people are doing in your boss’ office or over the phone so often. And when someone tells you that they are there to advise your boss, you ask yourself why does your boss need advising? Isn’t he supposed to know what he should be doing? After all, he’s the boss and he is paid very high to do his job. So to stop you from guessing and demystify the business of consulting, here is business consulting-defined. Business consulting is the practice of advising the executives of an organization on how to improve the officers’, as well as the business’, performance in certain fields or areas. Business consultants are hired temporarily to analyze the problems and dilemmas of the business and then develop a management plan to solve the problems, or improve the weak areas of the organization. They can guide the organization’s improvement and progress through a step by step process, guiding them all the way. However, the extent of their involvement still depends on the client organization’s decision on how deep they want the business consulting firm to get involved in their management. Now, why does an organization need outside consultancy? Are the top executives not capable enough to solve the problem? Organizations avail the services of these so-called business consulting firms for different reasons and depending on the need of the company. Some hire external consultants to have a fresh mind from the outside, giving more objective analysis of the problem. It might be that the company’s executives have already been too involved in the problem that they might already be taking it personally. Hence, their judgment is already clouded with personal feelings. Others hire them for their specialized expertise on a particular new area, with which the company is not yet familiar. Most common service that business consulting firm are hire for is the business development service, which is usually on a per project basis, where hiring a permanent employee for the task would be unnecessary and expensive. In this case, business consultants are hired for a particular period of time depending on the length and depth of the project. Sometimes, they are retained during the first few months of the project until such a time the officers can manage on their own. Or sometimes, they are retained for the whole duration of the project, up until its completion. Another common service business consulting is known for is management coaching for the organization’s executives, wherein consultants conduct a one on one training to a particular officer and guide him to the successful management of business. The consultant here is usually duty on-call for whatever advising need that may rise anytime. Consultants may also provide assistance in the area of change management for the organization’s employees, who are about to go through major changes and development within their work place. Today, business consulting has become one big industry, as it becomes popular with more and more organizations recognizing the importance of an objective analysis and focused expertise from outside the company.

Business consultant misconceptions

Business Consultant Misconceptions Sometimes people can be wary of hiring a business consultant, because they think that they look inept and unable to take charge of their company. But that is really the wrong view to take, because it can't be further from the truth. There are many very successful people in business who use business consultants. The thing about consultants is that they can take a look at your business with an unbiased eye. Think about them like an editor of a newspaper. When people write articles for the newspaper, often they can't see the mistakes that they have made. The editor takes the article and fine tunes it to look and read the very best that it can. Just because you have employed a business consultant it doesn't mean that you do not have the skills to run your business. They look at your business with a critical eye and help you fine tune it. They help you to see what can be improved with your business, and what needs to be changed. It is not always easy to hear, but the advice may help to advance your company. Hiring a business consultant helps people see that you care about your company enough to ask another person, someone who is more experienced and knowledgeable, how it can run more smoothly. It may not always be easy to ask for help, but it can be the best thing that you will do for yourself and your company.

Becoming self sufficient thanks to consulant

Becoming Self Sufficient Thanks To Consulant No matter how much you might like your business consultant, there's a good chance that you don't want to have to have them on your payroll indefinitely. So when you are hiring a new business consultant, that is something that you will want to keep in mind. You will want to hire a person that will help you, or your company, help itself. When you conduct interviews, let your prospective consultant know that you would like your company to become self sufficient. Find out what kinds of training that the person can provide for you and your employees. If you are up front about your expectations and what you are looking to get out of your business relationship, then neither of you will go into the the agreement with false expectations. If your goal is to help your company to become self sufficient, be aware that there will be consultants who will not want to do this. After all, if your company becomes self sufficient, it will mean that their services are no longer required. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, of course. If you keep your consultant on without learning things yourself you know that they are always there to answer any questions you have. On the other hand, if you or your company becomes self sufficient you will have tools that you can use in the future, and you will save money in the long run. Only you can decide what is the best decision for you.

Start a consulting business

Surefire Guidelines to Starting Your Business Consulting Consulting is currently the best business that would give you these rewards: money and flexibility. Through consulting, the performance of the organization and other businesses may be improved. Companies definitely trust the ideas and suggestions of their project team and staff; but most of the time, the expertise is quite limited. This leads to hiring of private consultants. Consulting is a talent. If you have the skills and expertise about the world of business, then business consulting would be a good job for you as it promises good financial returns. Establishing a business consulting is not that easy, it is more like self-marketing. Don’t believe too much that a solid reputation and expertise are the keys to be successful in consulting. To gain success in consulting, you need to focus on selling your product - YOURSELF. I have provided here guidelines so you can turn your experience and knowledge into a lucrative small business consulting. You and the client should have a good working relationship. Establish a relationship that will go beyond your first sale. Clarify the expectations from your first assignment. Describe the things that you do and identify the benefits a client will achieve. Clients hire you because of your skills and expertise so you should be able to produce a quality work for them. You are hired as a consultant to help the client’s problem; clearly state your proposal that is beneficial enough for the client, that way the price that you are asking them is worth the pay. From your proposal, let them feel that they really need your expertise. Always emphasize the benefits that they will obtain from your services. Always present a professional image. The client’s perception of what you are is really important. Always show them that you have the expertise and skills that are highly based on the combination of your education and knowledge from your chosen field. Because of this, client would willingly pay you because your skills will help them improve their firms. Always keep in mind that clients expect to see an in demand and successful business consultant. You are just establishing a consulting business, so offer free sessions. This will be the chance for you to expose yourself and gain referrals. Always keep in mind that as a starting consultant you need not bill them right away. First, think of ways you can help them, not monetize every hour you talk to them. Charge your clients by your hourly rate, not by the whole job. A consultant is being paid for the hours that will be used for the project. Make sure that the rate your rate is equivalent to your expertise, type of field and your contracting firm’s size. Also, include in your fees the overhead expenses, the time spent in marketing and other administrative endeavors. Make an update of your client’s portfolio. It’s not bad to remove clients that generate small income. After all, you are talking about your own business here. You can get referrals from good clients and even fish for some new industries to widen your horizon. But remember; take on the assignments that you think you will enjoy and never forget to follow up for your clients. These are the surefire guidelines to help you establish a small business consulting. Entering the business consulting arena is a very hard task but if you got the needed skills and expertise, you’ll be successful in this field. Business consulting is a win-win situation if you are a good consultant. You can help improve other firms and also improve your consulting business. So start your consulting business and move your way for a higher income.

How to find a conaultant

How To Find A Conaultant When you are thinking about hiring a business consultant, one of the things that you should remember is that you shouldn’t go with the first consultant that you interview. The person is going to be an employee of yours, and you conduct several interviews when you are looking to fill a position. Hiring a business consultant is no different. When you are looking for a business consultant, instead of just going to the phone book, the first thing that you should do is to talk to others that you have known that have used business consultants. Find out what their experiences were with their consultants and if they were satisfied with what they did for them. Before you conduct your interview with your business consultant, figure out what it is that you are looking for. What is it that you will want your business consultant to accomplish? Do you want the company to run more efficiently? Do you want to cut costs? Do you want your company to make more money? Knowing what it is that you want to accomplish will help the business consultants that you interview know what type of direction you are going in. Even if your first interview goes well, keep the appointments that you have made and talk to the other consultants. You may find someone that you like better, or someone that has the same vision for your company that you do. After you have had all of the appointments, you can make your choice.

Business consulting services

Most in Demand Business Consulting Services The world of business has dramatically changed over the century and it is no longer the old business world as we know it. Nowadays, you can make business out of anything, as in anything at all. Hobbies and even caprices can now generate income for anyone. And business consulting is no different. In business consulting, you just have to follow where your passion and expertise lie and you are sure to give sound and reliable business counsel. But if you are still baffled as to what to do or where to start because you might have two or more areas of expertise and you want to be sure which is the best choice, here are some of the most popular and in demand business consulting services. 1. Computer consulting. This is one of the, if not the topmost, in demand business consulting service because a lot of high-ranking executive officers are not very adept with computer technology. It is usually the younger generation who have the knack and strong interest in following and learning new trends and updates in the high maintenance world of computer technology. So, more often than not, executives leave the nitty-gritty of high-tech computing to computer consultants. They’d rather not be bothered or wasting their time, learning the ever-changing and dynamic computer world so they think it the best option to just hire somebody expert on the field. 2. Business Starts. This is another in demand for young and neophyte entrepreneurs. The world’s young urban professionals are turning into business entrepreneurs these days. More and more young people are realizing that earning and making it big is in starting their own business and not just relying on their monthly salary. This young generation is sometimes over eager in starting a business that they tend to make big mistakes. This is where business consultants enter the picture. Consultants who are experienced in turning a small business endeavor into an income generating machine, helping the new entrepreneur learn everything about running a business. 3. Human Resources. This department is the most important division of every company and yet the most taken for granted. Human resources department plays a very crucial role in every company. It is the heart of the company. The happiness and contentment of employees lie in good management of the labor force. There are companies that do not even have this department. Well, at least not in the real essence of the profession anyway. Most companies only have administrative department and that is not the same as human resource management. So what executives do is hire human resources expert from time to time to sort out HR related problems. Sometimes, this is even get better results as the temporarily hired Human Relations consultant can provide objective and unprejudiced analysis of the labor relations problem. 4. Project Management Consulting. This one is also fast-becoming famous with companies that creates several projects on a regular basis. From time to time, they hire interim officers to head a particular project and retain them until the project team can already stand up and run on their own. 5. Business Communications Consultant. This consultancy covers both written and oral communications, as well as proper etiquette and practices of communications. Majority of every company’s workforce does not communicate well, especially in the universal language-English. And they find it even harder to put communications in writing.

Consulting business

Useful Facts about Consulting Business There are many kinds of businesses that you can run nowadays. Surely, all wants to own a unique business. To give you an idea, I will present you with one type which you can consider: The Consulting Business. Consultants need not have superb expertise to be into this business and succeed. Consulting businesses have become one of the fastest growing industries during the 90’s and it is expected that the demand for consulting services will continue to prosper for the next years. Why not be engaged? Here is an article that will surely help you learn more about consulting business. Business Consulting is a cost effective and professional management consulting services for the information technology, industry and business communities. Their usual engagements include analysis and design, information systems planning, operations process, performance improvement, workflow analysis, business automation planning, computer software and hardware evaluation, project management, selection and implementation, web design, financial and manufacturing processes, contingency planning and a whole lot more! With the wide range of services provided for by a consulting agency, it will be impossible if you are not yet entice to engage in it. You can offer your special consulting services and be profitable at it. According to the Harvard Business School research, about 100 billion dollars are generated by the business consulting industry. This is from the annual revenues gained by consultants solely in the United States. Consultants are really needed by companies in a slow economy to assist them in cutting their costs and increasing their revenues. There are many things that you should know about consulting business. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You just have to have the guts and proper information to get you to the right track. Profit will not be the sole source of fulfillment when you’re in consulting business. As a business consultant, you are relied upon and respected in every industry and in every country. Being a business consultant, you will be admired for both your independence and expertise. The bottom line of business consulting is to help organization leverage their business performances to produce viable results. Among the services that can be offered by business consulting are: - Improving productivity. You can assist your clients to work more efficiently or redesign the work processes. You can also institutionalize and design metrics for process enhancements. - Optimizing workload and applications. You can help clients align applications for business strategy, plan internal resources and prioritize critical work requests. - Ensuring effective outsourcing. You can also ensure the outsourcing suitability of the organization’s infrastructure and applications. You can also help them design governance structure that will lead to better management of relationship issues and organizational change. You can also choose to specialize in other different areas such as: e-business consulting, marketing consulting, small business consulting, communications consulting, organizational development consulting, IT consulting, strategic planning consulting, HR consulting and any other areas that need professional advice. With all the expertise gained by a business consultant, it’s no wonder that they are one of the most highly paid professionals. On a recent survey conducted by Association of Management Consulting Firms, it was found out that entry level consultants earn an average annual income of $65,000. Senior partners on the other hand earn as much as $300,000 annually. A self-employed consultant can earn $35 - $400 an hour depending on the market. If you have the desire, engaging or having your own consulting business is one sure way to be profitable. Just remember that hard work and perseverance equates the profit and fame that you may acquire from this business. Believe in yourself and your motive and successfully run your own consulting business from now on!

Inquire about clients

Inquire About Clients As with any employee, you are going to want to find out the past type of work that they have done. During the interview, inquire about the companies and individuals that the consultant has worked for. A mistake that people make when they see big name corporations on the person's resume' is to assume that they are great because they worked for a big name company. The thing to remember about big name corporations is that they sometimes hire consultants for short periods of time if they have expertise that is needed for a certain project. Don't take a chance and hire someone simply because they have an impressive resume'. Anyone can write down names and companies on a piece of paper. Take the time to get in contact with the referrals and find out what exactly the person did for the person or company. It's always a good idea to check out the referrals that a prospective consultant has given you and make sure that the claims that they make are well founded. You want to know that the consultant can do what they claim to be able to do, and that they will be able to do the work that they will be given. After all, you are putting your company in their hands and trusting them to give you good advice. Remember, even if you think you have found the consultant you are looking for, keep your appointments. You may find one that you like better.

How heavy is their workload

How Heavy Is Their Workload Something that should be asked during an interview for a business consultant is about the workload that the company or the individual has. If they are willing to give you some names of former or present clients as references, it's not a bad idea to ask them about how attentive the consultant is. Of course you want to know how well they have helped their company, but you also want to find out how quickly they are going to get back to you when you need to ask a question. No matter how good a business consultant is, they won't be able to do you a bit of good if they aren't there when you need their expertise. One of the reasons why you want to find out how many clients they have is because it will give you a good idea of how attentive they are going to be towards your company. If the consultant works for a larger company, make sure that you ask them how many clients they serve personally, because otherwise they may seem too busy when in fact they have plenty of time to help your company. Some of the questions that you should ask a possible consultant, other than their number of clients is how long does it take to have a phone call returned? How long will it take to hear an answer from email? No mater what the problem or question is, you want to that they will respond promptly and give you the same attention no matter what the reason is for your phone call or email.

Small business consulting

Starting Small on a Consulting Business You may not realize it but you might have the potential to become a business consultant. You don’t believe me? Search within yourself. What is the thing you are most passionate about? What is that thing that you do best? Once you have determined what that is, ask whether there are people who might need some assistance in that area. Now, can you help them? Of course, you can! You are an expert on it! So why not do it as a business? Earn money helping others with something you know and do best-and that is business consulting. You can start small. Do it in the comfort of your home as a freelance consultant. There are a lot of organizations and executives out there who are in need of expert consultants. Believe me, with a little fine tuning, you can become a high-paid advisor. So what do you need to do? Well, as I have said earlier, you have to determine your area of expertise first. Are you an accountant? Do you have the required certification to claim that you are an expert in your field? If you don’t, you must secure that first. An expert without credentials is just another person next-door, who is ambitioning to be an expert. People believe in the written word, so you have to have that. However, there are also professions or areas of expertise that doesn’t require certificates like fund-raising consultants. Expertise on the likes of this area only needs experience. However, you have to have vast experience in the field you are planning to advise on. Second, your office. Since you are starting small, your first office can be your bedroom, or your study room, if you have one. All you need is a table and chair, an internet connection and a telephone line, and voila! You are almost ready to start your consulting business. Almost, because you have to understand that though you are starting small, of course, you are also looking to becoming big someday. So you have to be organized. Consultants are advising on management and that includes time and things management. You have to practice what you are advising. Third, set your goals and limitations. Why limitations? You are only starting your business, so don’t shoot stars. Set your goals to a realizable scale or level. Do not target too many clients and end up failing with your commitments. So be realistic. Do not bite off more than you can chew. Maintain your clientele to a manageable number. Fourth, develop and make a record of your plan. You need to have a tangible reminder of the path you are taking so you would not go astray. It’s easy to get distracted and side-tracked from your goals. So it’s best to have it formally written down and give it a professional feel. This way, you can also have something to show possible clients, proving that you are serious in your business. Fifth, create your lesson plans. Of course, before you can advise, train, or teach, you have to have a lesson plan. You have to know what you are going to tell your clients. Write it on your own. Think of all the possible weakness people might have in your chosen field. Focus and write about that. If you don’t know how to start it, begin with the definition of your profession and everything else would follow. The field you are going to write about is your forte, so things should flow easily once you have begun. Done with the five simple steps? Now, you’re ready to call and propose to prospective clients!

How much will it cost me

How Much Will It Cost Me? One thing that should be made clear up front when you are hiring a business consultant is what kind of fee you will be paying to them. Once you have decided on a consultant, you will want to find out what it is that you will be expected to pay for. Sometimes people wonder how much a consultant costs. There is no answer to that question, because each consultant's fee is different. Some work based on the success of the work that they have accomplished, and it's based on the money that your company saves or makes because of them. Others have a set price, still others ask for a fee plus a bonus once the work is done. You should be aware that you may have to pay extra expenses, such as the time and cost for traveling or other expenses that are miscellaneous. That is why it's important to find out right up front about what you should expect to have to pay for a consultant's expertise and get it in writing. Consultants with more experience are likely to be more expensive than those who are newer to the trade. The price of the consultant may also depend on what type of business they are consulting, so there are many factors which go into a consultant's price quote. You want to be sure to get the best consultant for your money, but the thing to remember is that once you have hired a business consultant you will have a wealth of knowledge that you can take with you throughout your career.

What is the consultants business experience

What Is The Consultant's Business Experience? One of the first questions you should ask a business consultant before you hire them is what type of business experience they had before they became a business consultant. You want to be sure that they know exactly what is involved with business before you hire them, because it will make you feel more comfortable that they are able to help you. You want to be certain that the person is sensible when it comes to the bottom line, that they are going to be able to help you achieve the types of results that you are looking for, and that they will be able to work efficiently but quickly. Ideally, the consultant has experience as a turnaround specialist for a corporation, or they were a chief executive officer. That way the chances are good that they know about the need for quick results, know how to deal with cost control, and has come under high pressure scrutiny. If you hire someone that has this type of experience, you are going to be making a great decision with your business consultant. They have the same types of goals and attributes that are important to you, and they will help you to get your company in the direction that it should go. Even though most people who are interviewing business consultants may not think about this, it is something that should be a part of your interview. The answer to this all important question will help you to know if the person is the type of consultant that you are looking for.

Jd2 sustainable business consulting

Ways to Keep Your Business Consulting Firm Sustainable Like every other business endeavor, business consulting has its own risks. There will always be doubts and second thoughts and lots and lots of after thoughts. Nothing in this life is sure to last forever. In fact, nothing really will last forever. So if what you want is to have a business that would last forever, you are trying to hit the moon. However, there is always hope, to keep your business afloat and thriving in the jungle world of entrepreneurship for a very long time. Yes, there is always hope. But you have to work really hard for that hope to materialize. The best thing you can aim at is keeping your business consulting firm sustainable. If you can achieve that, then you can start working on keeping it abreast with other companies in the field. So how do you keep your consulting business sustainable? You only have a few contacts or connections, so what happens when you have used up your existing resources? Simple. Create and build new resources. The only way to keep your business going is to have an ample supply of resources. So, here are a few things you could do to keep business going and growing... First thing to do is to firmly establish your business plan. You are going to engage in a very serious business so you have to be serious about. Your clients should take you as a serious, no-nonsense person that would deliver them good results. So do your homework and be prepared. Have a comprehensive business kit containing details of your services in a neatly packaged brochure, with hourly rates, project rates, retainer basis rate and whatever package you want to serve your client. This brochure would be your salesperson in your absence, so make it the best brochure you can ever make. This is the blood of your business, keep it pulsing through your veins. Second is finding clients. You can find clients through friends’ referrals but that would not last very long. Even if you have a long list of friends, that is still not enough to last your business a lifetime. So you have to exert more effort. Try cold calling. It may sound a little to below your level, but hey, this is business! You need to do whatever it takes to get clients and cold calling is not as bad as you may think. You just have to do it right and do it nicely. You know how irritating it is to be offered things over the phone, so try not to be irritating. Try not to do the things that those telemarketers do to irritate you. Prepare a nice introductory script before making your first call. Try not to bombard your prospective client with the details of your business. Your goal is to get him interested enough to agree on a meeting with you for further discussion of your services. It also pays to remember that very person you meet, great or small is a possible connection. So be nice to all people all the time. He may just be a janitor or a food attendant at a restaurant, but for all you know, you may be talking the person who could lead you to your biggest catch ever. So be nice all the time.

Consulting business ideas

Consulting Business Ideas for You You are absolutely wrong if you equate consulting just for business industries. If you picture a consultant laboriously doing workflow analysis or information technology systems; think again. Consulting business offer wide variety of services. To give you some ideas, here is a list of some undeniably famous consulting business. 1. Fitness Consultancy. Yes! The fitness world also needs a fitness consultant. Being a business consultant, you can apply your expertise to research and development and in planning and implementing policies and programs for recreation, fitness and sports. You can also work for the fitness industry, fitness facilities, the government, community centers, retirement homes, private individuals and sports firms. You can also serve the general communities, adult, youth and even pregnant and new moms. There are people who want to practice exercises and develop routines; the fitness consultants work directly with them. Some consultants take on planning and management role. This can be an exciting consulting business and can give you lots of opportunities. 2. Art Consultancy. You can also choose to be an art consultant. If you love to buy and choose beautiful art materials, you can be profitable in it. You can make money by making art programs for hotels, companies, medical centers, office buildings and higher income professionals. While art representatives promote the works by artists and galleries, the art consultants identify each client’s different needs and budget. Consultants then identify hundreds of art works and make recommendations. Although many art reps serve as consultants, they have limited capability. Art consultants are free to select any art work that suit a client. To be an art consultant, you will need to have a specialized knowledge of art, art sales, art scene entrepreneurship and networking. 3. Skin Care Consultancy. You can also be a make over consultant or specifically, a skin care consultant. As a skin care consultant, you can help the people understand the basic steps on caring for their skin. You can also help them analyze the types of skin they have in order to choose the right cosmetics. This can further help them on their personal enhancement goals. As a skin consultant, you can assist your clients in choosing and applying cosmetics for a more professional, trendy and glamorous looks. You can help them with their image and style makeovers such as make up and clothing styles. You can also host a spa party for all your clients. Although most of the skin care consultants work in drug stores, salons, cosmetic shops and department store, it’s not impossible for them to be self-employed. Numerous companies (Mary Kay, Avon, etc.) hire consultants to work for them; helping them in their full-scale operation. 4. Sales Consultancy. If you have a background on sales, you can become a sales consultant. You can help companies on their sales processes, training, strategies, marketing and sales team management. Sales people make a good sales consultant since they have a strong background on finding prospective clients, building relationships and understanding their various needs. If you have the background and experience, combine these two and have winning results for your clients. 5. Legal Nurse Consultancy. You can also be a legal nurse consultant. If you are a registered nurse who takes part in litigation, you are called a legal nurse consultant. You can carry out nurse practices consultancy, healthcare professions, law firms, legal and healthcare services. You can work with attorneys, clients, physicians and others. As a legal nurse consultant, you can educate consumers and attorneys. Your legal roles can include preparation of witness lists, helping put together law suits, review of medical records, interview with the witness and a lot more. You may work in insurance, law firms, hospital risk management teams and governments. You can also run your independent legal nurse consultancy. Obviously, there are varied types of consulting businesses and you cannot limit yourself to these possibilities. You should only choose the one fitted consulting business that you enjoy. By the ideas presented here, I wish that you had a grasp of knowledge of what to start at and be successful in it.