Ashra s love spell review

Author: Ashra Enchantments Love spells, magic spells and witch craft spells are real easy to shy away from on your spiritual journey, but modern medicine has yet to account for the direct relationship between positive thoughts, spirituality and kindred spirits! Our thoughts have a direct chemical reaction within our spiritual health. Alternative medicine has proven spiritual healing. As a spell caster and professional psychic advisor, I have consulting many seeking spirituality and health. New age remedies are on the rise! Attract a new love? Find your soul mate? Bring back a former love? Return a former lover? Mystical powers and voodoo spells have nothing to do with it! Powerful love spells are about authentic spell, energy influence for results that work. I have studied Egyptian Love Spells and Egyptian Witch craft for many years. If you know “how to” manifest powerful love spells, you can learn any book of spells! Revenge spells, binding spells or money spells – the full moon is the limits! Free beginner spells for those who prefer candles and Safire dust are available in e-books online. True love spells MUST manifest from an authentic spell caster that cares! The problem with magick spells and potions failing is directly related to poor technique because the “how to cast spells” is not present, or the spell caster forget the binding, or they are a learning spell caster wanting to cast a spell. Please seek experienced, accurate spell casters for powerful love spells, magic spells and voodoo spells! Always ask questions prior to requesting the casting of spells. Real love and money spells will need a waxing moon / full moon to bring back a lover or attract new love. This is because the binding process takes that moon energy forging it with Egyptian Love Spell materials to have a full manifest gain that has guaranteed results. Traditional witchcraft is the roots for love spells and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The great pyramid of Giza had the first shadow book of spells. Companionship is one of the greatest love gifts in life! I guaranteed you that you don’t want to take it for granted. Real love is a blessing that has no boundaries and does no physical harm. On this spiritual journey through life, we must acknowledge the positive and learn from the negatives. Your enlightenment awaits you! © Spell Enchantments 2006.

I hear gaea book review

I have to say that I found this work simply breath-taking from the first poem on. Tessa Crigger focuses on issues of conscious living, anti-racism, natural resource consumption, the necessity of finding alternatives and the importance of the individual. At the end of the book, she gives readers a glimpse into her personal life, which I think was helpful in understanding the author. Her unique style made me feel teleported to a warm night, a warming campfire and sitting quietly while listening to ancient stories and lessons orated by elders. It was a wonderful feeling. Tessa insists upon the power of the individual: "act upon these things and turn no more blind eyes, become what we were meant to be and at least give it a try". Her passion for the health of the planet is quite admirable. I was honestly so taken with what Tessa had to say, I even wrote the following quotes out for my bulletin board: "Nations are built upon it and wars are fought to keep it, when all along we should be looking for a way to heal it" and "The children must be given more than a picture or a museum, the nature of our planet cannot be found in a coliseum". Though a little long, her poems had many valuable thoughts to share and did not seem to ramble or get redundant.

I truly believe her work will help influence others to make an effort for a positive change. Just like ripples in the pond, each one of us can have a very real and important impact, even with the smallest of actions.

How to write a summary

Read the paragraphs carefully. Determine its structure. Identify the inventor's resolution in literature. (This will help you to distinguish between more worthy and less high-ranking word.) Reread, label, and underline. This time division the piece into sections or time of held. The author's use of will often be a suitable influence. Label, on the corridor itself, each section or time of said. Underline key way of thinking and terms. Write one-sentence abstract, on a autonomous sheet of paper, of each of alleged. Write a thesis--a one-sentence summary of the unqualified growth. The thesis express the crucial idea of the part, as you have resolute it from the preceding staircase. You may find it effective to keep in mind the material limited in the lead sentence or column of most newspaper stories--the what, who, why, where, when, and how of the matter. For winning passages, digest in a sentence the essayist's conclusion. For colorful passages, show the follower of the report and its key countryside. Note: In some assignment a apposite thesis may before now be in the original passage. If so, you may want to citation it clearly in your summary. Write the first waft of your summary by (1) combining the thesis with your list of one-sentence abridgment or (2) combining the thesis with one-sentence digest plus important facts from the channel. In either case, abolish repetition. Eliminate less crucial statistics. Disregard secondary details, or generalize them. Use as few text as conceivable to take the main point of view. Check your summary against the original enactment, and make whatever correction are essential for exactitude and completeness. Revise your summary, embedding provisional dispute and expression where necessitous to ensure unity. Check for style. Avoid succession of short, shifting condemnation. Combine judgment for a easy, commonsense flow of ideas. Check for right exactness, punctuation, and presage.

Book review now discover your strengths

: There seems to be no lack of the number of books written about personality traits, talents and how to more effectively manage personnel to the advantage of the organization. However, Marcus Buckingham, coauthor of the book First, Break All the Rules, and Donald O. Clifton, Chair of the Gallup International Research & Education Center, now provide managers with a positive approach to help identify and utilize strengths of individuals to the benefit of the organization in their bestselling Now, Discover Your Strengths. The book maintains that this unique, positive approach of focusing on strengths is far more effective in achieving success than eliminating weaknesses, given that we all have inherent strengths and natural weaknesses no matter what positions we might have. For example, the book points out, it does not matter if you are Bill Gates or Tiger Woods. True, these are individuals with tremendous talents that have made them well known in their respective fields, but they also have weaknesses that play into the mix. It would seem our brains are programmed by nature from early childhood, no matter how good our nurture, to start being selective in a few key areas. It is as nature intended it to be. Without being selective, and allowing many of the billions of connections we are born with to lapse into disrepair, we would become dysfunctional with information overload. Therefore, it is understandable that with sufficient practice, while we might be able to learn different tasks well, we will never be great in these areas unless we have a natural innate talent for them. Unfortunately, most of us do not have a good sense of our talents, let alone the ability to effectively use our strengths to our advantage. Rather, most of us spend our lives becoming all too aware of our weaknesses and spend our time trying to deal with our flaws, while neglecting our innate talents.

However, most original and potentially most revealing, to address this problem, Now, Discover Your Strengths provides access to a web-based interactive questionnaire, developed by the Gallup Organization, that quickly identifies your top 5 (out of a total of 34) positive "personality themes", such as: Achiever, Deliberative, Harmony, Empathy and so forth that you might naturally posses. The book goes on to elaborate how each of the 34 unique themes can be identified, complete with individual profiles describing how each might act and what each might "sound like." As each sees the world through their own strengths filter, it is easy to have friction between different individuals within the same department or organization, because we all see the world, and how it should look, so differently. While one may hear what someone else is saying, they may not be able to assimilate it into their own world effectively. This is why partners or advisors are often so effective, as they ad balance to the limits of others. One word of caution however: do not buy this book used if you intend to take the preference test. There is a unique, one-time code that comes with each copy of Now, Discover Your Strengths, which is absolutely necessary in order to access the website's resources. The book has limited value without the ability to take the online test. However, the test alone is well worth the price of the entire book just by itself.

With this resource, you will better understand how to build a "strengths-based organization" by capitalizing on the fact that such traits are already present among those within it. With an estimated 8 out of 10 people in this country not really in a position to capitalize on their strengths and talents, chances are most of us could benefit from reading this book. As most of us fail to capitalize on our strengths, it is not surprising that most departments in any company, no matter the size of the organization, are not operating at even par performance. The risk doing nothing is costly - not only in lost productivity, but in job satisfaction, employee retention and absenteeism and so on. This groundbreaking, resourceful book is easy to read in short concise chapters. Along with the associated preference test, Now, Discover Your Strengths, is a positive cost effective solution in resolving problems, and helping each employee achieve his or her full potential. This is must read for managers and office teams who want a win-win solution in improving their own departments, as well as the lives of those who work for them.

The smart patient s handbook for getting the best treatment

Take it from those in the know-two of America's best-known doctors and the Joint Commission, watchdog for quality and safety of health care in America-there are steps you can take to make sure you get the very best medical treatment possible. Dr. Michael F. Roizen is a practicing anesthesiologist at the Cleveland Clinic and founder of RealAge. com. Dr. Mehmet C. Oz is a practicing cardiothoracic surgeon at New York Presbyterian/Columbia Medical Center. Together, these doctors have joined with Joint Commission Resources to create "You: The Smart Patient: An Insider's Handbook for Getting the Best Treatment," a new book that shows how every patient can take charge of his or her own health care and get the best treatment available. The book gives readers clear, definitive information on such topics as creating a health profile, choosing the right doctors and hospitals, avoiding medication errors, preventing infections, understanding prescription drugs, working with doctors to safely use alternative treatments, and helping a loved one by being his or her health care advocate. Here are a few useful tips from the book: • Stick to the facts. Patients often give doctors too little pertinent information and many distracting off-topic details. The first sign of a smart patient is a health profile. To create a health profile, find the sample form in the book labeled "Your Health Journal" or fill one out online at jcrinc. com and RealAge. com. • Have a tattle plan. Bring your spouse to the doctor's appointment. There are questions he or she may be able to answer that you can't. • Find Dr. Right. One of the most important decisions you will ever make is choosing your doctor. To find a great doctor, ask the ER nurse-manager at the best local hospital. A nurse in the intensive care unit is also a good choice. These registered nurses get a battlefield view of doctors at their best and worst. • Go board-certified. The American Board of Medical Specialties recognizes 24 areas of medical specialty including anesthesiology, cardiology, internal medicine and pediatrics. You can search for board-certified physicians at abms. org or call (866) 275-2267. • Case your hospital. To find the best hospital for you-whether it's a small community hospital, a hospital in your rural area or a large teaching hospital-go for an accredited hospital listed on the Joint Commission's Web site at jointcommission. org. Joint Commission accreditation is the Gold Seal of Approval for a hospital-and that's what you want. The Joint Commission also evaluates ambulatory clinics, home health agencies, home medical equipment companies, nursing homes, laboratories and behavioral health care facilities. • Know your hospital's numbers. Research has shown that for several common operations, hospitals that perform a specific number or more of that operation every year have better success rates. Your surgeon should be able to give you this info, as should the hospital's information line. • Make a new "phriend." Your pharmacist is the least expensive and most accessible health resource you have. Smart patients develop a personal relationship with a pharmacist, which makes it easier to ask questions. • Insist on being scanned. In the hospital, have staff check your hospital ID bracelet before they give you any medication, take blood or wheel you off for a test. If your hospital uses a bar-code scanner on ID bracelets, insist they scan you every time. • Do you know how fast your ER treats heart cases? What is their average time for getting heart attack patients into surgery? Hospitals are required to document their times.

How to become an enlightened millionaire

We learn it in kindergarten: You should always share. But somehow, on the way to adulthood, we lose our desire to share, especially when it comes to money. When there is an abundance of anything, sharing is not an issue and a rich person is one who has more than enough. We want to get you started on having more than enough money by providing the tools and a path (our system) that can help you achieve your financial goals. Our desire is to provide you with solid building blocks for the abundant life that you were meant to have. When it happens to you, we believe you will naturally want to share with others. When you share your wealth, you are acting like a honeybee, whose primary objective is to obtain nectar to make honey. While in the process of going after the nectar, the honeybee is actually involved in a much larger purpose, cross-pollinating the rooted botanicals.

This cross-pollination, or sharing, is far more important than making honey because it results in a beautiful, bountiful garden. By sharing your wealth, both in knowledge and in cash, you become an enlightened millionaire. Like the honeybee, you can actually affect positive change in the world for the benefit of all humankind. So how do you begin building wealth? Our best-selling book, "The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth," will start you on your way to having more than enough money so you can give back and help others succeed along with you. It will teach you to: * Create wealth, even when you have little or nothing to start with. * Use the power of leverage to build wealth rapidly. * Overcome fears so you can take reasonable risks. * Use "one-minute" habits to build wealth over the long term. The One Minute Millionaire is a revolutionary approach to building wealth and a powerful program for self discovery as well.

Wooffer children s book review

Wooffer is a collection of thirty-three short animal-adventure children stories originally written by Betty Fasig for her family. The center character is Wooffer, a hairy dachshund puppy that "mom", the author, receives as a surprise Xmas gift from her fun-loving family. A host of animals grace the pages of Wooffer, including Old Agnes the mouse, thoughtful and protective Margaret the hen, Marygrey the pregnant rabbit, a proud and endearing peacock named Cho Lee who loves to strut his stuff and falls in love with a quail, and best friends Ibie the Ibis and Maudie the horse. The stories are thoughtfully placed in chronological order, right down to the season. It even includes a Xmas story! This is a book about a puppy that changes the opinions of those around him, wins hearts and becomes a reliable, heroic friend. Wooffer earns respect from all the animals for miles around and becomes a bit of a legend by the time he grows up. Generally warm, fun and light-hearted, Wooffer also tackles real-life issues from moving, loneliness, gaining respect, discerning truth from what one is told, getting lost, overcoming bullies and more. Having spent a few years on a farm in my youth, I see germs of truth in the animal relationships and can verify the strange and wonderful bonds that happen between species. The epilogue provides a nice closure by revealing how all the animals still return to the same area annually and spend time with Wooffer and his friends discussing the old times and having new adventures. Inserted occasionally are several adorable amateur drawings of life and adventures on the farm that are sure to entertain children. The cover is a photograph of the inspiration for the main character – the author’s dog - which gives a more realistic feel to the book than a characterization or drawing could have done. The book’s underlying theme is that no matter how small a person may think they are, or how small of a thing they may do – they can make a difference to the lives of those around them. And this is an encouraging thought. Wooffer is an excellent book for bedtime stories, but will be best enjoyed when reading to groups of children. Written in such a way that the reader can easily characterize the animals and situations with their voice, the book is sure to bring giggles of joy to groups of children. As such, I think Wooffer would be an excellent addition to the bookshelves of libraries, schools, daycare centers and the like. ISBN#: 1-4137-5587-9 Author: Betty Fasig Publisher: Publish America

An explosive thriller

Phillip Margolin's novels have hit every major best-seller list across the country, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Los Angeles Times and Publishers Weekly. The best-selling author and Edgar Award nominee returns with "Lost Lake" (HarperTorch, $9.99), an explosive thriller about how a young journalist's "paranoid" theories just might be true. The main character, Vanessa Kohler, is a tabloid reporter living and working in Washington, D. C. She writes fantastic stories about a vast government conspiracy headed by General Wingate, a popular presidential candidate who also happens to be her father, and most dismiss her as a crackpot using sensationalism to sell papers. Drawing from 25 years of courtroom experience to create nuanced characters and high-intensity action, Margolin's novels just keep getting better and better. Critics report that "Lost Lake," with all of its murderous intrigue and plot-driven suspense, will not disappoint. "Lost Lake" is part of HarperCollins' Premium Plus initiative, which offers a more readable type and size, and offers an additional value: Readers who love Margolin can register online to receive a free mass market "pick of the month.

" Phillip Margolin fans take note: HarperCollins Publishers is releasing the author's newest hardcover thriller, "Proof Positive" ($25.95), in which the author relates just how unreliable CSI evidence can be-when misused by a remorseless killer.

The chaos cycle book review

The Chaos Cycle by John Kerchack is destined for the best sellers list! I couldn’t put it down and was quite frustrated when my life kept interrupting my reading sessions during the review process of this book. Honestly, my husband would talk to me and I wouldn’t even know it. He even made and served supper and I was scarcely aware of what had happened. I heard some banging of a pot lid being taken out of a drawer and then all of a sudden there was this steaming plate of food in front of me and the amused face of my husband beaming back at me. The author uses excellent writer skills that provide a steady flow of suspense. His characters are full, realistic – you really feel like you are right there. Not like watching a movie, but rather, right THERE. This is a rare talent indeed, and as a writer myself I can only envy it. John has incredible insight into the thought process of his characters - from those of the small abused children to the brutal killer. Here we are taken on a chaotic ride while Harris and his team of talented detectives track down those responsible for a relentless murder spree in the state of Maryland, USA. I would classify The Chaos Cycle as a murder-thriller fiction novel with moments of brutal violence. The cover is absolutely a work of art. The first thing my husband said when he saw it on my desk was "Wow! Check out this cover!" I’ve reviewed nearly 100 books to date and this is the first time anyone in my family reacted this way to a book cover. The book itself is of very good quality and is a nice size – at 288 pages. Time will slip away for the reader who opens THIS book! ISBN#: 1-4137-8536-0 Author: John Kerchack Publisher: Publish America

Book review fired tales of the canned canceled downsized amp dismissed

: Almost everyone has been fired from a job, and just about everyone has a story to go along with it. Annabelle Gurwitch, the actor and screen writer, decided to capitalize on this fact by compiling and editing a collection of humorous "down-sizing" stories in her book Fired! Tales of the Canned, Canceled, Downsized & Dismissed. After being fired by the media icon (and consequently her idol) Woody Allen, Annabelle decided to take her story to the publishers - along with several other tales from well known actors and media personal, including Bill Maher, Tim Allen, Tate Donovan (actor and director in The O. C.), Harry Shearer (actor in This is Spinal Tap), Dana Gould (writer for The Simpsons), Bob Saget and more. The book is divided into five chapters: The Job So Terrible You Can Only Hope to Be Fired, The Firing You Didn't See Coming, The Time You Deserved to be Fired, The Time Getting Fired Leads You to Something Better, and The Time You Had to Fire Yourself. Each chapter is as witty as the last, and will keep you reading and laughing through till the next. And with over a dozen "tales of the canned" in each chapter, you will have plenty of laughing to enjoy. Many of the true stories found in this book are so funny, they will have you laughing out loud. The story of Paul Feig (director of Arrested Development and The Office) losing his Ronald McDonald gig because of a magical comparison between a rubber chicken and Chicken McNuggets he made to a group of school kids while wearing the clown suit will probably remain with me for the rest of my life. In another favorite story, Jeff Garlin (actor in Curb Your Enthusiasm) explains how he was fired for throwing a bowl of Fruity-Pebbles at a hotel wall... and all just because they stuck.

Larry Charles (writer for Senifeld) reminds us that Taxi companies should never offer employment to a teen-age kid who has just acquired his license that very day; wrecking his cab before he even got it out of the parking lot. Stories like these are worth the price of this book alone. To round each story off, the book also includes "Fired Facts": brief and amusing factoids about being fired, and the workplace in general. For example: "Increased risk of heart attack faced by employer firing an employee in the week after wielding the ax: 100%". What a great way to end your career - with your former boss in the hospital! While Fired! Tales of the Canned, Canceled, Downsized & Dismissed is entertaining (being fired with the line "Take that hanger off your head, you idiot!

" may be the best thing that has ever happened to me), it completely fails to connect with the reader. Each story falls into one of two major camps: meaningless high school jobs that no one regrets losing, and glamorous Hollywood jobs that, while interesting, are entirely foreign to the average reader. In the introduction to this book, Annabelle Gurwitch concludes "So you were fired. Welcome to the club.

We've been waiting for you." However, this book fails to present any "club" you or I are ever likely to be a member of. While almost anyone can related with being fired from a job, the stories in this book are quite different from any workplace axing I have experienced. And unless you have felt the horror of losing a job because your character was shot in the last episode, you will probably be unable to relate as well. If you are looking for a light, entertaining read to get you through the work week, I would recommend Fired! Tales of the Canned, Canceled, Downsized & Dismissed. Though the book will probably not help you reminisce about jobs long past, that may be for the best. What better way to forget about your own "down-sizing" experiences that to hear the stories of a celebrity with their head on the chopping block.

Willa s poppy book review

Willa’s Poppy is a 166-page young adult, thriller-adventure with a hero-element in a subtle theme of rising above challenges and making a difference in the world. Animal lovers, rescue shelter workers and all readers from 8-18 will adore Poppy’s adventures. Because the author also gives insight into an adult’s life through their feelings and experiences with their careers, this book may serve as a tool to bring understanding and awareness in families. Willa’s Poppy is about the exciting adventures of a girl and her puppy as they grow to maturity. Willa, a young teenager, struggled in school. Her desires for a bloodhound dog enabled her to earn the pet through better grades.

Always a bit of a loner with only one true friend, Willa easily took to training and befriending the rescued puppy. Bonding with her beloved Poppy brings Willa out of her shell where she blooms into a bright flower. The family has subtle difficulties, but the entire family comes together when Poppy locates a missing child and rescues both Willa and her baby brother, from a dangerous criminal. Author of 5 other books, WWII veteran, farmer and garlic specialist Chester Aaron creates a wonderful, heart-warming story in which the hero is Willa’s dog – Poppy. The only noticeable negative point is the poor quality of the front cover design. Otherwise, I heartily recommend this book. ISBN#: 1-55410-282-0 Author: Chester Aaron Publisher: Zumaya Publications

The sweet shade of a chinaberry tree

Fascinating from the start, The Sweet Shade of a Chinaberry Tree, by Janice Parrish, is certainly hard to classify. A creative fiction based on the author’s own experiences while growing up in Southern States in the tumultuous 1960’s – a time of great change for America - could also be classified as an inter-racial romance or possibly a drama. The Sweet Shade of a Chinaberry Tree involves multicultural and social issues, true young love, the relationship between the main character and her parents and so much more. The setting is based in Alabama, USA during the summer of 1963. The novel follows 19-year-old Gaynell McGowan from the moment she returns to her home town during a summer break from college where she had learned all kinds of novel ideas that would forever alter her view of the people she once believed in and knew so well. Failing to fully complete her college course, Gaynell is assigned a paper, which lead her into the most tender and truest of loves anyone could ever experience. Readers will thrive on the thrilling, secretive, inter-racial romance and the incredible sacrifice Parrish’s characters endure.

A town, stubborn in their ways, is afraid of racial change and this fear empowers a threat so great that it has begun to rip the town apart and shatter families. The small town is facing the challenge of having the first school in Alabama become integrated with black students. Under orders from the government, bigoted and heartless behavior toward a set of people who just happen to have a darker skin begins to tear the town apart. So-called "normal, god-fearing" individuals strengthen their resistance and suppression, while a few individuals turn to hateful, murderous, cross-burning tactics. My respect for the author grew when I read her statement "In Gaynell McGowan, I have found the voice to express the inhumanity we Southerners covered with good manners and lace tablecloths." So many aspects of this time period and radical change are covered in her fantastic array of characters that I could not possibly do it justice in this book review. All that I can say is that this book has found a spot on my shelves indefinitely and the characters are locked in my mind forever. While I did not spend time in the Southern US, I did grow up around those that struggled with this issue and feel the way this author portrayed the people could not have been more realistic or more heart-felt. The Sweet Shade of a Chinaberry Tree would be an excellent historical fiction movie not just because of the first hand experience, but also due to the excellent research the author put in to get the right feel for this dramatic period. ISBN#: 0-7599-4807-0 Author: Janice Ward Parrish Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory Published: 2006

Meal makeovers

A delicious and nutritious way to add zinc, iron and protein-zip to a salad is to add some beef tenderloin. Not only is beef tenderloin an excellent or good source of nine essential nutrients, but it is also one of 29 lean cuts of beef. Nutrient-rich lean beef is a complete recipe for better health, with essential vitamins and minerals and great taste. To help you prepare delicious lean beef, "The Healthy Beef Cookbook" (Wiley, $21.95) is now available wherever books are sold and on amazon. com and BeefItsWhatsForDinner. com. The cookbook is a collection of more than 130 lean beef recipes, nutrition tips and culinary techniques. The delicious recipes are satisfying for people watching their weight and contain many essential nutrients in fewer calories. In fact, nearly 75 percent have less than 400 calories per serving and more than 50 percent incorporate all food groups. Tenderloin Cranberry and Pear Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing Prep Time: 25 mins, Serves 4 4 beef tenderloin steaks, cut 3/4 inch thick (4 ounces each) 1/2 teaspoon coarse grind black pepper 1 package (5 ounces) mixed baby salad greens 1 medium red or green pear, cored, cut into 16 wedges 1/4 cup dried cranberries Salt 1/4 cup coarsely chopped pecans, toasted 1/4 cup crumbled goat cheese (optional) Honey Mustard Dressing 1/2 cup prepared honey mustard 2 to 3 tablespoons water 11/2 teaspoons olive oil 1 teaspoon white wine vinegar 1/4 teaspoon coarse grind black pepper 1/8 teaspoon salt 1. Season beef steaks with 1/2 teaspoon pepper. Heat large nonstick skillet over medium heat until hot. Place steaks in skillet; cook 7 to 9 minutes for medium rare to medium doneness, turning occasionally. 2. Meanwhile, whisk Honey Mustard Dressing ingredients in small bowl until well-blended. Set aside. Divide greens evenly among 4 plates. Top evenly with pear wedges and dried cranberries. 3. Carve steaks into thin slices; season with salt as desired. Divide steak slices evenly over salads. Top each salad evenly with dressing, pecans and goat cheese, if desired. Nutrition information per serving: 321 calories; 14 g fat (3 g saturated fat; 7 g monounsaturated fat); 67 mg cholesterol; 434 mg sodium; 21 g carbohydrate; 3.3 g fiber; 26 g protein; 7.6 mg niacin; 0.6 mg vitamin B6; 1.4 mcg vitamin B12; 2.4 mg iron; 30.0 mcg selenium; 5.1 mg zinc. This recipe is an excellent source of protein, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, selenium and zinc, and a good source of fiber and iron.

The fair tax revolution

Few people would expect a book about taxes to take The New York Times bestseller list by storm, but that's exactly what The Fair Tax Book has done. For decades, Americans from every point on the political spectrum have moaned about April 15th and the maze of ridiculous instructions and high confiscatory taxation that accompanies that day. The current tax code is a labyrinth of over nine million pages of indecipherable jargon only a federal bureaucrat could fully appreciate. So is there anything we can do about this monstrosity? You bet. The Fair Tax Book, authored by Georgia Congressman John Linder and nationally syndicated talk radio host Neal Boortz, lays out a perfect case for why the current tax code should and can be replaced by a simple and easy to understand tax system that slashes the current nine million pages of red tape in favor of a 133-page gateway to prosperity. The concept is simple. All current federal taxes - income taxes, medicare taxes, social security taxes, gasoline taxes, capital gains taxes, etc. - will be eliminated overnight.

In their place, the federal government will levy a single 23% sales tax on all retail goods. Workers will finally get to take home 100% of their paychecks. Investors will finally be able to invest without having worry about the tax consequences. And April 15th will become just another ordinary day. Sounds simple right? Well, you'll probably have more than a few questions and concerns. But The Fair Tax Book performs a stellar job in addressing the most commonly asked questions. Questions such as the following: If we do this, won't prices go up 23%? No. The elimination of all current federal taxes will also eliminate the embedded tax costs inherent in all products currently sold. Since the Fair Tax will only be applied to final retail products, and not the inputs used in the manufacture of those products, prices will drop an average of 22% across the economy. So prices will remain the same! What about the poor, won't they get hammered by the Fair Tax? Absolutely not. In fact, the Fair Tax is the only tax reform bill before Congress that totally eliminates the tax burden of the poor. Under the Fair Tax, every American (from the richest among us to the poorest among us) will receive a monthly rebate check from the federal government that covers the cost of the 23% sales tax up the poverty level. So a check for approximately $450 will be deposited in everyone's bank account to cover the 23% tax on the basic necessities of life (such as food, gasoline, clothing, etc.) You'll probably have more questions than can possibly be addressed in this short article, but I have no doubt they'll all be answered if you simply take the time to read The Fair Tax Book. Authors Neal Boortz and John Linder brilliantly lay out their case for tax reform in an easy to read format that's also quite entertaining. And with powerful and influential Americans such as Tom Delay, Alan Greenspan, and Sean Hannity all trumpeting their support for the Fair Tax, it seems certain to dominate the realm of political discourse in the months and years ahead. Once you've read it, you'll probably agree that The Fair Tax Book is probably the most important book to hit the American political landscape since Uncle Tom's Cabin. The FairTax is simple and easy to understand. More importantly, it returns America to the original intent of the Founding Fathers by creating a system of voluntary taxation that unleashes the true potential of free individuals. The explosion in wealth creation certain to follow will fuel America's position as the world's leading superpower for decades to come and solidify our nation's future for our children and grandchildren. As a result, The Fair Tax Book will probably launch a political revolution. With the 2006 mid-term elections drawing near, take the time to educate yourself about the Fair Tax Act of 2005. You might well decide to become a minuteman in this modern day American tax revolt!

A crack in the teacup book review

The Crack in the Teacup, by C. M. Albrecht, is a mystery fiction novel with a slight seasoning of romance and suspense to spice things up. The story line is centered in a small Californian town where an 11-year-old boy, Jerry Beakey, goes missing on his way to a music lesson. Author C. M. Albrecht skillfully walks the reader through every aspect of the case and what happens in police departments, support centers and within the family of the missing person. There are two main characters in The Crack in the Teacup. Detective Steve Music and his co-workers butt-heads with the FBI while working on the case. Lovely, and sympathetic, Shelly Lambert guards an awful secret and harbors a guilt that drives her to volunteer at the Missing and Exploited Children Coalition whenever she could get away from her job as a Notary. Whenever Detective Music and Shelly meet during the investigation, something deeper between them happens. Neither of them seems to know what to do about it. Steve discovers Shelly’s secret when he looks into her past and creates a huge rift between them that could destroy their romance.

A classic who-dun-it written in the Agatha Christi style with a very unusual motive for child kidnapping. I suspected nearly everyone involved at some point in the book and I liked that the characters represented true society, with people of different races, ideals and backgrounds. The Crack in the Teacup has very little violence, but a lot of mystery and a happy ending. ISBN#: 1-59466-037-9 Author: C. M. Albrecht Publisher: Port Town Publishing

Better skin begins with your next meal

Consumers today are bombarded by a wide variety of anti-aging products for the body and face, whether they are simple cosmetics or surgical procedures. But the fountain of youth really just comes from better nutrition, one health expert says. A survey by the American Academy of Dermatology found that 94 percent of women are confused by all the available anti-aging treatments (over-the counter and prescription) as well as the procedures available in a doctor's office. Yet according to Cherie Calbom, author of "The Wrinkle Cleanse," you can look younger starting with your next meal. Her book outlines a four-step approach to getting softer, younger-looking skin, explaining that a diet rich in raw foods, vegetable juices, whole grains and lean protein can cleanse the body of toxins and protect it from the causes of wrinkles and other symptoms of aging. The mention of vegetable juices might ring a bell: Calbom, who has a master's degree in nutrition, is better known as "The Juice Lady" for her work with juicing and health. She has appeared regularly on the QVC channel for the last eight years and is the author of several books, including "Juicing for Life." Calbom stresses that several factors affect how our skin ages, including environmental toxins, sun exposure, free radical attacks on the cells, inflammation and a weakened immune system. Her approach to creating a better diet geared toward reduced wrinkling has four components: * Step 1 involves quick cleanses with either an all-day vegetable juice fast or a two-day raw-food program, designed to help repair damaged cells. * Step 2 introduces a low-carbohydrate diet for 14 days that has plenty of vegetables, sprouts, vegetable juices, low-sugar fruit, whole grains and lean proteins. One key aspect of this stage is lowering caloric intake overall. * Step 3 is composed of cleaning programs for your intestinal tract, liver, gallbladder, kidneys and blood. Detoxification is key, according to Calbom, in the effort to fight wrinkles. * Step 4 outlines the vitamins and minerals needed to fight the symptoms of aging and how they can be incorporated into your diet. Calbom offers several nutritional guidelines and more than 75 easy-to-make recipes and menu plans. Her strategy emphasizes what she calls the "wrinkle fighters" - foods that are rich in nutrients to help strengthen collagen and elastin for better skin. Some examples include carrots, which add luster to the hair; artichokes for better energy; and almonds, a good source of vitamin B. "The Wrinkle Cleanse" is published by Avery/Penguin Group USA. It's available in bookstores now. - NU

Funny as a fictoid

While truth may be stranger than fiction, a fictoid is definitely funnier than a factoid, says the author of an hysterical new book. What exactly is a fictoid? A fictoid is a bit of fictional history making a statement or telling a story in one sentence. "A typical fictoid tells who did what, when and where," says Bill Dutcher, author of "Fictoids: Short Fiction...Very Short" (Dutcher & Company, $12). Neither historically accurate nor politically correct, the book takes a random walk through cultural history from 1220 B. C. to 2004. Readers can learn who invented self-storage and who invented both the periodic table and the occasional chair; why Henry the Ninth couldn't get a date; who founded General Eclectic; who recorded "You were always there for me...but I was always here"; who told his bankers "You can call my loan, but it won't come"; who opened a high-priced helium bar, believed to be New York's first Squeak Easy; and whose unauthorized autobiography sold more than one million copies. The book introduces such colorful characters as Sleeping Beauty's sister Lazy Susan, Norwegian film star Harrison Fjord, classical rap artist Yo Yo Mama and assistant press secretary Feckless Spinmeister. The illustrations were done by The New Yorker magazine cartoonist Jack Ziegler.

The adventures of willowby went book review

This is definitely a fantasy novel. Being a Tolkien fan, I found many days of enjoyable reading here in J. S. Harrison’s world. This is a place that is crowded with Fairies, Leprechauns, friendly Trolls and Ogres, Wizards, Knights, Dragons, Vampire assassins, large evil black rabbits and ghouls along with Men, Dwarves, Elves and Trofkins. With an anti-racist sentimism, the author places many different races together to embark on a journey that may bring hope to the people of Werdanbabadood and to save their world from the Evil Wizard, Sardego. This strange mixture of people go through many trials and adventures to find the Knights, only to arrive at a time when so few were able to come to their aide. Regardless of the odds, they carry on and work together in a desperate effort to break the magic staff of Sardego and end his war mongering.

Though everyone plays a very important part in the interwoven web of events, it is the Trofkins, a tree-dwelling people of writers and lovers of food and mischief, who are the heroes of the world. This race was thought unlikely to produce heroes, being a people of many social constraints and clear definitions of what is proper or not. Yet with war on their doorstep, they had little choice but place their only hope in their young chieftain-to-be, the one Trofkin who seemed the least likely to be responsible enough to accomplish this dangerous task. Young Willowby goes far beyond any expectation the Trofkin could have had for even the greatest of their kind. He proves his worth to himself and his people and gains the necessary confidence to rule with a fair, yet just hand.

I very much enjoyed J. S. Harrison’s writing style. It was like being drawn into a big sitting room with a large fireplace, where a deep grandfatherly voice tells the story of Willowby Went. Then without realizing it, I felt sucked into the scenery and it was if I had become the cameraperson at a real, live historical event. It was an effort to put aside the book to carry on with my own tasks! Keep an eye out for future work by J. S. Harrison folks! I have a feeling he’s going to be one of the ‘great’ writers of our era."

Mother of ten offers real life wisdom

There's helpful news - and possibly inspiration-available to women who are trying to juggle the roles of individual, wife and mother. A new book, described as a household handbook like no other, is said to offer a blend of encouraging chats and step-by-step game plans that address everything from phasing out clutter to revitalizing a marriage. The book, "Woman First, Family Always" by Kathryn Sansone (Meredith Books, $24.95), is built on the principle that no woman can care for her family unless she cares for herself. "You are important as a woman and an individual, not simply as a mother and wife. During 18 years of marriage, with children, I've learned that if a woman gives up an aspect of herself-either the woman in her, the mother or the wife-the other two facets will suffer," said Sansone. In each section, she provides gentle reflections and eye-opening techniques for keeping the peace, maintaining order, and bringing more fun into a family's routine. The book also offers tips on coping and thriving within three roles: • Self. Sansone, a mother of 10, describes ways to hibernate for a few hours, exercise regularly, delegate tasks, ask for plenty of help, and even develop a personal style and beauty regimen. • Wife. Financial pressures, disagreements over how to handle the kids, and the aging process itself can all contribute to stress in a marriage. Readers will find rejuvenating ideas for creating a true partnership in marriage, no matter how much is going on in their lives. She even offers tips for making the bedroom a sanctuary. • Mother. A child is subject to more outside influences than ever before. Fortunately, the author provides parents with ways to be heard over peer pressure, media personalities and seductive advertising. From resolving sibling squabbles to navigating a school system, fighting childhood obesity and nurturing a genuine spirit of love and happiness at home, her advice for raising well-grounded, well-mannered children is intended to reassure and inspire. Kathryn Sansone was recently recruited by America Online to serve as a real-life Chief of Everything Officer (CEO) for the company's Life Management program. She has also been featured in a range of media outlets including O Magazine and Inside Edition, and has appeared on Oprah. Sansone, her husband, Jim, and their 10 children live in St. Louis, Missouri.

What s it like being you book review

What’s it Like Being You? – Living Life as Your True Self is co-written by John Roger and Paul Kaye, who have collaborated previously on another book. Both of these authors are successful and sought-after lecturers, educators and best-selling authors in the self-help and spirituality genres. This 184-page non-fiction book is jammed packed with helpful commentary that readers can use in their own lives to change their attitude towards themselves. By doing this, we can learn more about our purpose in life, attain more energy and a positive outlook in every moment of every day. The heavy, durable cover is designed with large inner flaps that can easily serve as bookmarks. To help readers through the ongoing challenges to attain peace within themselves and in their lives, the authors have provided us with an inspirational meditation CD of just over 45 minutes in length. In all, I felt a kin-ship with many parts of What’s it Like Being You? . In fact, it was like the authors had read my book of poetry (Towards Understanding) and translated it for me. I was able to see the journey I have been on from a different angle and I found this comforting. Certainly, this book has provided helpful advice that will aide me in tuning out the noise and stresses of the world and focus on what this life – each moment of every day – brings forth. ISBN#: 1-89020-25-8 Authors: John Roger and Paul Kaye Publisher: Mandeville Press Published: Nov. 2004

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