Flights offer costs that aren t in the initial bill

People take flights each and every to destinations around the world. Airlines are becoming experts at getting the most money out of both frequent and infrequent fliers. While some people fly routinely and often for business, others fly only for vacations or when there is absolutely no way whatsoever to get out of taking flights to reach their destinations. I would fall into this category. The last time I took a flight, however, I was in for quite a shock. Things that were once a traditional part of the flying experience now come at premium prices. You must now swipe your credit card in order to use the headphones required for the enjoyment of the on flight movie. It’s truly amazing.

Meals are now ala Carte and the prices are more than the average consumer would pay for microwave meals. If you are planning to take one flight or several flights in the near future, hear are a few things I suggest to keep your pocketbook from going on an unnecessary diet. First of all, pack a good book and skip the in flight movie. If you are traveling with children, bring handheld games, crayons, coloring books, and snacks. Even if you aren’t traveling with children it is much wiser to bring your own food and drink onto the plane rather than paying the premium prices that the airlines are charging. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a light jacket onboard with you if you get cold on flights.

These things are small things you can do to make your flights more comfortable and enjoyable. For many of us our flights are the beginning of our vacations. It is much better to get off to a stress free beginning than arrive at your vacation destination frazzled, stressed out, and much poorer than when you began the process.

Cheap flight to the usa

Whether you have a limited budget or simply want to get the best deal on a flight, traveling on cheap airlines can save you a bundle on airfares that you can apply to the rest of your vacation. Over the past few years, cheap airlines selling cheap tickets for cheap flights have proliferated -- and that's to your benefit. More often than not, there's negligible difference between a coach seat on a cheap airline and one on the Big Six (American, United, Delta, Northwest, Continental, and US Airways) airlines. In some cases, flying a cheap airline -- at least one with leather seats, free personal satellite TV, and other perks -- is superior to what huge airline corporations offer. When searching for dirt cheap airfares, check the Web sites of low-priced airlines. Some, like Southwest, only sell tickets on their own site. Others offer the best deals to their own customers. And if you buy directly from a cheap airline site, you'll avoid paying the small extra transaction fee sites such as Orbitz charge. Top Cheap Airlines to US Cities JetBlue. When JetBlue took to the skies in 2000, no one expected the airline, with its cheap fares between New York and Florida, to make much of an impact. After flyers experienced JetBlue's easy online ticket-buying technology, Airbus A320s, egalitarian single-class system, leather seats, free satellite TV in every seatback, pleasant flight attendants, and cheap ticket prices, they started switching allegiance over to the airline. JetBlue has piled up awards, including Best US Airline, Best Domestic Airline, Best Budget Airline, and Best Value for Cost from a slew of trustworthy sources. With more and more converts, this cheap but hip airline continues to grow. As of March 2006, JetBlue flies to 35 cities, including Las Vegas, West Palm Beach, Nassau in the Bahamas, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Southwest. Deep discounts on advance purchases are typical, which is helpful to those planning a long-distance wedding that requires many guests to come from other parts of the country. When the airline has one of its frequent fare sales, the normally cheap prices drop even more. Southwest flies to 63 cities in 31 states. New Southwest planes offer leather seats. However, seat numbers are not assigned by the airline. At check-in you get an un-numbered boarding pass and are welcome to take any free seat. Spirit Air. Spirit Air flies to 29 destinations. What's different about Spirit Air is that it has two in-cabin classes -- and it's very cheap to upgrade to Spirit Plus, which offers leather seats that are somewhat roomier than coach, with more leg room, free drinks, and an odd, salty snack (who voted on feeding passengers beef jerky and cheese sauce?). Still, even cheap skates and couples on a tight budget like to enjoy the luxury of traveling in first class once in a while. Spirit's inexpensive upgrades ($30-50) are sold online and at the gate when available. Delta's Song and United's Ted are designed as cheap but fun spin-offs of their parent airlines. AirTran Airways. It flies to 54 destinations and has Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport as its hub. Its new Boeing 737-700s feature XM Satellite Radio with more than 100 digital channels. Frontier Airlines . It has Denver as its hub and flies to 48 destinations in 29 state plus five cities in Mexico. In-cabin satellite TV carries 25 channels.

Small aircraft control surfaces

Anyone who has held their hand out of a car into the wind to play airplane already has a fundamental impression of control surfaces on the airplane. When the heel of the palm went down, the airpressure under the hand pushed the hand up. That's called lift. The airflow over/under the hand changes with the shape of the hand or airfoil. If you had little cut-outs near your wrist, there wouldn't be as much lift. The tail section contains control surfaces for keeping the plane stable and controllable. 1) Horizontal: The horizontal, non-moving part is called the stabilizer, and it prevents uncontrolled up-and-down motion of the nose. The small hinged sections on each side are called elevators, which work in unison. It is controlled by the cockpit control wheel/stick and increases or decreases lift. When forward pressure is applied on the wheel, the elevators move downward, which increases the length of the tail causing more lift, which forces the tail upward, causing the nose to drop. There is also a small hinged section in the elevator which is controlled by a small vertical wheel on the cockpit console which is used to finetune the elebator trim. Hense the name trim tab. 2) Vertical: The vertical non-moving part which prevents the nose from uncontrolled swinging side to side. The large hinged section is the rudder. The rudder is controlled by the foot pedals in the cockpit, and deflects the tail to the right or left. The wings generate most of the lift to hold the plane in the air. Different models of aircraft will have wings of different shapes and in different vertical locations. On a Cessna, the wing is high, and on a Piper, it is low. On an F14, the can change from a forward angle to "swept back". On most small planes, the wings also carry the fuel. There are many control surfaces on a wing: 1) The aileron is the hinged part of the back of the wing towards the tip which is used to roll the wings from side to side. There is one on each side of the plane and they work opposite of each other. When one moves up, the other moves down. 2) Flaps are the hinged sections on the back of the wing near the fuselage. Flaps are deployed downward on takeoff and landing to increase the lift produced by the wing and allows the plane to fly at slower speeds. 3) Spoilers and Slats are used on high performance/commercial aircraft and also changed the aerodynamics of the wing.

Flight history of aeroplanes and steps of flying

The invention of flight by the Wright brothers has brought about a revolution in the world. The concept of speed and distance started changing. The impossible started looking possible. The perfect combination of strength, weight, and carrying capacity has been experimented and finally achieved. The airplanes were previously called “Kites”! They did not have much power and were supplied with a lot of wing area. The streamlined aircrafts came up just before the World War I. they has cleaner aerodynamic shapes and had increased horsepower. During the First World War, the traditional wooden frames were replaced by welded steel tubing. Duraluminum was used to prepare all the assembly-wings, fuselage and tail of the flight. Slowly metal was used to replace the use of wood in preparing the body of the flight.

The revolutionary Boeing 247 combined the streamlined all-metal semi-monocoque construction, retractable landing and variable pitch propellers. Whenever there is a war, the nation tries to utilize the best technology. During World War 2, the jet fighter was developed. An all-composite design was appreciated during 1980s.

The flight design by Brut Rutan made history by flying non-stop around the world without refueling. The Voyager’s composite airframe was lightweight and circled the earth in nine days. Not only for transporting people from place to place, certain space shuttle is prepared for space flight. The various mechanical flights include aircraft, aeroplanes, helicopters, airships, balloons and spacecraft. Flying an aeroplane is no easy task.

It involves various methods like taxiing; take off, climb, cruise, descent, flight planning, and landing. Some of the early flight pioneers were Abbas Ibn Firnas, Amelia Earhart, Alberto Santos Dumont, Armen Firman, Charles Lindbergh, Richard Pearse and ultimately the Wright Brothers. A taxiway is used for flights to move from one place to another with the help of wheels, within the airport. The process when the flight, after gathering speed from the runway, leaves the ground and flies into the air is called takeoff.

For light flights, usually full power is used. Climb involves getting the flight into the desired cruising altitude. Cruise involved changing the direction of the flight. The landing of the flight by decreasing its altitude is known as descent of a flight. Flight planning is an essential part in both private and commercial flights. Landing the flight to ground level is the ultimate part of safely handling a flight.

Tips while you travel through southwest airlines

: If you reside in the south west or you have to travel to the southwest, most of the times you travel through Southwest Airlines. You can take help of the south west airline guide to know all the available flights and the arrival and departure time as well the fares and all the necessary information related to your travel. But to save some bucks and make your travel easier, you need to follow some tips. 1. You should seek for the best fares available for a travel program and because these are very time limited you need to decide fast that which one will be good for you. You can plan in advance for your travel visit and check out the website of the airlines or help guide so as to save many bucks of yours. 2. You can also join the Southwest Frequent Traveler Program whereby if you have to make frequent visits with southwest you can buy tickets for your short trips and use the free tickets that you will earn for your longer and expensive trips.

3. Since Southwest finds that boarding is better and takes less time when they board the travelers in groups, they doesn’t assign seats. You have groups namely A, B and C where A is the best group that gives you a chance to board first. You can also make more seating selection and can also assure a bin for your carry on luggage when you get the A-status. You would get a C - status that will end up you in a middle seat or you have to check your carry on luggage.

4. The pilot of the airlines stands below the Jetway before the incoming flight arrives and you need to queue up before some time the flight arrives. If you stand half an hour before the arriving flight, you should find your place next to a seat in the boarding area but this works when your place in the queue or line happens to be next to a seat. 5. Sometimes you will need to wait to get your pass. You can obtain a pass by paying a small fee to some companies that assist you in reserving your pass in advance. 6. Before the general boarding, children of the age group in between five to eleven who are not accompanied by elders, adults traveling with any child below the age of five and people with physical disabilities are allowed for a pre board. As such, when you make your reservation and check in you should provide your personal or special status.

7. Previously you had to print your boarding pass at home even if it was midnight before you travel but now they have a 24 hour window that provides you with printed boarding passes. 8. You need to weigh your luggage prior you proceed to board in the flight and since there are certain luggage policies you are allowed to carry small personal size briefcase or purse with you and you need to place large items in the overhead bins. In case you had a C status and all the bins are filled up you will have to check your carry on luggage. 9. You should try to reach on time and while you board go directly to your chosen row, set your luggage and sit down instead of chatting with your friends. When the plane fills yup, you can head to back and never backtrack. Don’t carry heavy luggage that you can’t lift up to the overhead bin because at that moment you yourself are responsible for settling down your luggage. 10. You can avail gifts and discounts while you are on the board as you get some discount coupons and can get rapid rewards and credits that you can use in your later travel. For more information log on to southwest-airlines-guide. info

Eos airlines 6500 roundtrip airfare

: This just in: EOS Airlines, an upstart air carrier operating flights between New York’s JFK Airport and London’s Stanstead Airport has slashed their fares. For just $5000 round trip passengers can now fly the premium jet carrier and save a bundle. It gets even better than this: purchase one round trip ticket and a companion can fly for free; restrictions apply. Has the airline world gone crazy, or is EOS onto something? Read on for all the amazing details. On October 25, 2005, EOS Airlines’ “official” inaugural flight took off one week after a series of pre-inaugural flights. Directed toward the business traveler, EOS operates custom outfitted Boeing 757 aircraft with seating for just 48 passengers. EOS, which means “Greek goddess of the dawn”, is offering a level of service unlike any other in the industry.

If you book a flight on EOS Airlines, here is what you can expect, besides paying a premium price:

  • 48 passenger lumbar support seating; every person receives 21 square feet of personal space [individualized suites] for a combined work/rest/dining area;
  • Convertible seats that can be easily changed into a 78 inch long bed; cashmere blanket and Tempur-Pedic® pillow included;
  • Extra large carry on bins;
  • Lighting and laptop outlets for each station;
  • An onboard library to peruse the latest books and videos;
  • On demand food and beverage service comparable to what passengers receive on a corporate jet. While the price certainly seems steep, keep in mind that prices rival what passengers had paid on Air France’s and British Airway’s super sonic transport [SST] Concorde before it was pulled from the market in June of 2003. In lieu of a jet that can match the SST’s speed, EOS has created a level of service and comfort that exceeds the Concorde. In other words, EOS Airlines is attempting to fill a void created when the SST was pulled from the market. As with any new air carrier, success is never guaranteed. However, by concentrating on business travelers who frequent the NY to London “bridge” EOS Airlines just may have found a special place for itself within the business community. With no new SST on the horizon, privately held EOS has created a viable alternative to business jet travel and at a price far lower than chartering a Gulfstream 550.

  • Rome airport management and airline competition in the european countries

    Airport management practices can be distinguished from two different perspectives. Firstly, an entity can manage airports as an integrated network. On the contrary, airports can be managed by an autonomous entity that is responsible for a low number of airports. Secondly, airport authorities can be owned either by public institutions, by private firms or a mix of both. These practices have a wide range of effects on the ability of an airport authority to attract the most convenient airlines for it. In addition to this, any competitive airline strategy depends fundamentally on airport access. In this way, Rome airport management trends to have effects on airline and italian airports competition. Although international services are still highly regulated, it can be said that travelers enjoy currently of a greater choice of alternatives to chose, a higher service frequency and low prices.

    There is a consensus that the achievement, maintenance or increase of these benefits in the post - liberalization period depends fundamentally on the existence of an effective competition on the route. Most airports in the EU, like Rome airports, have been traditionally considered as public service organizations and most of them have not escaped from privatization policies implemented in the last decades; since 1996, and particularly in the recent years, a range of different airport ownership types have arisen due to the different historical and political approaches of EU countries so that it is possible to find any type of airport ownership model in these areas. This fact makes of great interest to study the EU case, taking into account that airport finance and airline access to airports follow common features all over the world with the important exception of US.

    Bad airline food now this

    : Airline food has long been the scourge of the industry. Literally! With customer expectations low, few expect that the meal they are served onboard an airliner will rise to the level of even a family style restaurant. On the other hand, corporate jet catering is a whole different animal. With delectable entrees, delightful soups, outstanding appetizers and snacks, and the most decadent desserts imaginable, the passenger on a private jet expects [and pays for!] food akin to a five star performance. Not anymore. Today, in-flight caterers providing exemplary service and dining options is almost a thing of the past. Thanks to the rise of fractional jet operators who demand a narrow menu and smaller portion sizes, the quality levels with many in-flight caterers has nosedived. In addition, Air Chef, the largest provider of in-flight catering to business jets in the world, continues to snap up poorly performing caterers across the US. Now, corporate flight attendants must call a 1-800 number to place their order with an inexperienced and unknowledgeable clerk. Forget customer service and forget special orders...

    these do upset Air Chef! With the bad name associated with the company, Air Chef is apparently seeking to distance itself from even its name. Air Culinaire, a caterer with operations in four different cities is now part of the Air Chef network. Now for the rub: word has it that Air Chef, in a bid to sharpen its image and to stave off the growing ranks of ticked off corporate flight attendants -- their bread 'n butter -- the caterer will be changing its name to Air Culinaire. Corporate flight attendants aren't amused by Air Chef as evidenced by their comments on the Corporate Jet Catering site as well as on Cabin Managers, a forum that is also tied in with the Corporate Flight Attendant Community. By the way, Rita's Catering of Boston is another Air Chef flight attendants know this and are fleeing to the competition as fast as they can. Hey, Air Chef: do you get it?

    Cheap air ticket for last minute travel

    Planning a holiday getaway can easily turn into a stressful venture when the matter of costs comes up. Air fare by itself can kill the excitement. And when people already factor in accommodations, food, and shopping, or any other would just give up and stay home. If you think on taking a vacation that requires any sort of wide planning, such as out of the country or worldwide even to a popular destination in a different state, it is probably going to be necessary for you to enlist the services of a travel agency. Try to find out which travel agency you are considering is helpful with. Agencies with more extensive (think global) affiliations are more likely to be able to get you lower prices and added favors for your vacations. Keep in mind, however, that just because they are affiliated with a large group does not mean that the agency itself has to be bigger. Common knowledge would suggest that the bigger the agency, the easier it is to negotiate lower prices. At last, ask for references from the agency of both clients and dealers. Clients of course, are people like your self who have used the agency’s services to visit on vacations earlier.

    Dealers are the people with whom the agency deals in order to purchase items such as hotel rooms and airline tickets, and will often have a clearer thought of how the agency operates and where or not they can do all that they claim as far as cost cutting and favors. So, how does lower cost or cheap air travel works exactly simple a solution. Eros Tours & Travel provide cheap airline tickets for last minute travel within USA, Caribbean, Canada Hawaii, Asia Europe, Mexico South Pacific and South Central America. Over 24 year of experience in last minute cheap provide travel industry brings you the best possible discount available for all your travel, like weather traveling on Coach (Economy class), First class or Biz (Business class). No Advance Purchase Required on the most Fares. Buy online and save up to 45% on all your Last Minute Domestic air travel. We provide Consolidator fares with up to 70% savings on airline tickets for cheap international flights, generally the best overseas travel bargain available. For Search flights, make on line Reservation and save on Flight booking, Cruise reservation Hotel, Car Rental etc. and Vacation Packages.

    Plan your Air Travel with Confidence. Air ticket guarantees Low Prices. Example: Atlanta to Los Angeles starting as low As $ 228.00 (No Advance Required) Our other fares are like as below. Departure City Arrival City R/T(in $) O/W(in $) Atlanta (ATL) San Francisco (SFO) 258 158 Atlanta (ATL) Los Angeles (LAX) 258 158 Alanta (ATL) Burbank (BUR) 258 158 Atlanta (ATL) Ontario (ONT) 258 158 Atlanta (ATL) Long Beach (LGB) 258 158 Atlanta (ATL) Santa Ana (SNA) 258 158 Atlanta (ATL) Oakland (OAK) 258 158 Atlanta (ATL) San Jose (SJC) 258 158 Atlanta (ATL) Las Vegas (LAS) 258 158 Burbank (BUR) Atlanta (ATL) 258 158 Las Vegas (LAS) Atlanta (ATL) 258 158 Long Beach (LGB) Atlanta (ATL) 258 158 Los Angeles (LAX) Atlanta (ATL) 258 158 Oakland (OAK) Atlanta (ATL) 258 158 Ontario (ONT) Atlanta (ATL) 258 158 San Francisco (SFO) Atlanta (ATL) 258 158 San Jose (SJC) Atlanta (ATL) 258 158 Santa Ana (SNA) Atlanta (ATL) 258 158 Sacramento (SMF) Atlanta (ATL) 258 158 Atlanta (ATL) Sacramento (SMF) 258 158

    How to get cheap airlines tickets

    : No wonder that anyone if asked the way they would love to travel and their answer would be air travel. Traveling through air could be fabulous if you have some prior information and if you plan out everything in advance. To get an affordable air travel you should know where to look and in which airline you should book your ticket. Here are few tips that will help you out in finding cheap airline tickets fully legitimately. The best way is to go last minute airline ticket websites and check what is available. The airlines should sell tickets to their lights to offset the cost of the flights since no matter how many or how few people are on the flight it must run and they must spend the money. As the flight gets closer the airline shall lower down the price of their airlines tickets to get the plane fill up. They know that they cannot get the full price so that they keep lowering it a bit everyday until the next take off. The closer to the flight that you are willing to book, the cheaper you will get the airline ticket for it. The last minute airlines ticket websites communicate with the airline and get the information about how they will go. Southwest airlines have its official website that gives you detailed information about the available bookings and discounted rates according to the time and place. You are going to be pleased if you try out last minute ticket.

    You don’t even have to loose anything but you can loose some great airline deals if you don’t try it. This way you can have a comfortable air travel at least prices that you will wish to try again and again. If you want to have detailed information, visit our recommended website southwest-airlines-guide. info

    Southwest airline flights fares

    : Recently, southwest airlines have announced their new flight schedule and fares from Philadelphia from May 9 2004. Now customers can easily purchase tickets for the new service with airfares starting from as low as $29 one way. Even the most expensive airfare offered by the Southwest airlines to and from Philadelphia is quite inexpensive. In the beginning these airfares started at a mere $49 one way to Providence and they top out at only $299 one way for cross country flights to Las Vegas, Phoenix and the west coast. You are not required for an advance purchase or overnight stay on these unrestricted fares. Southwest airlines is quite popular for its low fare leadership and the legacy carriers that serve Philadelphia are charging up to a whopping $497 one way for an unrestricted ticket to Providence (Boston area) as compared to southwest’s meager $49 one way unrestricted fare to Providence. In the same way, the walk up fare of the southwest between Philadelphia and Chicago midway is only $99 one way. In case you purchase at least 14 days in advance of your departure and within one day of making reservations, southwest offers a non refundable fare between Philadelphia and Chicago for only $79 one way as compared to its competitors who charge $123 each way. Therefore you can easily find a comparable savings across the board. For more information, visit southwest-airlines-guide. info

    Discover some tricks to getting cheap airfare

    Anytime you are able to get the chance to save any money with your airfare tickets, you had better jump on them because a lot of folks unfortunately miss out on several of these because of not choosing the time out to search them. It's the better part of being capable to travel truly because the benefits of saving money don't simply stop at the airport, this will make it more relaxed for you to enjoy yourself when you do actually arrive at your destination. Whenever you can find out how to get these cheap airfare ticket deals you will simply be surprised at how easy it actually is to purchase them. The internet offers numerous choices available to you, for these purposes. One matter to keep in mind is that you need to look at purchasing a return ticket.

    Several of the airline companies will offer you some discounts on your returning flights, and they're just slightly different than the one way tickets would be. Whenever you know the precise date in which you should be coming back, then you should consider trying to purchase these tickets in good deal early. You should realizing that a few airfare ticket costs are substantially higher when they are in higher demand. By discovering the correct websites to browse through, when you are researching on the internet for cheaper airfare ticket prices you are allowing yourself the ability of noticing some of the cheaper packaged discounted deals that are available to you, for your world traveling purposes. Be sure that you visit at any rate some of these discount ticket sites on the internet before you make your final pick, because if you spring into something too quick, you could find that you have for certain missed out on some better deal offers. Bigger airline companies will have more pricey airfare tickets available to you since the tremendous amount of advertisements and marketing that comes in keeping them so fashionable. Attempt to avoid purchasing airfare tickets from several of these larger airline companies because you will be shocked by the expensive airfare costs. By selecting a smaller airline company, you will be seeing to it that you will get cheaper priced airfare tickets and at the same time be offered with all of their highest services. If you are completely determined in getting some cheaper airfare tickets for your flying purposes, then all you have to do is maintain your choices open and always be really flexible on your flying schedules. Investigate all of your possibilities since you may notice that finding cheaper airfare tickets is easier done some of the times by just purchasing a packaged vacation deal or by deciding to purchase a last minute airfare ticket.

    A lot of folks don't know of all of the savings that they could be enjoying because they have perhaps never checked out their options. It's time to set out doing the researching essential in noticing cheaper, more affordable airfare tickets, because it is available to you, if you actually want it.

    Jet aviation sold to permira funds

    : Jet Aviation has announced that they have been sold, pending antitrust clearance, to the Permira Funds a leading international private equity specialist. Ending several years of speculation, the Zurich based operator of business jet services has finally accomplished what had long been expected: the sale of the Hirschmann family business to outsiders. As early as 2000 the sale of Jet Aviation had been expected by employees as well as by industry insiders. Indeed, Jet Aviation management had been marketed openly throughout 2001 by Goldman Sachs, but the sale was cancelled when a suitable buyer was not found and the terrorist attacks put a further drag on an already downturning economy. Still, rumors of the sale of the company persisted and heated up recently with speculation that one of Warren Buffet's companies, i. e., Gulfstream Aerospace, may have been interested in the company's maintenance facilities.

    Currently, Jet Aviation is a Zurich-based concern employing 3500 people worldwide. US operations remain strong with the bulk of the employees working out of Teterboro [NJ] Airport. Even with the probable sale of the company to Permira, speculation is persisting as to what will become of the company after the sale is completed. Some industry leaders believe that the company is more valuable for its parts than as a single entity. Thus, parts of the company could be sold off and a scaled down Jet Aviation might remain in place. Areas of the company thought to be susceptible to a sale include: 1. US Maintenance Facilities. With prime locations at Bedford, Teterboro, West Palm Beach, and Dallas the American facilities are capable of providing expert airframe support to just about any type of business aircraft. 2. Completion Centers. Some or all of the company's award winning completion centers are thought to be highly marketable. From the Boeing BBJ to the Gulfstream 550, and to the Sikorsky S-70A aircraft delivered "green" to Jet Aviation facilities are outfitted with state of the art interiors.

    3. FBOs. Jet Aviation's group of fixed based operations which provide domestic and international flight handling, line maintenance services, refueling, passenger and crew transportation, catering and hotel accommodations and immigration and customs services are an important asset for the company. Indeed, the Dubai facility -- Jet Aviation's newest FBO -- is considered by some to be unmatched in the industry. 4. Jet Professionals. Founded in 1983, Jet Professionals -- an aviation personnel service provider -- became part of Jet Aviation as part of the acquisition of K-C Aviation Transportation Services in 1996. 5. Aircraft Management. Over 160 aircraft worldwide are managed by Jet Aviation including more than 50 in the US alone. Many of these aircraft are also available for charter. US operations could be sold to Jet Aviation's strategic partner, New World Jet Corporation, a FAR Part 135 charter certificate operator. In all, the sale of Jet Aviation ends one big area of speculation while, at the same time, it has opened up other areas. In the world of business aviation speculation is business as usual.

    Ten tips for air travel in 2006 7

    Copyright 2006 Cole's Poetic License (Domestic, economy class) Air travel, you may have noticed, ain't what it used to be. Therefore: 1. Check your large bag. Carry your make-up and computer bags only. The airlines rarely lose luggage. Besides, you need to be free to wander airports unburdened. No clothes are worth tying you down, if you think about it. Also, no clothes are worth the effort of stuffing a suitcase into the overhead bin next to four others. The flight attendant pulls it out, turns it around and shoves it back in again with a smile. But you feel the anger in his back muscles. 2. Plan to spend as much time in airports as you do in the air—or more. Big city airports have interesting art exhibits to peruse while you're waiting for delayed flights. San Francisco has famous paintings about the sea and its mythology along with exhibits of all kinds of weird ocean creatures under glass. You can ride the moving stairway back and forth to take it all in. That's easier than going to a museum where you have to walk. 3. Expect flight cancellations, delays, gate changes and other snafus. Choose to relax and enjoy each one. You have that choice, you know. Some airplane, often yours, needs mechanical work which takes three hours. They rarely tell you what kind of mechanical work. There is no point in assuming it's major such as wing failure when you can just as easily assume it is a clogged sink. 4. Expect crying babies on every flight and /or kids kicking the back of your seat repeatedly. Feel grateful that they are not your kids, unless, of course, they are. Then you can feel grateful that you don't have to put up with anyone else's kids. 5. Get on and off the airplane last or near last whenever possible. Let the rest of the world be frantic. You have the choice to be calm. Actually, you have the choice to be happy, too. Simply say to yourself, "I guess I'll be happy for now. Why not?" 6. While hanging around the airport, notice the frustrated passengers pacing with their cell phones. Send them warm thoughts. It will make you feel great. They may not hear you at first, but if you keep it up, you'll be surprised. Eventually you will give them some real peace of mind and you will be able to see the change come over them. 7. Bring your own gourmet food to eat on the airplane and in those airports that sell only fast food. You can use a fashionable soft plastic carry-on cooler that fits easily into the overhead bin. 8. Carry a disc player with headphones for soothing hypnotic discs that put your brain waves on Alpha. Brain waves are electrical vibrations that flow in waves and can be measured by the number of pulsations per second. Beta level is 14 to 20 pulsations per second—best for action. Alpha level is 7 to 14 — best for thinking. Theta level is 4 to 7 — sleep. Delta level Ѕ to 4 — deep sleep. The Beta level is the conscious level; Alpha is the subconscious where intuition works. The most brilliant and successful people in history deliberately slowed their minds to Alpha level daily. With the right discs you can shut out simultaneous airport announcements that cancel each other out. I can recommend several. 9. Make sure you have easy access to pencil and paper to record the great ideas you have while your brain is waving on Alpha level. 10. Then, when you put away your disc player and return to the Beta wave world of the airport, you'll feel refreshed. You find the movement and noise around you fascinating. You smile at the "Keep your Eye on Your Belongings" mantra, the offers from oversold flights, the scents of nervous sweat, T-shirt proclamations and cell phone conversations circling you. You then read your book in peace and don't even notice that your flight is seven hours late. It's a wonderful way to fly economy class, or do anything else, for that matter.

    Tips to booking a low cost flight ticket

    Over the last five years Europe has seen an increase in the number of low cost airlines which is great news for the holidaymaker, but many say bad news for the high street travel agent. I remember a friend looking to take her husband away for the weekend to Dublin, Ireland and went to a high street travel agent. She was given a quote of Ј300 for a weekend, including flights and accommodation - book the same flight with Ryanair and a hotel in the centre of Dublin direct with the hotel, and the weekend actually cost her only Ј190 again including flights and accommodation - a saving of Ј110. Here are my tips for searching low cost airline tickets; Book in plenty of time The later you leave it the more expensive the flight becomes, most airlines charge more if you book the ticket a few days or even a week before you want to departure, so the earlier you book it the cheaper the flight will cost. Weekend departures If you book your flight for the weekend then the ticket will cost you more money, as most people travel at the weekend, so try and book the flight departure during the week, and not only will your flight be cheaper but you’ll probably find that they will be more accommodation special offers Travel agent flight booking Don’t book your flight through a travel agent, simply because you’ll be charged more than booking direct with the airline - you have to remember that the travel agents in most cases add on commission to the flight, they have to make a living, but why should you pay more. Travel out of school holidays Like weekend departures flight prices increase during the school or bank holidays, so where you can try and book your flight during the school term. Late night / Early morning flights To save the most money when booking your airline ticket, book a flight either late at night or in the early hours of the morning, this is where the best savings are made, simply because of the unsocial flying times.

    12 critical tips to saving on airport parking

    Off-site airport parking is a boon for travelers. Often they prove to be cheaper than parking lots run by airports and online discounts and other conveniences make the option even more attractive. Satellite parking lots face competition and so it is easy for those in the know to save big. Here are a few insights: 1. Keep a tab on offers. As the race for success becomes intense, all sites run attractive offers giving away coupons or web only deals. Many offer an e-coupon that entitles the user to a day’s free parking at selected parking lots. This means a saving of US$ 18. Other offers give away a day if you park for two days or 50% off on the first days parking fee. 2. If you are a frequent user of parking lots check for offers where a parking operator with a major presence near airports you use offers a 50% discount if you purchase a certain number of parking vouchers online or on the phone using your credit card. 3. Many parking sites have a different rate for different parking positions. Check on the kinds of parking and rate differences. You could save up to $ 55 for a seven day parking. 4. Ask for rates depending on the length of stay. Rates vary so if you are going to need parking for a week then you could get a higher discount than the daily rate on offer. 5. Many run a frequent user program where repeat customers are offered many facilities. This is similar to frequent flier programs. 6. Find out if the lots you use offer special discounts to members of AARP, AAA, or other such organizations. In fact, AA members save between 10-20% on parking. Some sites even offer the service of picking up and dropping your car from the airport terminal. 7. Do your research well compare providers, the rates on offer, as well as facilities at the place you need to park. If you are clever you can get more for less. 8. Before you travel use the internet to check on daily and weekly parking offers. There are free days, discounted weekly rates, and guaranteed rates on offer at various times. You can avail the offer by making a booking online or printing out the page with a code and presenting it to the cashier at the parking lot. 9. Keep track of promotions especially during holiday seasons. Many lots accept coupons and give away discounts offered by consumer products 10. Often pre-booking parking can get you a saving of even 60% and more. 11. Hotels often offer parking specials, so make use of the extra facility being offered by the hotel you plan to stay in. 12. Some travel agents who book flight tickets offer advice or coupons for parking at the point of exit and entry. Ask you agent when you book your flight. Off site parking is not just fast and convenient it can be a saving too.

    Oasis hong kong airlines triumphs at 2007 world low cost airline awards

    Oasis Hong Kong Airlines was awarded "Best New Service" and "Best Business Class Carrier" at the 2007 World Low Cost Airline Awards, held in London on 18th September. The airline, which started its service in October 2006 fought off tough competition from FlyZoom, MAXjet and Silverjet to take the coveted Best Business Class Carrier Award. It was also awarded Best New Service over Nok Air, Click Air, Go India, Sama Airlines, Silverjet and Fly Zoom. Oasis Hong Kong has operated a daily service from London Gatwick to Hong Kong since October 2006 and added a new route from Hong Kong to Vancouver in June this year. Its pioneering business model combines low fares with a full service offer - hot meals and seat back entertainment are included in the ticket price. The businessOasis offer allows business and premium leisure travelers to enjoy the benefits of a business service to Hong Kong for just ฃ470 + tax one way. The ticket price includes a dedicated businessOasis check-in area, two gourmet meals with the choice of an Asian or Western menu, 28 video / audio channels, a personal seat-back TV and electronic reclining sleeper seats with a 60" seat pitch which is comparable to other airlines. Steve Miller, CEO says: "We are extremely proud to be recognized for our achievements within our first 11 months of operation.

    The Best Business Class Carrier award is a great accolade as it shows businessOasis rivals the offer of specialist business class carriers. Over 153,000 passengers on 574 flights have now experienced our low fare, full service offer and we plan to continue exceeding expectations by providing the best service both on the ground and in the air." The World Low Cost Airline Awards are judged by a panel of senior aviation, media and marketing experts: John Hanlon, Secretary General, European Low Fare Airline Association; John Strickland, CEO, JLS Consulting; Jay Sorensen, CEO, IdeaWorks; Ian Harbinson, Editor, Low Cost Airline Business; Peter Harbison, Executive Director, Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation. Oasis Hong Kong Airlines is pioneering a fresh approach to provide passengers the best choice in low fare, long distance travel. The airline is committed to making long haul flights accessible to more people.

    Low cost airline low service level

    Low cost airlines are now common place in our society and since there launch, traveling to foreign countries is now possible for the masses. Easy Jet are considered to be the founders of low cost air travel, starting there operations from London Luton Airport. Over the years, Easy Jet has grown and now flies to many European countries. As Easy Jet grew, more and more airlines jumped on the bandwagon. Ryan Air, BMI Baby and FlyBe to name a few. Not so long ago, I had cause to travel from the UK to France on a regular basis. As there were low cost airlines operating from my local airport, East Midlands, I decided to sample a flight and flew with BMI Baby. At that time, BMI Baby, the low cost arm of BMI (British Midland International), were flying to Paris CDG. It was a really convenient service and took about 1 hour. The flight I would regularly take, left the UK at 16:00 and would arrive in Paris at 18:00 local time. I can't quite remember how many journeys I made with BMI Baby, but I would hazard a guess at about 12 - 15 times. When BMI Baby launched there low cost operation from East Midlands, the fares were offered at ridiculous prices. Ridiculous to the point that they were offering seats for nothing! Unfortunately there is the issue of tax, so the flight was not actually free. Never the less, a return flight from the UK to France usually cost somewhere in the region of about Ј50 - Ј60, including tax. Seems incredible how they could actually make any money from their flights! Although the costs were low, I felt that the service levels were quite high. My experience flying with BMI Baby was nearly always great. Although the flight is labeled as a no frills flight, the staff were very courteous and food and drink were always available for the short flights. The punctuality was excellent too! BMI Baby stopped operating the flight from East Midlands to Paris and was replaced by there parent company BMI. In my experience, as soon as BMI Baby stopped flying and handed over the baton to BMI, which in effect is the same company, the prices escalated. It was very disappointing to lose the service as I had always enjoyed flying with them and found the prices easy on the pocket. I have since found alternative ways to travel from the UK to France, but if BMI Baby decide to come back, I will be tempted to come back too! For people considering moving to another country as an expat, or simply looking at buying a holiday home abroad, there is no doubt that the low cost airlines have opened the door to another world. Another world which was not imaginable not so long ago. Low cost airlines, low service levels? Not in my experience. Bon voyage!

    Don t settle without low airfare

    If you are anything like me, than you love to travel. You see the world's locations as nothing less than potential destinations for your next adventure. You undoubtedly have friends and family members that think you are crazy, yet you continue to travel the world with the wonder of a child and with the hope that you will become more like the people of the world that you meet in every new place you visit. I have been full of adventure and going on trips all around the world for well over a decade now, and one of the biggest things I make sure of for every trip is that I've found low airfare. While it is true that world travel has become significantly more reasonable and doable for the average world citizen, it remains true that finding low airfare is something that not all world travelers have learned to do very well. In fact, I know countless friends who still call up the local travel agent or airline in their vacation planning. Smart world travelers know the importance of finding low airfare and they often know the best ways to do it. After booking tickets to England's annual Chelsea Flower Show fifteen years ago, a close a well-traveled friend of mine laughed when she heard the price I had paid for airfare. I was offended at first and rebuked her laughter by saying that I had found low airfare the best I knew how. That was exactly her point, she said, that I didn't know where to even begin looking for true low airfare. She began to teach me tricks of the trade for finding low airfare for all of my adventures. She and I were much alike in that we would go almost anywhere at the drop of a hat just to see and experience something new. So she knew that I needed to be instruced about how to find low airfare because I wasn't about to let even the highest airfare stop me from seeing something I had sent my mind upon. In the years since that conversation with my friend I have learned some techniques for finding low airfare. Actually, as a writer and reporter for a large travel magazine, it is now my secretary's job to find me low airfare for all of my travels. Sometimes I can even convince her to find low airfare for the adventures I take my family on as often as I can. The internet is by far the best resource for people looking for low airfare. Doing a simple search will enable you to find an overwhelming amount of sites that will try to sell you low airfare. Talk with other travelers and get advice on where to look and what to buy. Traveling can be amazing and low airfare can make it even better.

    How oasis hong kong airlines is connecting families around the world

    Started in October 2006, Oasis Hong Kong Airlines pioneers a fresh approach to flying. Its raison d’๊tre is simple: making frequent long-haul travel accessible to all. Oasis Hong Kong Airlines provides not only unbelievable fares but also the opportunity for passengers to customise their flight experience, in either business or economy classes. Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Limited launched with affordable daily direct long-haul flights between Hong Kong and London Gatwick. Now this innovative long-haul discount carrier has expanded its global footprint, with the launch of a new six times weekly direct service connecting Hong Kong with Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver is the largest city in Western Canada, and the third largest city in the country. Vancouver is home to one of the world’s largest Chinese communities outside of Asia, and is a popular place of residence for many expatriate and retiree Hong Kong Chinese.

    Until now, many of these families were unable to travel to visit their relatives as often as they would like, due to the high costs of international air tickets. Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Limited is set to change that, bringing affordable long-haul travel to all and helping families meet up more often. Booked online in advance, the cost of an Oasis Hong Kong economy ticket between Hong Kong and Vancouver can be significantly lower that that of competitor airlines’ two-stop services, whilst the cost of a business class ticket can be comparable to the cost of an economy ticket on other airlines. That’s good news for family members living thousands of miles apart, and also for the large Chinese business community in Vancouver that maintains strong ties with Hong Kong, Mainland China and the rest of Asia. Raymond Lee, CEO of Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Limited, is enthusiastic about the new route, and is very happy that it will allow expatriate families who were previously put off by high travel costs to visit their relatives more frequently. He has even ensured that special provisions are made for older family members. “We have provided special fares for passengers over 55 years old to reduce their financial burden,” said Mr Lee. “We hope to encourage those who only fly once a year to fly twice, even three times a year”. Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Limited also offers special rates to pastors and students.

    In its first year of operations, Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Limited has helped forge significant changes in the international travel market. Since the launch of its Hong Kong to London route last year, the market has expanded by 28 within the next year, and will collaborate with short-haul airlines in establishing flight packages from Hong Kong to many other destinations in Asia. Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Limited has flown over 500,000 passengers since it began operations in October 2006, and its Hong Kong to London route is currently operating at above 90% capacity. Future plans for Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Limited include increased frequencies to Vancouver, with the possibility of additional flights to Toronto.

    Other routes to Europe and North America are also being planned, to put long-haul travel within the reach of everyone and encourage more people to fly the world.

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