Nascar races hot tips to car racing

What to Look For While Betting on NASCAR Auto racing such as Formula One and other races such as the Indy 2000 are big hits internationally. Millions of fans crowd stadiums to watch the different cars race by. The screech of burning tires as they spin by you is an experience that very few forget. NASCAR is one of the largest racing organizations in the USA. With millions of fans around the country, and some of the most expensive race cars and teams put together you can see how NASCAR and betting go together like peas in a pod. But today we are going to talk about the teams crews. The great thing about NASCAR is that it is an individual sport and a team sport at the same time. So when we start talking about sports betting, or race betting, the options that we have are spread out and full of potential, although we are going to focus on the teams part today. Now on any given day a NASCAR driver can come back from last place and win a long and tough race. Certain things must happen for a gambler to win his bet just like certain things must happen for a circumstance like this to take place. This is where the team comes into play. Sports betting and betting on NASCAR is and around the clock job; the teams mechanics are working on the cars days in a row to get ready for the start time, changing fuel capacities, and tuning up the engines due to weather conditions as well as fitting the correct tires to the surface. A teams crew can make all the difference on race day whether that driver will win or lose. If the car is not running at full capacity due to some over looked object that needed tweaking, the driver may lose serious horsepower from his engine and lose valuable seconds here and there on the track. Now again in NASCAR there is so much telemetry and science that go into these cars; that the teams will drive a car all the way to the finish line burning off fumes to maybe win the race, or have the race blown because the car ran out of fuel after the last turn. The amount of gas they carry in the car determines weight, how fast the car will move under certain conditions and for how long the car will travel without needing to refuel. This is what can make betting on NASCAR races so interesting is the amount of variables and how they change minutely due to a change in air temperature or how the sun is beating down upon the asphalt or what wind speeds from which direction. I hope that this article helps you understand better the ins and outs of car racing in general and NASCAR races in particular. If you are not a fan, try and visit one of the tracks while a race is in progress. It will astound you. If you wish to learn more about auto racing or about the NASCAR race circuit visit http:// gambling-portal. com/auto-racing. html and have a ball.

2007 nissan versa gen y take notice

Automakers are clamoring to build and market cars to the Generation “Y” crowd which, loosely defined, and encompasses new drivers and mostly everyone who is under 30. Toyota threw the gauntlet down in 2003 when they introduced a line of cars under the Scion brand. Now, Nissan is responding and the Versa – to be released during the summer of 2006 – is their answer. Will the Versa compete successfully or be lost in a sea of Gen “Y” vehicles soon to flood the market? All of that is too early to determine, so let’s take a look at the Versa and what the car has to offer to motorists. A visit to Nissan’s website reveals much about the Versa. Unlike a certain Scion vehicle that takes its styling cues from a toaster, the Versa is aerodynamic and reminds me of the Toyota Matrix. Available as a four door sedan or five door hatchback, the Versa is expected to retail for around $12,000, the same price range as Scion vehicles. Like Scion, the Versa will be fairly well equipped to give motorists a value packed experience without having to add on several thousands more to the base sticker price in order to achieve a satisfactory and comfortable driving experience.

Along with a 1.8L I4 engine, here is what you can expect to be included with base models: AM/FM/CD audio system Air Conditioning Power side mirrors and automatic trunk release 6 speed manual transmission [4 speed automatic is optional] Split folding 60/40 seat with the hatchback Not a bad standard equipment list for the price. For $2,000 more, SL versions will come with aluminum alloy wheels, cruise control, power windows/doors/locks, remote keyless entry, a souped up sound system, and more. The car will have a 102 inch wheel base which is long for a vehicle of its type. The result is more interior room, with four adults having ample knee and leg room to weather long trips. Pictures of the interior reveal a car that is well though out and not cheap looking. I especially like the dashboard with its overlapping circular instrument panel and easy to reach audio and air conditioning controls. A generation ago, entry level cars would have looked and felt cheap. Today’s drivers expect more and the Versa delivers in the form of a decent level of standard equipment and attention to style. The Versa replaces the Sentra as the entry level Nissan. Nissan has restyled the Sentra and “promoted” it up a notch much like Honda has done with the Civic and Toyota with the Corolla. Although more expensive than Chevy’s Aveo and Kia’s Rio, the car has more flair and style than either one. Still, one has to wonder how the Versa will compete against Toyota’s soon to be released Yaris and the all new Honda Fit. Throw in new models expected from Dodge and Ford and add Chinese cars to the mix and the whole entry level market becomes saturated. Ultimately, the Versa is a step in the right direction and a nice alternative to some of its boxy competitors. Gen “Y” drivers have another choice in the Versa and an alternative to Scion, Toyota’s youth-oriented brand.

How dynamometers work

Dynamometers or dyno systems seem complicated but once you understand the basics it all becomes clear! A dynamometer is basically just a measuring tool, in the same way as voltmeters, scales or speedometers are. Among force-measuring devices, dynamometers are a flexible metallic ring that bends when a force is applied in such a manner as to tend to collapse it (the amount of bending being a measure of the applied force) and a hydraulic “load cell” that measures compressive loads in terms of fluid pressure. Once you have built your new motor, or fitted any tuning parts, it is very important to visit a good automotive Dynamometer or rolling road. If you don't, then you will never be able to properly set up your engine. A good dynamometer allows you to use a gas analyzer while under load so you can see the real air fuel mixture at all RPM's while driving. Power-measuring dynamometers may be either transmission dynamometers or absorption dynamometers. The former utilize devices that measure torque, in terms of the elastic twist of the shaft or of a special torquemeter inserted between some sections of the shaft. The torque is produced by the useful load that the prime mover, motor, or machine is carrying. Unlike transmission dynos, absorption dynamometers produce the torque that they measure by creating a constant restraint to the turning of a shaft, by applying mechanical friction, fluid friction, or electromagnetic induction. A Prony brake develops mechanical friction on the edges of a rotating pulley by the means of a few brake blocks that are squeezed against the wheel by tightening the bolts until the friction torque FR balances the torque WL. A water brake creates a resistance by circulating the water flow between a rotating impeller and a stationary shell, while an electric dynamometer generates and absorbs direct-current electricity or eddy currents. In each case, the element that exerts the restraining influence is freely cradled so that its tendency to rotate with the rotating body can be restricted and the restricted force is measured at a known distance from the axis of rotation. Torque is the product of the spring load or weight and the distance from the axis of rotation. Dynamometers also measure the torque produced by an engine in order to reveal important information about its performance. A diagnose is then presented in performance graphs, which can be easily printed and interpreted.

Don t sweat it cooling system maintenance is easy

When AAA reports that millions of vehicles overheat each year, it's clear that people are apprehensive about cooling system maintenance. Compounding the anxiety is the overwhelming number of coolant formulas and colors on store shelves today. It's no wonder that motorists simply don't know which antifreeze/coolant is right for their vehicles. But now, drivers no longer need to worry; there is a product on the market that makes cooling system maintenance a breeze. New Prestone All Makes All Models Extended Life Antifreeze/ Coolant can be used in all car and light-duty truck makes and models, domestic or foreign, and can be added to any antifreeze/coolant on the market today - regardless of color. "Advancements in vehicle technology caused antifreeze manufacturers to concoct a variety of formulas to meet the needs of different cooling systems. As a result, the market became crowded, complex and confusing for motorists," said Kelley O'Donnell, Prestone product manager. "We wanted to end the confusion for motorists.

Our new formula, when used as directed, can be added to any antifreeze/coolant in any vehicle with no adverse effects - a true benefit for consumers." The Prestone All Makes All Models Extended Life Antifreeze/ Coolant is available in both full concentrate and premixed forms. When using the concentrated formula to flush and fill a vehicle, motorists should consult the vehicle owner's manual to determine the specific maintenance and changeover intervals recommended for that vehicle. In between these services, motorists should top off the system with a premixed formula, which features the precise mixture of antifreeze concentrate and de-mineralized water. "Cooling system maintenance no longer has to be daunting," O'Donnell said. "Forget about colors. Forget about different formulas for different systems. Drivers simply need to remember that an all-encompassing product, like Prestone All Makes All Models Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant, can be used in any car or light-duty truck."

How to install neon led undercar lights

So you've got your Neon or LED under car kit, and can't wait to have it installed and running... am I right? No problemo, we'll have you up and running in no time! Just in case you're wondering about how to install other neon or led lights sold at "out-lets" other then the All-Neon-Car-Lights. com website, I can assure you that most of the instructions that come with each of the various kits are easy to follow. They have been designed with the do-it-yourselfer in mind. (Or at least they "should" be). However, if you are in need of any special advise about a particular car lighting product, please contact us via the email link provided below and we will do our best to help you. For some people, a car is a means of transport and nothing more. As long as their vehicle gets them from point A to point B and back again, has nice comfortable seats, a good sound system and a coffee mug holder, it serves all of its purposes well. And of course there are other drivers for which a car is much, much more -- It can be an extension of their personality or an object of their fixation. In this huge world of automotive accessories, there is no product that screams louder than the underbody light kit for this type of individual. If you consider cruising in your car is among your favorite hobbies and you relish the stares of pedestrians and fellow-motorists, then a under car light kit may be for you. These lights, which mount to the body around the perimeter of the vehicle's undercarriage, come in kits that contain the elements you'll need for installation. The "how to install under car lights" instructions that you'll be directed to shortly, are fairly straight forward, but since it requires drilling into the body of the vehicle and substantial electrical work (depending on the kit you buy), it's best left to the more experienced do-it-yourselfers. If this project seems a little too hard for you, rest assured that there is a growing number of custom shops that perform this type of installation. If you do decide to take on the installation yourself, which anyone can do with the correct instructions, be sure to purchase a kit that is compatible with your vehicle, and read and follow the instructions that come with the kit carefully. Ever wondered how long car lighting kits have been around? Well Hot Rods were the first cars to have undercar lighting installed on them, (although, the lights were nothing like they are today) back before import and export was a big industry world wide. And today, thanks to the World Wide Web and the fact that import and export is now more commonly practiced throughout the world, they have become more popular then ever before. So this is the reason why we set out to write up these "How to install under car lights" instructions, as they are *required* by people like yourself. Our team of dedicated Market & Product Researchers and including myself, have spent an enormous amount of time & money installing under car kits from a variety of manufacturers, and as a result after all this testing, we can now provide you with generic instructions on how to install under car lights on your vehicle. We also found after this extensive testing was carried out, that Plasmaglow had the best, "all round" car lighting products available on the market today, outlasting and out-performing the competition in every aspect, hence the reason why we recommend their products on the all-neon-car-lights. com website. As a related note, please keep in mind that the main issues we face with having neon or LED car lights on our vehicles these days is the fact that they are often frowned upon by the authorities. So to avoid any uninvited fines, its best to install neon lights under a car so as they can be activated through a separate switch rather than having them come on when the headlights are turned on. To do this, you can run a power wire directly from the car battery to the kits operating switch, thus by-passing the vehicles headlight wires. The "How to install under car lights" instructions below have been designed & written with ALL "under car kits" in mind. These instructions will benefit those who have LED under car kits to install, and/or Neon under car kits. Enjoy your new undercar lights, and drive safely. Kind regards Antonio Gabellone Please choose the instructions below that suit your needs: For LED under car lights installation instructions - visit: all-neon-car-lights. com/how-to-install-led-under-car-lights. html For Neon under car lights installation instructions - visit: all-neon-car-lights. com/how-to-install-neon-under-car-lights. html

Everyone should have a car alarm

In today's world, not everyone can be trusted. Hardly a day goes by when we do not hear terrible stories of all kinds of crimes that are happening to innocent and well meaning people. There are countless ways to help prevent these crimes happening you, more than we can share here, but one of the best and easiest ways that you can prevent theft happening to you is by getting a car alarm. Many cars already come with a car alarm, but there are an equal number of cars that a car alarm must be purchased separately for the car. My point is that any car owner that truly values their car should have a car alarm, no questions asked. There is no reason why you should not do all you can to protect your vehicle if it is truly that valuable to you. A car alarm is a great thing. It is great because a potential thief cannot possibly know that you have a car alarm until they do something to set it off. This is why the car alarm can be so effective. Especially if you are like me, then sometimes you leave valuable things in your locked car without even thinking about the possibility of danger. I often wonder how tempting my valuable possessions are to people who are looking for something to steal. The benefit of a car alarm is that it is loud and embarrassing enough that it usually makes most potential criminals flee the scene of a car before they steal something. Because it is quite obvious to anyone close by that a car alarm has gone off, few people have the guts to continue in the process of stealing something valuable from a car or stealing the car itself with a loud car alarm going off for all to hear So my simple advice is this. Find out if your car comes with a car alarm built in it. If it does, take some time to learn about your car alarm. Learn about when it goes on and about how you can control it. There is nothing worse than having a car alarm for protection that you do not use. If you find that your car does not come with a car alarm, then your next step is simple: get a car alarm. Talk with your car dealer about the possibilities and check out the kind of car alarm that is best for your situation and your budget. The important thing is simply to be protected, so do whatever it takes to protect yourself and your valuables.

Parti scooters all about getting about in a parti

Do you find you are spending more time in the home because you are not able to walk very far, or you are not able to walk for long periods of time? Give yourself a bit more freedom in life, and look closer at the Parti scooter where you can give yourself a bit more leeway in getting out of the house. Your Flexibility In Moving About With A Parti Scooter The Parti scooter is a scooter you can take with you where you want to go. If you are going on vacation, you can fit the Parti in the trunk, in the van or you can check it on the airlines. The Parti scooter is a scooter known for dependability and for providing users with options when considering a shopping trip or a trip where walking is involved. The Parti scooter can be taken apart and stored where you need to put it. There smaller pieces are going to weigh under 35 pounds each, so just about anyone could life them. If you don’t have a lot of help in getting around, but you can still walk a little you can assemble and disassemble the Parti scooter when you want to get out of the house and get out on the town. The Parti scooter is just less than 100 pounds, and is not considered heavy for any car. This scooter can be used both indoors and outdoors, where the flat surface will allow you to control where you want to go. One thing that many Parti users find fun and exciting is the ability to change the colors of the chair. If you are going to use the chair, for the long term, you will find changing the color of your chair is a snap with the interchanging panels on the Parti chair. What do you need to put the Parti together if you have disassembled it? You don’t need any tools to put your scooter back together again. The Parti scooter is one you can assemble in just a few minutes, without any tools, and without stress, as it takes only a few minutes (under five) to put the Parti scooter back together if you are storing it in your back seat or in your trunck.

2006 ford expedition a whole new way to travel

The 2006 Ford Expedition is a full-size SUV segment with a combination of interior versatility and adaptability, driving control, and, of course, safety. In two years in a row, it has continuously won the Polk Automotive Loyalty Award in its own segment. Ford Motor Company first introduced the Ford Expedition in the year 1996. It was introduced as a rival to the Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon, which were full-size SUVs. The Ford Expedition surely has evolved through the years and it was in the year 2003 when it received a major redesign that integrated an independent rear suspension that even the 2006 Tahoe and Yukon avoided. The 2006 Ford Expedition is a capable truck, with decent power, plenty of room, and includes lots of safety features. Its features are leaders and milestone breakers in its class. And these features include fold-flat-to-the-floor second - and third-row seating, class-exclusive PowerFold™ third-row seat, second-row CenterSlide™ section, heated and cooled front seats, keyless entry pad, AdvanceTrac® with Roll Stability Control™, Safety Canopy™ system, reverse sensing system and power-adjustable pedals. The 2006 Ford Expedition also has 110.5 cubic feet of cargo volume, which is the most hip room in all three rows and most third-row legroom, making it the best offer for the best-in-class interior space. Another highlight of this vehicle is that it also offers independent rear suspension for improved ride and handling which is the first for an SUV in its class.

For this vehicle, two new exterior colors are offered: pewter clearcoat metallic, and dark copper clearcoat metallic. A medium flint grey interior has also been added to this series. http:// autopartscorner. com gives owners a great collection of 2006 Ford Expedition replacement parts like bumpers, spoilers, wheels, header panels, headlights, hoods, and radiator support. Unlike other online stores, Auto Parts corner gives each and every client excellent customer service and the finest quality 2006 Ford Expedition parts that only a Ford deserves.

The great value of accident photographs

You were humming along on a bright and sunny day when suddenly Fred Fuddle, a local character from a nearby town, drunk as a skunk and zooming along in his pickup, flew through stop sign crashing into the right front of your motor vehicle. You had no choice to avoid him. Now the time has come to settle your claim for property damage and personal injuries. Let’s talk about photographs one of the basics that should have been taking place - - just as soon as possible - - after that impact had taken place. PHOTOGRAPHS OF INJURIES: Photographs are often the best evidence you can produce to increase the value of your claim. If your accident causes bodily injuries that are visible (such as bruises, deep cuts, swellings, lacerations, dislocations and/or black and blue marks) it’s crucial, to the ultimate settlement value of your case, that you have photographs taken of those just as soon as possible! Take them from 3 feet away and also as close as you can so as to capture the seriousness of heir existence.

When you hand those to Adjuster I. M. Smart from the Granite Insurance Company believe me when I tell you he’ll stare at them and blanch! Question: "How does Dan know this to be so"? Answer: "Because for 38 years Dan was there and felt that"! PHOTOGRAPHS OF BOTH VEHICLES: You should take photographs of the damages to your vehicle from several different angles. If at all possible find the motor vehicle that hit you and take photographs of that damage also. When it comes to proving the impact your body was subjected to (and in many cases to prove who was at fault) those photographs could one day be worth their weight in gold. HOW TO TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE ACCIDENT SCENE: The pictures of each accident scene should be taken from at least three different angles: Snap several of a “general view” of the area from about 20 to 40 feet away; a couple more “medium range” shot’s from 10 to 15 feet away, and then some “close up” shot’s from 3 to 5 feet away. If it’s at all possible all three different distances should have a common point or orientation. If, for example, you’re snapping photographs of a skid mark, it should be taken from an angle so as to clearly show were that skid mark is, in relation to a landmark, like a street sign, a building, a fire hydrant, etc. Another photograph should then be taken with a closer view - - one clearly identifying the skid mark in detail - - and also, if possible, include this readily identifiable object or landmark (the street signs, building‘s, etc.). Because they’re such potent evidence you should blow up those photographs of the skid marks, taken from 3 to 6 feet away, into 8X10 glossies. A total of 12 to 15 photographs of the accident scene and/or the skid marks are not too many. When you hand copies of the 8X10 glossy photograph’s of those skid marks to the adjuster, to help justify he payment he’ll eventually make to you, it will absolutely increase the value of your claim. "Why" you ask? The answer to that one is, "Because it will tell both adjuster Smart and his supervisor (who, in the end, will usually call the shots on how much your settlement dollars should be) that you know what you’re doing and you’re not the type of individual who can be taken advantage of". A WORD OF CAUTION: The individual engaged in the task of snapping photograph’s of your body, the accident scene, etc., should be careful to make sure they’re not undertaking this effort with a casual, hasty or careless attitude - - one that tends to leave it up to do the camera to do the thinking for them. Rather, the photographer ought to carefully consider the process the process slowly and seriously so that the photos produced will produce the maximum value. If at all possible photos should be taken of the exact location on the road where the impact occurred, and shots of all relevant gouge and/or chop marks on the surface, plus traffic signs, etc., as applicable. It cannot be emphasized enough that photographs of skid marks are invaluable evidence, since they can often indicate Fuddle’s speed at the time of impact and can be a tremendous asset when it comes to establishing fault. A good practice to follow is to make a brief notation on the backs of all photos, entering upon them a brief account of what the photo is showing, the date it was taken and by whom. Photographs of injuries, the accident scene and the road surface if done correctly - - is money in the bank ! Copyright (c)2004 By Daniel G. Baldyga DISCLAIMER: The only purpose of this article "THE GREAT VALUE OF ACCIDENT PHOTOGRAPHS" is to help people understand the motor vehicle accident claim process. Neither Dan Baldyga, Peter Go nor ARTICLECITY. COM make any guarantee of any kind whatsoever: NOR do they purport to engage in rendering any professional or legal service, NOR to substitute for a lawyer, an insurance adjuster, or claims consultant, or the like. Where such professional help is desired it is the INDIVIDUAL’S RESPONSIBILITY to obtain said services. All of the information necessary for you to deal with and handle the above issues are spelled out wiithin the contents of Dan Baldyga's third "How To" Insurance Claim book AUTO ACCIDENT PERSONAL INJURY INSURANCE CLAIM (How To Evaluate And Settle Your Loss)found on the internet at http:// caraccidentclams. com or http:// autoaccodentclaims. com. This book also contains BASE (The Baldyga Auto Accident Settlement Evaluation Formula). THE BASE FORMULA will tell you exactly how many dollars the "Pain and Suffering" you endured, because of your accident - - are worth! Copyright (c) 2002 By Dan Baldyga. All Rights Reserved

What you need to know before purchasing a body kit

An increasingly popular exterior modification in the tuner crowd is the body kit. Movies like "The Fast and Furious (2001)" and shows such as "Tricked Out" have caused an increased demand for these exterior modifications. Kits typically consist of a front bumper, rear bumper, and side skirts. However, some manufacturers such as Extreme Dimensions offer 9 piece kits which also include front and rear fenders as well as additional add-ons. While most kits are primarily for visual appeal they also can provide aerodynamic benefits to your vehicle and reduce drag. Lighter kits may also reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. When choosing a body kit it is important to keep in mind that they are made out of a variety of materials and quality will vary depending on the manufacturer. The most common materials are fiberglass, polyurethane, and carbon fiber.

Fiberglass is usually the most affordable; however polyurethane is generally the better alternative. Polyurethane is more resistant to damage, more flexible, and doesn't crack like fiberglass in cold weather. Another alternative to consider is carbon fiber. While this is the most expensive option it can offer auto enthusiasts a unique look and can reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. If you are considering purchasing an exterior kit here are a few guidelines: * Make sure to shop around and price match multiple retailers. * Get a quote for the installation and painting of the kit before purchasing. * Most fiberglass kits will start as low as $350 for fiberglass and can go as high as $1,500 for carbon fiber kits. * If possible consider purchasing the kit locally as shipping for online body kits will easily run $100 or more. * Some retailers will allow you to mix and match side skirts and rear and front bumpers. Auto body shops may charge as much as $1,000 or more for the installation and painting. If you do decide to install the body kit yourself, instead, make sure to ask the seller if they offer installation instructions or a manual with the kit. It's also important to note that many kits will require some modifications such as trimming in order to acquire a flush fit with your vehicle. This information is usually obtainable from the retailer before purchasing.

Cooling system how it affects your mazda car s performance

Just like human beings, the car needs to dissipate heat in order to avoid overheating and exhaustion. During combustion, the engine produces large amount of heat—about 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This is too much for the engine to bear so a cooling system is needed to keep it at a normal temperature. Cars usually overheat due to a damaged part in the cooling system, especially the radiator, the heart of the cooling system. It is therefore necessary that all its auto parts must be in proper working condition to ensure that the whole system works efficiently. Aside from the radiator, the cooling system is composed water pump, freeze plugs, head gasket, thermostat, hoses, heater core, fan clutch and radiator fan. All these auto parts have special roles to perform thus the absence of one could significantly affect the whole cooling process and of course, the engine’s performance. Take for example the hose, this may seem to be just an ordinary part but once broken, the coolant can escape and so it’s no longer possible for the system to cool the engine. Even just the cap of the radiator is important.

It holds the pressure in the cooing system; thereby, affects its stability. How does the cooling system of your Mazda work? The coolant, which is a mixture of anti-freeze and water, is the one that absorbs the heat from the engine. It is drawn by the water pump from the radiator and is pumped through engine block and the cylinder head to absorb the heat from the engine and its parts. It goes back to the receiving tank of the radiator through the radiator hose. The radiator has tubes that contain large amount of water and has fin area to allow outside air to pass through. As the coolant spreads over the top of the radiator tubes, it transfers heat to the air. The performance of your Mazda car is greatly dependent on your cooling system. No matter how gutsy its engine is, it can’t work normally without a cooling system. The engine can even be inutile in an instant if it overheats and all other auto parts under the hood can also be damaged. They could melt as the engine burns the fuel inside the combustion chamber and the pistons in the cylinder could expand extremely that they can no longer move to complete the whole process in the engine. Your Mazda car can possibly overheat as well. Engine overheating is one of the most common problems auto users encounter. You can avoid this by adding water to your radiator. So if you notice a problem on a particular part in your cooling system, consult the best auto mechanic in town. But if you think the problem is worst, you may as well replace it right away. Mazda Parts are everywhere to be found. Auto parts stores like innerauto. com offers you Mazda parts ( innerauto. com/Mazda_Parts/) like Mazda radiators, Mazda radiator support, Mazda Bumpers, Mazda radiator fan and Mazda coolant tank. This incredible auto parts site also offers other replacement Mazda parts such as Mazda Tail Lights, Mazda rear view mirror, Mazda euro headlight, Mazda headlight molding, Mazda Wheels, and many other auto parts. You can find here auto parts for Mazda 323, Mazda 626, Mazda Miata, Mazda MX6, Mazda Protйgй and Mazda RX7. Auto Parts Inner is also one of the recognized auto information resources on the net. As an expert in this field, they offer simply the best auto parts with very efficient service.

Did you mount your cold weather tires yet

(NC)—Every year there is this dilemma: should you mount winter tires or should you stay with your all season tires? We always question is it going to snow a lot or is it just going to be cold and will our all - season tires be good enough. Well here is some news for you, winter tires are not only designed to work better in snow, slush and ice but also when it simply gets cold. Bruce Bridgman, National Marketing Manager Toyo Tire Canada Inc. says that among other things the tire's tread rubber needs to remain flexible to do the job it was designed to do. "Good winter tires are designed to handle every aspect of winter driving." In a study done by the Quebec Ministry of Transport comparing all season vs winter tires, results showed that you can get up to 25 percent better breaking and 38 percent better collision avoidance by using a proper winter tire. The ministry summary concluded: "Winter tires perform better than the All Season tires, particularly in very cold temperatures. Furthermore, during braking, a crucial component of road safety, winter tires do provide superior results when compared to All Season tires. Consequently, any driver concerned with vehicle safety will have good winter tires installed on their vehicle" during the cold weather season. Toyo Tire Canada designs Cold Weather Tires for Canadian winters. This is probably why they are considered one of the top winter tire manufacturers. "We design our tires for varied and severe Canadian winters,"says Bridgman, "and as a result we are able to provide a superior performing and unique product for Canadian drivers. Using award - winning state of the art super computer design technology we have an edge on competitor's products". Many summer and all season tires start to lose their tread compound flexibility as the ambient temperature drops. Bridgman states that with the current increasing trend for vehicles to come equipped with performance tires right from the factory, it is even more important to consider "Cold Weather Tires" for winter driving. One of the primary design criteria for a performance tire is to provide improved handling through better braking, cornering and acceleration capabilities in dry or rainy conditions. Although it's virtually impossible to achieve the same results in winter conditions, to enhance the cold weather driving experience of your performance vehicle you need a dedicated winter tire. "We have been led to believe that all season tires are suitable for all conditions," says Bridgman. "However your best option for those cold, icy, slushy, wet winter days is a full set of four Cold Weather Tires and a dose of common sense driving. For more information on Toyo "Cold Weather Tires" got to toyocanada. com. - News Canada

Green air filters for your car

Alright, all you soy sipping, yogurt eating, diet doing, hybrid driving, environmentally eccentric folks from Vancouver: listen up. You may be causing more damage to the environment than you already know. How so? Your Audi’s air filter, that’s how. Yes, it is true: if you keep your car long enough you will be performing under-the-hood maintenance which will include changing your air filter at least once a year. Keep that same car for ten years and that is ten years of stuff clogging North America’s landfills. And you call yourself earth friendly? Tsk, tsk! All kidding aside, there is an environmentally friendly way whereby if you follow just one small, but important step you can achieve oneness with nature, if not with your wallet: replace your car’s disposable air filter one final time with a reusable air filter. Reusable air filters, or performance air filters as some like to call them, are a true “green” item. No, the air filter isn’t green itself, but the result is the same effect: you can replace your car’s air filter one final time with a reusable air filter that should outlast your car. Environmentally friendly air filters are on the market and they have several key benefits to them, including: You replace your car’s disposable air filter once and for all with a reusable air filter. Environmentally sensitive landfills are permanently rid of an extra ten or more disposable air filters that you would have used. Your reusable air filter will cost approximately 2 or 3 times the price of a disposable filter, however you will get that money back and ultimately save in the long run. Your car will actually perform better as reusable air filters help your engine breathe better. Better breathing for your engine means better performance. You may realize a slight increase in fuel mileage as a better performing engine means a more efficient engine. All in all, you can show yourself to be environmentally responsible and save yourself some many in the process of doing the right thing. Reusable air filters are truly a green friendly product and are worth being placed in your car the next time you change your air filter.

How do hybrid vehicles work

How many times have you pulled up to the pumps lately only to be shocked at the price of gasoline? Suddenly your $25 tank of gas is costing $40. Have you considered trading your vehicle in for something that gets better fuel economy? How about a Hybrid vehicle? If you’ve ever wondered “how do hybrid vehicles work?” read on. Hybrid vehicles address two issues – global warming by reducing emissions and reduced fuel costs. There are lots of different hybrid designs showing up on the market, so understanding how they work is very important to getting the best value for your money. If you have ever owned a moped, you can proudly consider yourself a first generation hybrid owner because they combine pedal power and gasoline. Hybrid vehicles really aren’t that new a concept. You’ll find them all around you in commercial use. Giant mining trucks, submarines, buses, and even train engines all have a fuel source and an electrical source of power. Most of the hybrid vehicles we are seeing on the market are gasoline and electric hybrids. This means they use both gas and electricity to power them. The two power sources can be combined in different ways. The parallel hybrid has a fuel tank which supplies fuel to the engine and a set of batteries which supplies power to the electric motor. Both sources are able to turn the transmission. The series hybrid is a little different. The gasoline engine turns a generator which can either power the electric motor that drives the transmission or charge the batteries. In this type of hybrid the gas engine never directly powers the vehicle. With a hybrid car the gas engine can be a lot smaller than in a conventional car so it can be a lot more efficient. Acceleration requires a larger engine to produce the power needed, but by using a smaller engine and combining it with the assistance of an electrical motor that is operating at peak load the acceleration needs of a vehicle can be met. Hybrid vehicles also capture the energy from the braking system. When the brake is applied, energy is removed from the car and dissipated as heat which is then captured and stored in the batteries for later use. Hybrid cars also have an automatic shutoff, so when the vehicle comes to a stop the engine is shut off and then restarts automatically when the accelerator is touched. This conserves energy that would be wasted when idling. Depending on the manufacture, the technology is used in various forms but the basics remain simple. Hybrid technology in the consumer auto market is still relatively new but will continue to develop and improve. Hybrid vehicles work efficiently to reduce tailpipe emissions and improve mileage. So if you are in the market for a new vehicle you might want to have a look at the hybrids.

All about toyota mirrors functions importance and buying guide

Most auto parts are important in the proper operation of an automobile. Meanwhile, some play a more important role in keeping the vehicle and its occupants safe. Auto Mirrors are some of the most important safety features of any automobile. We most often associate mirrors with vanity, but in automobiles, mirrors serve primarily for safety. Mirrors serve as a second pair of eyes for the driver by giving a good view, with a slight glance of the eye, of what is happening behind the vehicle without taking his eyes of the road.

Visibility is always important and mirrors make sure that whatever is beyond the normal periphery of the driver's vision is made visible. Thus, the driver can react appropriately to whatever is happening behind him and avoid any accidents. There are two basic types of auto mirrors: the rear view mirror and the side mirrors. The rear view mirror is a wide rectangular mirror that the driver's use to view anything behind the car. With a rear view mirror, the driver doesn't have to turn around to see what's going on behind the car. By simply glancing upward, the driver is able to see whether another car is coming too close or whether the rear of the car is about to hit something, for example, when parking. Rear view mirrors are indispensable in the safety of any car. In some cars, a "day/night" selector switch adjusts the tilt of the mirror so that it would divert most of the light striking it upwards to the car's headliner. This makes the mirror more useful as it minimizes the glare. The other important types of mirrors are the side mirrors. Side mirrors are further divided into two kinds: driver's side mirrors and passenger's side mirror.

The driver's side mirror is located at the driver's side of the car's body. As with the rear view mirror, the driver's side mirror provides an important view of whatever is behind or beside the car without the driver having to turn around. The mirror can be adjusted to match the necessary visibility position. The driver's side mirror is often adjusted manually outside the car. In some cars, the mirror can be adjusted inside the car by a series of cables. At the other side of the car's body is the passenger's side mirror, which has the same functions as the one on the driver's side. Auto Mirrors are very important parts of any automobile. Without them, the safety of the vehicle and its occupants is greatly compromised.

Thus, defective or damaged auto mirrors must be replaced at once so that the safety of the car and its passengers is not endangered. Replacement auto mirrors are some of the most common auto parts available. Toyota vehicle owners would find that Toyota Mirrors are readily available. If you are looking for aftermarket Toyota Parts such as Toyota mirrors, you should purchase only from a reliable and trusted auto parts supplier. Auto Parts Inner is a leading auto part store offering excellent quality Toyota Parts such as Toyota Bumpers, Toyota Fuel Tank, Toyota A/C Condensers, Toyota Floor Mats, Toyota Catalytic Converters, Toyota Headlights, Toyota Radiators and other essential auto parts. With their low prices, fast and efficient service and the durability and superb quality of their Toyota auto parts, Auto Parts Inner is your ultimate online auto parts shop.

Fight high gas prices by improving your car s fuel efficiency

Not everyone buys their cars based on the car fuel efficiency alone, but it would be safe to presume that it is one of the foremost considerations. It is much more than a mere technical obsession. The running cost of the car, not to mention the maintenance aspect, depends solely on the car fuel efficiency. One of the very first questions that car users ask each other is, “What is your car fuel efficiency?” And naturally! Everyone who drives a car is bound to be concerned about car fuel efficiency. Most people whine and cry about their car fuel efficiency, but seldom do little else! People believe that it is the responsibility of the car manufacturer or the mechanic to keep the car performing at its optimum efficiency.

But little do they realize that there is a whole lot that they themselves can do to ensure their car fuel efficiency. If you drive on a very low gear for instance when a higher gear would work just as well, it is natural that the fuel efficiency will drop. So learning to understand the efficiency levels of driving and following them well will go a long way in ensuring car fuel efficiency. For one thing, they can drive carefully and in accordance with the manual for efficiency. The car manual exists for a reason. And that is to ensure that the gear changes and the driving speeds work in tandem to give your car the maximum fuel efficiency. Another way to increase the fuel efficiency is to use the air conditioning in the car only when it is absolutely critical. This way, not only can you make your car go longer on lesser fuel, but you can also ensure that your battery life is enhanced.

So remember to drive with your windows open for the purpose of ventilation rather than close all windows and set the air conditioning on full blast. It is a matter of dollars and sense! Still another way to ensure that your car is fuel efficient is to ensure that you have filled your tires to the optimum level. If your tires are not filled with enough air, the friction levels increase dramatically.

When this happens, it takes more power for the car to move the same distance than say, when the tires are filled to the optimum level and make the car travel along smoother. Although this is clearly specified in the manual, not many people pay heed to it. Following these simple steps will surely increase your car fuel efficiency.

Oem supply arrangement for mini vehicles between nissan and mitsubishi increased

Mini-vehicles are fast becoming popular especially among the youthful sectors. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it is also practical and a great space-saver. In this light, two of the world's top auto manufacturers have beefed up their production and supply agreement of Mini vehicles. Nissan and Mitsubishi have agreed to expand their OEM supply arrangement for Mini-Vehicles. Under this new agreement, Mitsubishi would supply Nissan with an additional mini-vehicle on an OEM basis starting in the first half of fiscal year 2005.

With this, the annual mini-vehicle supply from Mitsubishi to Nissan will increase more than two-fold from 20.000 units at present to 56,000 units. Specifically, Mitsubishi will supply Nissan with a total of 36.000 eK series mini-passenger cars. This is in addition to the 20,000 Minicab mini-commercial vehicles it currently supplies. The Minicab, featuring both a truck and van version, has been one of Nissan's products. Nissan has been selling this model under the Clipper name since October 2003. This time, two variations of the EK series will be supplied by Mitsubishi, the eK Wagon and eK Sport. With the new eK, Nissan will now have three mini-vehicles in its product lineup.

Nissan also sells the Moco mini-passenger car. These three models will broaden the company's customer base. Mitsubishi has supplied a total of 33,300 Minicabs between October 2003 and December 2004. Mitsubishi and Nissan evidently anticipate more buyers of its mini-passenger cars. Meanwhile, when in need of top quality Nissan Parts, a trip to the nearest auto supplier may not be necessary at all. In the comfort of your own home, you can now shop for the best auto parts. Simply log on to http:// partstrain.


The 1 billion oppurtunity dont miss it

Growing at pace with the automobile industry in India is a web portal CarSalesIndia. To Buy a Car, all it takes for Indias 1 billion crowd is to check out this website now. The website provides a comprehensive search feature to search for used cars. The website has an extensive list of used cars for all cities around the country. There are other cool features like Email Alerts for car buyers and Car Pool for environment carers. CarSalesIndia. com also provides other value added features such as a Loan Calculator. There is an extensive solution for Auto Dealers. If you are a dealer, you can register for Free with CarSalesIndia. com and advertise your entire stock for a fixed cost. Your advertisements are based on slots, hence you only buy the slot and not a specific advertisement for a car. This is a better way of provided service to Auto Dealers as If you end up advertising your car via other advertisements or the very next moment after advertising, it allows you to advertise another car in the same slot until the slot expires. The website also provides and excellent feature for car users to vote for their most favourite car. This will allow CarSalesIndia. com to analyse the market trend and the customer feedback on individual car models. This will allow CarSalesIndia. com to keep their loyal customers well informed about some of the cool and bad features. AutoSalesIndia. com An excellent common resource website developed by Sams Auto Trade also helps customers. A solution for the huge bike market in India is also provided. BikeSalesIndia. com also provides similar features to CarSalesIndia. com and comes with the comprehensive search and more. Sams Auto Trade the company that owns CarSalesIndia. com and BikeSalesIndia. com has also launched a web portal for the UK market. CarTradersUk also provides a good platform for car dealers to register and advertise their cars based on a slot mechanism. The slot mechanism allows dealers to manage their entire stock at one place with maximum flexibility. The company has much more to offer, you can also view the company blog at carfantasy. blogspot. com

How to make money with used cars

One of the most important purchases consumers make is a car. The average consumer purchases another car every several years. With the High Cost of new cars millions of people are opting to purchase affordable used cars. There is a Massive opportunity to earn an excellent income. Help fill this high demand for quality used cars at affordable prices. When starting out you should focus on cars under the $4,000 range. Do some research and find out what the most popular best selling cars in your area are. By staying in the lower price ranges with these popular vehicles you will be in a higher demand market since more people can afford these vehicles than higher priced more expensive cars, this will make it much easer to sell quickly for a profit. You make your money when you buy, this is an important key to your success. You will need to pay wholesale price or below less the cost of any needed repairs, and other expenses ie: detailing, newspaper ads, etc. Once you know the wholesale price, less repair costs and expenses, you will know how much you can pay for a car. If you buy it right you wll be able to sell it at a profit and still give the buyer a great deal.

One of the most important things you can do to purchase a used cars at bargain prices is to do your homework. You should check your local classified ads and see what the asking price is for the type of vehicle that you are in the market for. Make sure to get the high and low Blue Book and wholesale prices on the vehicle that you are interested in. Here are some excellent sources for getting pricing: NADA GUIDES - nadaguides. com KELLEY BLUE BOOK - kbb. com EDMUNDS - edmunds. com Other resources to check with is CARFAX. They can supply you with the vehicle history report. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a research area to check recall history on cars. We recommend that you have the vehicle you are interested in purchasing be inspected by your own mechanic prior to purchase. Newspaper Classified Ads are an excellent place to find cars at well below retail prices. Many of these people will be happy to sell their used cars for several hundred dollars more than what was quoted by the dealer and you will end up with an EXCELLENT BUY! Online Auctions can be a great place to find bargains. You can shop right from the comfort of your own home. Look for auctions with no reserve, these auctions don’t have a minimum price before they will sell. Public Car Auctions are open to the general public and do not require you to have a Dealer’s License. Public auctions can be an excellent place to purchase cars at wholesale prices. Some of these auctions are: Auction Repossessions of Credit Unions, Banks & Lending Institutions. Some public auctions also auction Police and Local Municipalities, City, State, & County vehicles. Estate and Bankruptcy Auctions can be a very good place to purchase vehicles at wholesale prices. These auctions are usually advertised in newspaper classified section or handled by Probate Estate Auctioneers. Government Auctions are an excellent source for bargin vehicles. They include vehicles from DEA drug raid seizures, FBI, IRS, U. S. Customs Auctions, Department of Defense, General Services Auctions, Resolution Trust Corporation, Department of Housing and Urban Development, and U. S. Postal Services. Rental Car Companies often sell their fleet of cars by auction. They can be a great source of cars. Contact these large companies and inquire. Dealer Auctions can be one of the best sources to cars at below wholesale prices. Most of these auctions require that you have a dealer’s license. These auctions include lease cars, trade-ins, rentals, and fleet vehicles. Stay away from used cars that need major mechanical repairs or body work. Look for good, dependable cars, if the pait is a little dull or the rug is dirty, you can detail, polish and wax the car and clean the carpet. Replace the floor mats if needed. By doing a few hours of work, you can make your car worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars more. By having a clean care, inside and out, you will attract more buyers that will be willing to pay you top dollar for your car. When your car is ready to sell, you can place and ad in your local newspaper's classified section, or you can place your ad on the internet and reach a wider audience. CARS. COM and AUTOBYTEL. COM has a lot of traffic and is enexpensive. Selling cars through online auctions has also become very popular. It has become one of the easiest, fastest, and most cost effective methods to reach your target audience of hundreds and even thousands of people looking at your car. EBAYMOTORS. COM or AUCTIONYOURAUTOS. COM are both online auction sites. Most states require that you have a Dealer's License when you buy and sell vehicles for profit. Check with your states Department of Motor Vehicles or Department of Public Safety for more information on how to obtain a Dealer's License. It is important to consult with your attorney, insurance agent, accountant, and other government officials to determine what permits, licenses, records, insurance policies, etc., are required.

A safe defensive driving technique for everyone

The Benefits of Learning a Defensive Driving Technique Automobile accidents cause thousands of deaths and millions of injuries every year. The best way to ensure the safety of yourself, your passengers, and other drivers on the road is by learning a popular defensive driving technique. There are a large number of successful defensive driving techniques to help ensure the safety of all individuals on the road. Being alert while driving is the important defensive driving technique and is connected with all of the others. This means being fully aware of what is going on around you. All too often, drivers concentrate on other objects besides the road. Examples of such distractions are: • cell phones • car radios • applying makeup • other passengers Some areas of the United States and other countries have already banned, or are enacting legistlation to ban, the use of cellular phones when driving. Cellular phones are often held with one hand while the remaining free hand is used for driving. Driving with one hand is not the main cause of an automobile accident, but talking on the phone that is the problem. Many individuals are unable to talk on the phone and to concentrate fully on their surroundings while driving. For instance, an approaching vehicle could swerve into the lane of a driver who is talking on a cell phone, and they would probably not have enough time to process and to react to the situation. There are many drivers on the road, with our without cell phones, who would be unable to maneuver their vehicle around an unexpected obstacle. For this reason, staying aware and alert is a the most popular defensive driving technique. The defensive driving technique of vigilance also involves looking out for debris on the road. Although the majority of roads are safe to travel, sometimes harmful debris can end up on the roadway. A driver of large truck hauling construction equipment could have inadvertently dropped debris. If the driver was unaware that debris fell from his or her vehicle, they will likely keep on moving and the debris will be left on the road. Whether a vehicle hits an object traveling at ten miles an hour or sixty miles an hour, damage is likely to occur. A lucky situation would involve only damage to the vehicle; debris on the roadway can cause vehicles to spin out of control or even to flip over, potentially causing injury to the driver or other passengers. Animals and people on the road or along the side of the road are often a concern for drivers. This. once again, is another reason why being aware of your surroundings is a successful defensive driving technique. Walkers or joggers alongside the road pose a potential hazard, since the slightest nudge of a vehicle can seriously injure a pedestrian. Depending on the location, many roads have crossways for domesticated or wild animals. It is not uncommon for dogs, cats, squirrels, skunks, or deer to run out in the middle of the road unexpectedly. Although it may be impossible to avoid striking a wild animal, being alert will significantly reduce the risk. Staying alert and aware of your surroundings is a defensive driving technique that requires little effort. Staying alert is something that should be done regardless of your situation when driving. Popular defensive driving techniques are designed to keep all individuals on the road safe. In addition to preventing injury, applying a defensive driving technique is likely to save you money in the long run. Insurance rates increase with every ticket or automobile accident. Learn a defensive driving technique and see the benefits of being careful.

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