Ebay auction

eBay – the World’s Online Marketplace – is the place to go when you want to buy or sell anything on the Internet. eBay lets its members sell items on the Internet via Auctions, which entails bidding, and through the Fixed Price Format, which means that there is a set price for items on sale. eBay Auction is the more popular selling method between the two. Selling on eBay When selling on eBay, whether it is through eBay auction or the fixed price format, a person has to first register to be a member and then create a seller’s account. Credit card details or being ID Verified is needed to create a seller account. The next requirement is a picture of the item to be sold. This is required since most buyers want to see what the item actually looks like before buying anything. The next thing to do is to get your item listed by clicking on the Sell Your Item button. After clicking on the button, be sure to give all the necessary information such as the item category, the title, item description, and the price, payment method, shipping costs, return policy, and payment methods. For your item to have a greater chance of being viewed by more prospective buyers you can list the item under more than one relevant category. Another effective strategy would be to have a very specific title that would most probably typed by prospective buyers as their search string. To keep track of all your listings simply go to My eBay since it keeps track of all the items you’ve sold and are currently selling along with all the bids made on them as well as all the items you have bid on and are currently bidding on. My eBay also has a summary page, a favorites page, and your accounts page. As soon as the item is sold eBay will notify both the buyer and seller through email. Make sure that you communicate well with your buyer and notify the buyer that the item is being shipped as soon as you receive the payment. In case you plan to sell your item through eBay Auction there are three prices you need to set before putting up the item n sale. First is the Starting Price. The Starting Price is simply the price you want the bidding to start. It is also usually the lowest price you feel that you can accept as payment for your item. Next is the Reserve Price. In case your starting price is lower than the amount you are willing to accept as payment you need to set the Reserve Price. Having a reserve price means that if the bidding ends with the highest bid still lower than the reserve price then your item will remain unsold. This price is concealed from buyers. Last is the Buy It Now Price. The Buy It Now Price is the amount a buyer has to pay to get the item you are selling without having to bid. Both the Reserve Price and Buy It Now Price are optional. The reserve price can be advantageous since it will protect you from having to sell your item at too low a price but can also be disadvantageous since it may discourage buyers from bidding. The Buy It Now Price, on the other hand, is advantageous for buyers who really want to buy the item you are selling since there is no risk that they will be outbid if they automatically buy the item. It is also advantageous for you as the seller since it can hasten the transaction since you don’t have to wait for the bidding period to end. However, it can also be disadvantageous if there is much demand for the item you are selling since having a Buy It Now price will limit the amount bid even if some buyers might actually be willing to bid beyond that set price. eBay charges the following fees to seller. The Insertion Fee, Additional Option Fees, and Final Value Fee. The Insertion Fee is a non-refundable fee charged for each item listed on eBay Auction. Insertion Fee ranges from $0.30 to $4.80. Additional Option fees are charged if you opt for additional features like the Buy It Now and if you want your item to be a Featured Item. The Final Value fee is charged depending on the closing price your item manages to garner after a successful close at eBay Auction. Bidding on eBay Auction To bid on an item in eBay Auction, click on the item you wish to buy to get to the item page. You can then place a bid by simply clicking on the Place Bid Button found on the right side of the picture. In case there is no such button it means that the item can only be bought at the set price and isn’t up for auction. When you place a bid the only price you will see is the starting price since the amount bid by other people will not be visible to you. Enter the maximum amount you will be willing to pay for the item you wish to purchase the click on the Place Bid Button. eBay Auction will automatically compare your bid with others and won’t bid the maximum amount you entered. Instead it will bid only what is needed to outbid the last bid. eBay Auction will do this automatically until it reaches the maximum amount you entered or you win the bid. In case another buyer outbids you eBay Auction will send you a notification so that you can enter a larger amount or at least know that you’ve been outbid. In case you are bidding on a Reserve Price Auction check whether the current price bid has met the reserve price. If your maximum amount has been reached but the reserve price still hasn’t been met then you know for sure that you need to increase your bid since the item won’t be sold until the reserve price is met. If you are nervous about bidding on an expensive item keep in mind that eBay has measures to protect both sellers and buyers from fraud. If you are simply nervous since it is your first time try bidding on cheaper items first before going on to more expensive stuff. You can actually find items for less than $1.00 on eBay auction.

Ebay selling 101 things a seller should know before selling on ebay

Nowadays, eBay is becoming a fast increasing market for online shoppers. It gives them the convenience and feasibility of shopping online. However, it is the seller that benefits most of the time as they find selling things on eBay a lucrative way of earning additional wages. But before a seller logs in and sell his or her items on eBay, there are some things that needs to be done first, here's how: 1. Sellers must know the rules. It is extremely important for sellers to know first the rules and regulations of eBay concerning items to be sold and the transaction method. This is one way of protecting themselves so as to avoid fraudulent activities. 2. They should know their market. Before selling, a seller should first contemplate on what type of market is she or he aiming at. If the sellers know who their target market is, it would be easier for them to think of effective words to use on their descriptive title and the details of their items. 3. They should know the selling fees. It's a must for them to know how much the selling fees of eBay are so that they may include this on the initial price of their item. 4. They should know the available payment scheme. The sellers should know these first so that they can assess which type of payment mode are they comfortable with. After all, they should stress this out when posting their items on sale. 5. They should know how to make an account. It is, indeed, important for the seller to know first the basic procedures of creating an account on eBay before selling an item. No one can go start selling an item right away without having an account on eBay. They should know how to register first. They can do this by going to the eBay website and set up a seller's account by entering some pertinent information like a valid credit/debit card account or bank account. Though, they may opt for an alternative if they are not comfortable doing this. They may opt to become ID verified as a substitute. For payment purposes, they should also know how to open a PayPal account. Also, they should know first what kind of format to use, the category of the item, how to write the title and the specifications of the sale, item description, how to increase the item's visibility, and how to contact the winning bidder before starting to post an item on eBay. If all of these things are already clear on the seller, then posting an item on eBay will never be a problem. It's that easy!

Killer ebay tps 2

Ebay tips. Part 1 Please remember this is only a small amount of info that is shown in our EBAY VIDEO TUTORIAL This can be viewed at onlineebooks. net Do you know what one of the biggest money makers on ebay is? Do you know that is has nothing to do with the auction you are selling? That's right, can you think of it? The answer is the about me page, that's right. Let me say it again, The About Me Page. This one page is the key to making alot of extra money from ebay. Every visitor to your auction is a customer. They come to your auction, have a look at it, then they decide if it interests them, then they either buy it or leave. Why not try to sell the visitor that is not interested in your item, an item that they are interested in. Now the best way to do this is to use the about me page. The key is getting the visitor to the about me page, if they don't want the item. How are you going to do that ? Ask yourself this: What is the best price for something ? What is the number one clicked on advertising word ? The answer is FREE. The best price for anything is FREE. So how do you use this for the about me page. Well the first thing you have on your auction is a little headline or statement basically saying "Just for taking a look at our auction we are giving away ..... Click here to find out how to receive it" . Then have the link to your about me page. This in my experience is the best way to getting traffic to your about me page. Once you have the visitor on your about me page what do you do with them ? Once they are on the page you are basically trying to sell them something more, or get them to go to your web site for a different product. How are you going to get them to read your add if they are looking for the free product ? A good way of doing this is have the free product at the bottom of the page with a statement at the top stating "To get your free ... please scroll down to the bottom of the page". This way they have to scroll past the ads and graphics and hopefully something will grab there attention. So let say the visitor doesn't buy your auction , doesn't go for your other products on your about me page and just downloads the free product. So what dp you have in return for all your work? Nothing right ? No money, no sale.................. or do you have something ? If you set it up correctly you will have something. Something that could be worth alot of money. There email address !!!!! In the video we go threw how you set this up so that it is fully automated.

10 great ways to source low cost products for ebay

So you’re having trouble finding stock cheaply enough to sell it for a good profit? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Garage sales. The chances are you’ve gone most of your life seeing ads for these and ignoring them. Start going to as many as you can. You won’t find good things at every one, but when you find one person with good stuff, make them an offer for the lot – they’ll be so happy about it that you can get a real bargain. Markets. If your area has a market, then go there and look around for anything good. You could buy it there if it’s cheap enough, or try to make friends with the market traders and find out who their suppliers are. Pawn shops. Pawn shops don’t usually know what to do with the junk they accumulate (unless it’s jewellery, of course). Generally, they put their stock out on the shelves haphazardly, hoping that someday someone with a little money will just happen to come in, search around and buy wildly obscure things. Get them to offer you a discount for bulk. Real auctions. Go to a real auction, as the chances are that you can resell things for more than they will sell them. After all, they only have a few hundred people in that room – you have a few million to sell to! Local newspapers. Place an ad in the local paper that reads “I pay cash for [your item type]”, with your phone number. If you can afford it, make it a big display ad, so it’ll be noticed. Ad boards. Get one of those little ads in the grocery store. Friends. Ask your friends if they have anything they’d like to sell you, and ask them to spread the word to their friends. Become known. Give out business cards, mention to people what you do. The chances are that you’ll come across someone who’ll say “Oh, really? I’ve got a load of [item] I don’t want”. Shops. This might be a little surprising, but some real shops even sell things more cheaply than they sell on eBay. Take a look around your local deep discounter, and pay special attention to any shop that takes trade-ins from customers. The chances are they take a loss on trade-ins as a promotion, and are dying to get rid of that stock. And finally: eBay! When you’re looking at the completed items view, you’ll notice the massive range of prices that items can sell for on eBay. Try taking the highest-priced item and searching for it on its own, then sort by lowest price first: I can almost guarantee that you’ll see an auction for the same item where it sold for almost nothing. The trick is to find these flawed auctions before they close, win them using a bid sniping service, and then turn around and resell the item. After all that trouble, though, when do sell the item you might find that a buyer leaves you a feedback rating you just don’t think is fair. The next email will show you what to do about it.

Tips and tricks for using ebay search

If you know what you’re doing, you can quickly find what you’re looking for on eBay. Here are a few golden rules. Be specific: If you’re searching for the first edition of the original Harry Potter book, you’ll get further searching for ‘harry potter rowling philosopher’s stone first edition’ than you will searching for ‘harry potter’. You’ll get fewer results, but the ones you do get will be far more relevant. Spell wrongly: It’s a sad fact that many of the sellers on eBay just can’t spell.

Whatever you’re looking for, try thinking of a few common misspellings – the chances are that fewer people will find these items, and so they will be cheaper. Get a thesaurus: You should try to search for all the different words that someone might use to describe your item, for example searching for both ‘TV’ and ‘television’, or for ‘phone’, ‘mobile’ and ‘cellphone’. Where you can, though, leave off the type of item altogether and search by things like brand and model. Use the categories: Whenever you search, you’ll notice a list of categories at the side of your search results. If you just searched for the name of a CD because you want to buy that CD, you should click the ‘CDs’ category to just look at results in that category. Why bother looking through a load of results that you don’t care about? Don’t be afraid to browse: Once you’ve found the category that items you like seem to be in, why not click ‘Browse’ and take a look through the whole category? You might be surprised by what you find.

Few people realise just how powerful eBay’s search engine is – a few symbols here and there and it’ll work wonders for you. Wildcard searches: You can put an asterisk (*) into a search phrase when you want to say ‘anything can go here’. For example, if you wanted to search for a 1950s car, you could search for ‘car 195*’. 195* will show results from any year in the 1950s. In this order: If you put words in quotes ("") then the only results shown will be ones that have all of the words between the quote marks. For example, searching for “Lord of the Rings” won’t give you any results that say, for example “Lord Robert Rings”. Exclude words: Put a minus, and then put any words in brackets that you don’t want to appear in your search results. For example: “Pulp Fiction” –(poster, photo) will find items related to Pulp Fiction but not posters or photos. Either/or: If you want to search for lots of words at once, just put them in brackets: the TV example from earlier could become ‘(TV, television)’, which would find items with either word. So once you’ve found your bargain item, bid for it and won it, what if it all goes wrong? Don’t worry – eBay has a thorough dispute resolution procedure, and we’ll cover it in some depth in the next article, so you’ll be prepared if the worst happens.

Ebay description writing tips

Once you’ve drawn the buyers in with your title, the next thing to do is to tell them all about your item with the description. But just what should you write in your description? At its heart, your item description is an ad. Without making it too obvious, you should be writing sales copy. You’re trying to get buyers excited about your products, and that’s usually hard – but on eBay, if you have the right thing to sell and give enough details, the buyers almost excite themselves. Technical Details. Include every technical detail you know, including the item’s manufacturer, its condition, how big it is, where and when it was made, its history, and anything else special about it. Don’t be too boring, though: the best descriptions are written in friendly, conversational language, and show a real knowledge of the item.

Whatever you do, make sure you tell the truth! Remember that most of the people who’ll be buying your item will be just as knowledgeable about it as you are, if not more – this is their hobby, and they’re experts. Don’t feel like you need to explain the basics of the item: just go into as much technical detail as you can. As a rule, don’t write anything in the description if you don’t know what it means, as the chances are someone will, and if you’ve got it slightly wrong then you’ll look like you don’t know what you’re talking about. Interesting Details. You might find that you enjoy writing a few things about how you got the item, why you’re selling it, and who you think might like it. This isn’t strictly necessary, but it gives your auctions some character and a personal touch, and can make people more likely to trust you. People might wonder what you’re doing selling 500 CDs all at once, and if you tell them the reason, then they’ll feel reassured that nothing dodgy is going on. If you’re selling them because you’re having a baby and you need the space, just say so. Write as Much as You Can. Leave nothing out of your description, even if that seems to you like it makes it cumbersomely long. There is no way you can be too thorough: someone, somewhere will appreciate that you took the time to write the extra information. Don’t assume that anyone who wants extra information will email you to ask a question: many buyers are shy and won’t do it. Think of questions that buyers might have and add the answers to your description, as people generally tend to ask the same questions over and over again. Each time a buyer does email you with a question, you should both answer their question and update your description so that it will include the answer next time. If people ask questions that are answered in the description, try putting these parts of the auction on a line alone, or in bold, to make them easier to notice. In the next email, we’ll focus on increasing the number of buyers who respond to your auctions.

Sourcing for cars to sell in ebay car auctions

Selling high-priced items such as ebay car auctions is getting more and more popular these days. In fact, according to ebay motors, a vehicle is sold very 10 seconds, a car part or accessories is sold every second. Over 10 million shoppers visit ebay motors every month looking to buy cars or car parts. The reason why ebay car auctions are popular among ebay sellers is pretty obvious since the profits per sale are high. You only need to sell 1 to 2 cars on ebay motors each month to make a handsome profit. So how do you find cars to sell on ebay motors? Basically I have used 2 ways. Car Dealers Believe it or not, there are still a lot of car dealers who are still advertising offline via the usual marketing methods such as advertising in car magazines, posters, tv and radio. From my personal experience, the main reason why these car dealers do not sell on ebay motors is not because they do not know about ebay. It is because they do not have technical knowledge of uploading photos, putting auction description and such. One car dealer I know of have not touched a computer in his life! So this is where you can come in and offer your services and in return if the car is sold successfully on ebay motors, you get a commission. I don’t need to tell you even if it is a just 2 percent commission, you could still get a few hundred dollars easily. Classified Ads If you flip through your daily newspapers, you can probably find a lot of people trying to sell their cars in the classified ads section. Some of these people have been advertising for quite a while which could mean they did not manage to sell their cars. You could contact them and offer to sell their car. Since they could not sell their car, it should not be too difficult to convince them to give you a shot at selling it. In return, you arrange with the car owner to receive a small commission for your work. The above 2 methods have worked well for me. The good thing about both methods is you get to pick which cars you want to sell particularly for classified ads. If you have been on ebay motors for a while, you will realize certain types of cars sell better and more easily than others. Examples are classic or vintage cars. Basically cars that are rare or unusual. One thing you have to note is most car dealers will probably not give you a exclusive time period to sell the car. Therefore in your auction, always state the car is on sale on other sites or other ways and that you reserve the right to end the auction early.

I m new to ebay what scams are out there

I have been looking at the possibility of doing some Ebay trading. And, since I have been on the Internet for a while, I decided that I should see what Ebay scams, if any, was floating about. Why? It is always good to be aware of the good, the bad, and the ugly of any online venture. And since, I’ve seen all sides – it’s wise to have cautious optimism. Wholesale List Scam With this scam, the wholesaler gives you a photo of say, a computer monitor or DVD – the buyer is under the assumption that they are buying a monitor or DVD, right? Wrong? You may only be buying a wholesale list. This is what they call a “bait and switch”. They are hoping that the individual is in a hurry or cannot read English well, and they blindly buy. Rule of thumb: read everything before buying. Note: Wholesale List scams are very common for monitors, laptops, camcorders, DVD players, flat screen televisions and mp3 players; cutting-edge electronic devices. Fake Money Order The buyer sends the seller a fake money order, a bad check – and the seller sends the item before the money order or check has been successfully cashed. Seller is out the item and the money. Credit Card Chargebacks The buyer pays with a credit card through Paypal. Once the buyer has received the item, the buyer initiates a chargeback. This is where the novice come in, if you do not have proof that the item was sent – you are out the money, the item, and you have to pay a chargeback fee. Rule of thumb: Send your item through UPS, or certified mail to protect yourself. Fake Escrow Scam The scammer says that they want to buy your item, but they want to use an escrow service. The purpose of the escrow service is to add a layer of protection for the buyer. They will hold on to the money, and once the buyer has received the item from the seller, the escrow service will release the money to the seller. This is where the scam comes in – The buyer will request that you use the escrow service that they, so they say, have used with other transactions. The escrow service is a front – set up by the buyer. Email Ebay Scam The email Ebay scam – is an email that says it has come from Ebay. The email will state that it looks like your account has been compromised and they would like your to verify the information, for your protection, of course. Never click the link. Open a new Internet session and manually type the information to get into your account. Other email scams, include the fake payment received email. You will receive a payment-received notice, that looks authentic, but be aware, it could have been sent by the buyer. Never send anything, until you have verified that the payment has been received and the info received is valid. To conclude, when you are looking at any new venture, it is always good to do the research and be aware of what you may be up against. It hard enough to start any business – and you definitely don’t want anyone running off with your hard earned money. Being aware – can keep your business moving forward.

Using paypal on ebay

PayPal and eBay were made for each other – and now that eBay own PayPal, using them together is getting even easier. What is PayPal? People with PayPal accounts can send money to each other securely online. You can deposit money in a PayPal account from a bank account or a credit card, and withdraw money to your bank account. It is the most common way of paying on eBay, as well as being in widespread use on the rest of the Internet.

Opening a PayPal Account. It’s very easy to get a PayPal account. Just go to http:// paypal. com & click the ‘Sign Up’ link. As a buyer, you should get a Personal account – you can always upgrade later if you decide to start selling. Then all you need to do is enter your address, phone number and email address, and create a password, and two secret questions. You’ll be emailed a confirmation, and then you’re done! If you want to deposit money into the account now, then you need to register a credit or debit card or your bank details, and if you want to withdraw money then you need to register your bank details.

There’s no need to do anything like that just yet, though. Paying with PayPal. Paying with PayPal is very simple. When you win an auction and click ‘Pay Now’, you’ll be given a list of payment methods the seller accepts. You should always check what the seller accepts before you bid, as there are still some sellers who won’t take PayPal. If the seller does accept PayPal, it will already be chosen for you on the payment page. Now you just need to press ‘Next’, type in your PayPal username and password and confirm the amount you want to pay. The first time you pay with PayPal you will need to enter the details of your card or bank account, but after that it will remember for you. Becoming Verified. You might have noticed that there is a limit to how much money you can send or withdraw using PayPal before you need to be verified. Verification has two steps. First, PayPal deposit some very small amounts of money in your bank account and you need to tell them how much they deposited. Second, they need to phone you to confirm your address and phone number. Once you’ve done that, all the limits on your account will be lifted. Log in at paypal. com and click on ‘Get Verified’ for more information. While you’ve been paying for your items, what you might not have realised is that eBay occasionally offers money off coupons. But where do you get them? The next email tells you all about it.

Succeeding as a seller on e bay

Being successful is almost everyone’s dreams this day and being successful in E-Bay could be a reality once you set your heart into it. Like in any other business, patience and perseverance in the world of E-Bay are factors needed to ensure that you are going to be successful here. Aside from those virtues, a lot of strategic planning is needed to ensure one’s success in E-Bay. The first thing that you could do is to mark your territory. This means that you should be able to determine on what kind of specialization you would like. For example, your area of specialization is books therefore you should focus yourself first in establishing a name in the books category before eventually branching out your items. This would help you in establishing a name through categories thus forming a solid foundation for your business. In terms of products, remember that a wide margin market is important therefore products should not be too expensive. Products that are easy to dispose of as well as in demand are great investments for people that are planning to be successful in the world of E-Bay. Customer service also plays an important part in being a successful seller on E-Bay. This is because customers always know if you are the type of seller that prioritizes the needs of their customers. If the first transaction with a seller made an impact to them then the tendency of customers is to buy and purchase again. Aside from that, customers that are truly satisfied with a transaction made from a specific seller would be able to recommend the products as well as the services to other potential customers without paying anything to the customer. This is a good way to expand your horizons as a seller which could have a great impact to customers. As a seller, you should always seek feedback regarding the transaction that they made with you as well as the state of the product. This is important because customers would feel that they are very important in your line of business. It is important to have more positive feedbacks in E-Bay because most customers would rely on a seller because of their good reputation on the web. Last but not the least, always hold honest transactions so that people would learn to trust you and in return, you would be able to maximize the benefits of E-Bay.

Ebay selling secrets unveiled

If you want to take advantage of the eBay phenomenon and start your own eBay business, then the first bit of eBay selling secret is for you to start selling part time. It can be a great way to make extra cash while learning the tricks and familiarizing yourself with the eBay selling secrets you need to eventually expand your business. It will take some time to learn the inside eBay selling secrets that the top sellers know. Understand that eBay will take some work. There are no eBay selling secrets that focus on get-rich-quick scheme. For your Ebay business, all you need is internet access and a product to sell. Don't worry If you don't have a product. An eBay selling secret on what item to put up for sale is by starting off selling old or odd items from your home like most people do. Others go to garage sales and picking up great deals, then selling them on Ebay. Some purchase from companies that offer low prices and discount deals. From among the many eBay Selling Secrets, here are among the top 10 you should know: 1. Research! By doing research, you make sure that there is a need for the item that you are selling. Do this by running a search for your item and see how many items are turn up from the keyword search. 2. List your item in the right category! There are categories for the items to be put up for sale on eBay. The purpose of this is to have an organized tracking system for the products for sale. It is an eBay selling secret to put your item in exactly the right category where it belongs. 3. Keywords and descriptions are critical! It is an important eBay selling secret to use appropriate keywords to describe your product. Be specific in your descriptions. Your descriptions are critical to avoid any future problems or potential returns by buyers. 4. Photos in your auction is needed! The eBay selling secret of using photos of the products during auctions with photos guarantee more sales than those that don't have photos. By having a photo of the actual item, more buyers may take up interest. This eBay selling secret also helps to build more trust between you and the buyer. 5. Make the Buying process Easy! Sign up for PayPal! Signing up for PayPal is another eBay selling secret that would gain you more buyers for your item. If you want to make your auction easy for the buyer, then PayPal it is. 6. List your items during "Hot Time" buying Periods! It is an eBay selling secret to time your auction so that it ends during peak buying times. Here's a reference: Eastern Time Zone, list your auction between 9pm-11pm Central Time Zone list between 8-10pm Mountain Time Zone between 7-9pm Pacific Time Zone list between 6-8pm. By knowing these Hot Time buying periods, your products will likely get great exposure. You'll see the glowing sales you'll gain after the auctions. 7. Make an "About Me" Page or better yet, create a Website from Free Hosting Sites! Having an "About Me" page in eBay is an eBay selling secret which let potential buyers get to know you. Getting a free webpage from many companies is also a way to promote yourself 8. Positive Feedback is Important Having positive feedback is a necessary eBay selling secret. eBay buyers looks at your feedback ratings before looking up your listings. To get positive feedback, make sure to keep a good customer service and customer relations. 9. Decrease Postage and Shipping Costs! Don't underestimate or overestimate your shipping costs. It is an essential eBay selling secret to be prepared and to determine its costs beforehand. 10. Don't put any ad that would scare your potential buyers away! Never put Reserve Prices and Buy-it-Now in your product listing. Instead of getting buyers, you'll more likely scare them away. These ads can cause you to lose money on an item. final auction price. It is an eBay selling secret to get buyers who'll keep bidding at your products. These unveiled eBay selling secrets and those others you will learn eventually will help you become a successful eBay seller.

A look at third party ebay tools

There are plenty of companies out there offering third party eBay tools. Most of them are web-based instead of downloadable, so you pay a monthly fee instead of just buying the software. But do you know what these sites can do for you? It can be hard to get to grips with what’s out there using a search engine, so here’s a quick rundown of the key players. Andale (http:// andale. com). Andale offer lots of small products instead of one solution that does everything: you can take your pick from a lister, image hosting, counters, analysers, a gallery, a checkout and an email manager. The price plans are a bit of a maze, but quite reasonable as long as you don’t go and use everything. Andale’s real claim to fame is that they’ve been doing it for so long – they’re not some fly-by-night organisation, and many eBay sellers have been using their free counters for absolutely years. They also have a reputation for being very responsive to customers, and will often talk to you directly on their forums and implement any suggestions you might have for improving their software. Vendio (http:// vendio. com). Vendio offer two editions of their software, Sales Manager: a Merchandising edition and an Inventory edition. The difference between the two is that the Merchandising edition is designed to make it easier to list individual auctions, while the Inventory edition is for sellers who sell many of the same item. They offer a pay-as-you go price of 10c per auction. They also offer software called Tickets Manager, special software for people who sell lots of tickets on eBay – an odd product to have, but useful if you happen to sell tickets. Other services offered by Vendio include web and image hosting, fancy Flash galleries of your products for your listings, and stores. ChannelAdvisor (http:// channeladvisor. com). ChannelAdvisor offer their software in three versions: Enterprise, Merchant and Pro. Enterprise and Merchant are both designed for very big businesses, though, and the chances are that the Pro version does everything you’d want. ChannelAdvisor is popular among sellers who want a solution that they know is used and trusted on a very large scale by enterprise-level customers. It offers all the standard bulk listing and inventory features, as well as the unique feature of being able to create auctions from an Excel spreadsheet of your inventory. The cost is high, though, at $29.95 per month. And Many, Many More… eBay maintain a comprehensive directory of third-party software, which you can browse through anytime you have a few days to kill. You can look either for complete solutions or for each part of what you want individually – the choice is so daunting that there’s bound to be something out there for you. You can look at their directory at http://cgi6.ebay. com/ws/eBayISAPI. dll? SolutionsDirectory. Once your items have sold and you’re about to ship them, you might be a little nervous about whether you can trust your buyer. Our next email will give you a few tips for spotting problem buyers before you send them anything.

Brandon dupsky makes 22 000 a day on ebay

These days it’s not easy to make money online. But I will talk about one of the easiest way to make money online is to start selling on eBay. eBay makes getting your new business started a snap. You can literally have your first moneymaking auction listed in the space of an hour. Absolutely ANYONE can start listing items for sale on eBay today. No initial starting costs, very low running costs and massive automatic visitors.

Do you know that more than 2 Million people visit eBay every day ? eBay is -- by far -- the busiest and most visited e-commerce site on the entire Internet, and more than 33% of ALL Internet users in the U. S. visit eBay! People spend an average of 2 hours shopping on eBay every time they visit! And they've got cash to spend, since 72% of eBay users make more than $50,000 per year! eBay processes over $1,000 in sales every second! In other words, people spend a TON of money on eBay.

That $1,000 per second adds up to $86,000,000 a day -- every single day of the year! So, having these numbers in mind everyone should have success selling on eBay. But do you know that many eBay sellers struggle to make a profit. I mean a REL profit.

eBay fees and paypal fees are higher than ever and the competition offering the same products as you do for a fraction of the price is massive. So how do you survive in the jungle called eBay ? Let me introduce you to a regular guy (from Fremont, Nebraska, population 25,188) who is currently making $153,846.17 each and every week... by selling "everyday" stuff on eBay. Just to save you the math, that adds up to a little over $8,000,000 a year. Or just under $22,000 a day. Can you imagine that …? $22,000 A DAY (!) ?? In other words, it's a truckload of money -- no matter how you look at it! In fact, since he first got started on eBay back in 1999, Brandon has sold more than $20,000,000 worth of goods on eBay. Yep, you read that right...

more than TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS. Unlike so many of the so-called eBay "success stories" -- Brandon's income does NOT come from selling super high-priced items on eBay -- like cars or satellites! (It's EASY to say you're making a MILLION DOLLARS if you're selling *cars* on eBay! Brandon has put his knowledge into one amazing course so everyone can duplicate his entire system to start their own highly profitable eBay businesses! This story is so amazing: * Which products are "hot sellers," and guarantee the BIGGEST profits! * Where to find in-demand products that you can buy for cheap and resell for massive profits! * How to attract TONS of bids and make HUGE profits on every single auction you list! * How to CREATE stunning ads that grab the eyeballs of eager bidders! * How to easily rake in even MORE cash by establishing a glowing feedback rating! * Techniques for driving 1,000s of qualified bidders to ANY auction listings! ... and much, MUCH more!

Free ebay secrets success is to sell successful is to sell more

No doubt the reason you are doing a search for Free Ebay Secrets is because you have taken the first steps in running your own business and what is more you want it to be a success. Well you have taken the right route - because below are a few free tips on Ebay selling secrets. Success is to sell - Successful is to sell more. What you must not do is let you yourself hold you back in gaining the success you deserve. Selling is not a complicated mission, so take some free Ebay secrets then start as you mean to go on in running your very own business venture.

Why pay out for help and guidance when easily to hand is free information on selling. Sale secrets is helping entrepreneurs just like your self to run their business`s successfully. By involving yourself with the world`s biggest online auction you have just secured yourself an extra income. After finalizing your decision on becoming part of the internets biggest online auction site then you need to choose a user ID that represents your product or service. Remember it is your user ID that will portray your identity to customers. Have your ID confirmed by clicking on the verification option where you can check to see if your details were correctly entered. It is important to ensure you have made no mistakes - errors can hamper sales because potential customers may get a little confused. An Ebay secret is to get it right from the beginning. If Potential buyers click on your ID icon they will be directed to your feedback profile.

It is from here that your customers will build up confidence in whether to trade with you or not. This is a free Ebay secret that you need to follow through with and that is to keep the feedback to as many positives and less negatives. As your business begins to grow so does all the data - it is wise to back up any information this will help you keep track of all business transactions. Believe me when I say Ebay is not exempt from becoming big business for you just like the thousands of other successful Ebay sellers. If you are serious enough you can make it happen. A free Ebay secret is to draw up a check list fully mapped out with schedules logged with dates and times for conducting your business. Storage space is important if dealing in bulk or large items - locate a good place to store your catalogue of accounts and any shipping materials. Organisation in your organization will help ease any pressure of losing valuable paperwork.

Remember to double check what charges are implemented by Ebay for the selling of your wares. This will give you an insight and guide when pricing up your products. Finding the best category to list your items under should not be a problem Ebay free secrets state if you find yourself unsure which is appropriate for your product or service then go to the Ebay support centre for help on how to categorize. Try listing your item under two categories - you may pay an additional fee but certainly worthwhile if a sale is on the cards. When making the listing highlight specific benefits that the customer may gain from buying from you Another piece of friendly advice in the way of a free Ebay secret is to attend trade shows it is from these you can learn so much while at the time converse with manufacturers where you can suggest selling their products. Who knows later down the line you may experience this yourself where you are approached in the same manner because of how big your empire has become. Fraud on the internet is big and once again Ebay is not exempt from fraudsters so always be cautious.

10 sure fire ways to kill your ebay business

It’s surprisingly easy to kill your eBay business, if you’re not careful – sure, you can start over from scratch without it costing you anything, but do you really want to? Still, if you want your business to end up dead in the water, here are some simple ways to do it. Lie about an item: Say it works fine when it sometimes doesn’t work. Say it’s in perfect condition when it has a scratch. Your customers will hate you! Post whenever you feel like it: Make sure to leave your customers hanging around, wondering when their item is going to turn up. This makes sure they buy from someone else next time. Let items end anytime: Few people will be around to care about your auction if it ends in the middle of the night. Why go to the trouble of working out whether auctions will end at a good time? Don’t bother with email: Customers are just timewasters anyway. eBay businesses are supposed to run themselves! Never give informed responses to questions about your item. Sell rubbish: Really, it’s just eBay. You can just sell any old tat from the market for a 200% profit. Let quality be someone else’s concern – I mean, really, what do they expect for that price? Refuse to give discounts: You know what your items cost, you know what your profit margin is going to be, and you’re not going to negotiate. Remember that giving customers special deals might make them feel good and come back to you again. Make your listings ugly: As many colours, flashing lights and animations as possible will really give those customers a headache. Write as much in CAPITALS!!!! as you can. Preferably big, red capitals. Be sure to use the fonts Impact and Comic Sans. For an extra special touch, see if you can figure out a way to add some music. Don’t take photos: It’s such trouble, after all. If buyers are picky enough to actually want to see items before they bid on them, then screw ‘em, that’s what I say. Write short descriptions: Be as brief as possible, and use lots of mysterious abbreviations. This obviously makes you look very cool. You can even just write the title again in the description box. Think of the effort you’ll save! Use reserve auctions: Now, this is a fairly controversial final choice, but it really is one of the best ways to scare away your customers. They’ll see ‘reserve not yet met’, and click that ‘back’ button before you know it. Luckily, they can always bid in a normal auction for the item somewhere else. Now that you know the ten ways to kill your eBay business, how about we explore what to do if you want to do the opposite, and make a success of it? The next email will give you ten steps to successful selling on eBay.

The method for finding deals on ebay

There are steps you can take to make sure that you are getting a great deal on the items you obtain through eBay. These same steps will also help to shield you against fraud. Start with the auction in question. Make sure that you read every word of the description and the auction details. Pay special attention to what the description and auction details do not say. For example, is a guarantee mentioned? Is the item new? Is it authentic? Is there evidence of authenticity? Look for auctions that provide the right information, and just keep away from those that do not. Who will pay the shipping and handling costs? Often, the buyer pays these costs, but sometimes, the seller tries to charge more than the actual shipping and handling costs are. Be careful of high shipping costs, especially for items that will be auctioned off at a very low price. Note when the item is supposed to ship after the bidding has ended. Don't make the mistake of bidding on an item merely because it is a 'good deal.' It is only a good deal for you if the item is something that you really want or need. A lot of people simply bid for the sake of bidding - or winning - without having any real need for the item in question. Before bidding on items that you do want or need, it's best to check prices around the Internet and the prices available from offline sources as well. Learn more about the seller. What is their rating? Read their feedback page. Not learning more about the seller can be very costly. Sometimes scammers make their auctions sound like really great deals. Be cautious of prices that seem to be extremely low.

Understanding ebay buying tools

eBay offers quite a few simple tools to help make your buying easier, so you don’t lose track of what you’re doing. Most of them are on the ‘My eBay’ screen – if you’re logged in, you can go there just by clicking ‘My eBay’ on the toolbar at the top of any eBay page. My Summary. Your summary screen shows what you’re currently buying or selling, as well as any announcements eBay want to make that day. It is set up as a list of reminders, so it will tell you if there are items you need to pay for or if you have been outbid – it’s like your eBay ‘to do’ list. You can make this screen show what you want it to by clicking ‘Customise Summary’ in the top-right corner. To go to any of the other buying tools pages from here, use the menu on the left of the screen, under ‘All Buying’.

Watching: This is your watchlist – the auctions you have decided are worth keeping an eye on but don’t want to bid on yet. To add an auction to this page, click ‘Watch this item’ in the top-right corner of its description page. To delete an item, just put a tick in its box on the Watching page and then click the Delete button. Bidding: This is a list of all the items you’re currently bidding on. Items that you’re currently the winning bidder on are highlighted in green, while items that you’ve been outbid on are shown in red, with an option to bid again. Best Offers: You can see here all of the best offers you’ve made on Buy it Now items, and whether or not the seller accepted them. Won and Didn’t Win: This is where the items from the Bidding page go when the auction is over.

If you won the item, then you will be able to choose an action depending on how far along you are in the buying process. From here, you can pay, tell the seller you’ve sent payment, or leave feedback once you’ve got the item. You should keep going through these steps until you’ve done them all. There are small blue icons to show you which of these steps you have completed so far, and whether the seller has left any feedback for you. Don’t worry if you don’t often get the chance to check back at My eBay. If anything important happens, eBay will email you, and the email should contain a button or link to let you do whatever you need to do. If you want real control all the time, though, then the tools available on the My eBay page can work well for you. By now, you’ve probably dipped your toe in the water and got quite used to buying on eBay – but is it worth it for you? In the next email, we’ll take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of buying on eBay.

What is an ebay professional

For many people, the first time they realized that there was such a thing as a person who will sell other people’s items on the Internet was while watching The 40-Year Old Virgin. In that movie, one of the main characters owned a store from which she took the unwanted items that other people had and sold them on the world’ hottest auction block. In fact, this is a service that has been around for quite a while, as enterprising individuals saw an opportunity to offer a service that would require an element of expertise and could appeal to people by taking some time off their hands. These are both key concepts to remember when you consider selling any of your own materials on eBay. Professional sellers are just what they seem - people who make a living by selling items on eBay on commission, usually at a percentage of the selling cost of the items. Others may give people a flat fee for their product and then sell it on eBay, keeping any profit for him or herself. Either way, an eBay professional may be the best way to go if you are new to the eBay system or simply do not have the time to figure it all out for yourself. EBay professionals are already very versed in the eBay system, a system which can sometimes leave newcomers feeling lost and befuddled about how to go about listing their items.

As an Internet selling association, eBay sellers are also highly susceptible to customer suspicion, and many customers will look at feedback ratings before deciding to purchase an item. Rookie sellers will not have as much feedback, and are less likely to find buyers who will pay optimum prices because of that fact. EBay professionals have likely sold hundreds of items on the site, and therefore they should have solid and multiple feedbacks that will allow them to move the product with greater speed. A professional eBay seller will also know what price a given object will be likely to sell at. You will most likely be able to gain a price that is more than what you could get on your own by enlisting the services of a professional who is familiar with the market. There are many eBay professionals who deal in specific areas, so if you are considering a certain item you may want to check around for professionals who specialize in that area. There are many good reasons to consider hiring an eBay professional when you want to sell an item on the site. An eBay professional will cut down on the time you spend in shopping your product, will likely have the connections necessary to sell your product quickly, and it is also highly likely that the price you get for your item will be higher than if you tried to sell it yourself, which will more than compensate for the price of the service.

How to dispute unfair ratings on ebay

So you’ve done everything you can to keep your buyers happy – but still someone’s left you negative feedback! You don’t think it’s fair, either because you fixed the buyer’s problem, or they never gave you a fair chance to fix it. What can you do? Communicate. Tell the buyer that you don’t think that feedback was fair, and give them a list of the things you’ll do in exchange for them withdrawing it. You can offer refunds, replacements, or even to ‘compensate them for their time’ (that means bribe them), depending on how desperate you are. If they agree, you can go through the mutual withdrawal process detailed below. Respond. Leave a comment under the negative feedback explaining what happened – this at least minimises the damage it will do to your reputation if anyone looks at it. Remember that you can more-or-less write whatever you want, as there is no facility for the buyer to respond to your response – and anything you write will show up on their ‘Feedback Left for Others’ page! If you’re a little devious, you can make them look very bad. Retaliate. However much you’re not supposed to do it, you really shouldn’t let a buyer leave you negative feedback without leaving them a negative in return. Be polite and factual, saying something like “buyer did not give me a fair opportunity to fix their complaint” (note that this is one of the reasons why you should always leave feedback second, or not at all). This might not be the ‘nicest’ way to do business on eBay, but it’s the only realistic way to protect your flawless reputation. Don’t be worried: retaliatory feedback is not against eBay’s rules, however much it should be. Anyway, you’re not just doing this for revenge – it’s essential for the next step. Try for a Mutual Withdrawal. Since the buyer probably won’t want a negative response or feedback comment on their record, you can do a simple “I’ll take away my negative if you take away yours” deal. This is called mutual feedback withdrawal, and the process can be started at this page: http://feedback. ebay. com/ws/eBayISAPI. dll? MFWRequest. This will cause eBay’s system to send an email to your buyer, asking them if they agree to withdraw their feedback in exchange for you withdrawing yours. You should get them to agree before you press the button, though, because you can only use it once per transaction. Use Dispute Resolution. You and the buyer can take your feedback dispute to SquareTrade, where you can both give your side and they will cancel feedback that they feel is unfair – they are far more responsive than eBay. Be aware that this costs about $20, but it has the advantage that if the buyer doesn’t respond to the process then their feedback will be removed automatically. Of course, at some point you might find yourself with an even worse buyer than one that just leaves negative feedback – they might refuse to pay, or harass your other buyers. Our next email will tell you how to get in touch with eBay's ‘Safe Harbor’ team, and what they can do for you.

Killer ebay tips

How to stand out more then others in ebay Here is a list of ideas to stand out , over your competitors. Better letter Head Better Graphics Offer something else with your product - One word "Bonus" Put a Guarantee - this gives you some credibility Put Testimonials in your descriptions - Its a proven fact that Testimonials Sell products. Use Keywords in your title - This will give you more visitors. Most searches are done with out have the "search descriptions and title" tab checked. This means that most searches are done by looking at the title only. Put in your details - This gives you credibility as well, name , email, PHONE NUMBER. The customer wants to know if they have a problem they can contact you. Use your payment receipt - A lot of people forget about this. After a payment is made, lets say with pay pal, a receipt is sent to the buyer. You can customize this receipt, its a great chance for you to try and sell them something else or to get them to your website. Some people get caught up in the "Sell Product For More Money, Make More Money" routine. Remember that you not just selling that one item, you are trying to get customers for life. You are trying to get there email, there trust. Once you have these you will be able to sell them not just one product but many products over and over again with little or no effort. To get more visitors to your auction you could sell a product that is in a high traffic category and sell it cheap. How do you know what is a high traffic category in ebay ? Look at the number of auctions in it. If they are really large numbers then they are more then likely to be a high traffic category. If you are looking for traffic, remember that selling more items at a lower price is better then selling 1 at a high price.

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