Attic renovation tips you can use

Attic Renovation Tips You can Use Attic renovation is not as simple as renovating another room in your home. There are several things to consider when you plan to transform your attic into a spare living space or area. Here are some things that you should consider before you carry on any work in renovating that attic. Attic Height As you well know most attics are similar in that they usually form part of the space between the roof of your home and its ceiling. For this reason, attics may provide limited spaces to work with. One of the possible concerns that you will encounter would be its height. If the renovation aims to provide additional living space in the home, then the attic height should be one of the important things to check out. It is a common thing for people to see that their attics are not constructed to follow a person's normal height. At most times, attics may offer only some crouching room and, at best, a limited standing room for people. The attic height should be considered if it is to be used as a spare room or as such. Framing Design Because attics are located on roof spaces, the frames may also provide some possible renovation limitations. Roofs may be framed by a maze of cross braces and beams that may take considerable space up in the attic. But there are also homes with roofs that do not utilize such type framing to hold it up. For homes with roofs having X and Y framing, it should be considered that these structures are not to be modified in some way or they may cause some structural stability problems for your home later on. The best attics to renovate are open attics. Renovating them would require making use of a truss layout though. Accessibility One of the important things to consider when you plan to renovate your attic is its accessibility. If you wish to transform an attic into a spare room, then you might need to install a staircase to reach it. You must consider checking the available space wherein you might be putting such a staircase. Although you may have some space saving options available such as using a spiral type staircase, still, accessibility should be a primary concern. Accessibility may pose a problem during attic renovation since you may end up either having a too steep an access point or a too narrow entry way going up the attic. Careful planning may help keep such a problem within reasonable levels. Stability In planning for an attic renovation, you should also try to check if the structure surrounding it would be strong enough to hold some additional weight. This would especially be crucial if ever you wish to make that attic into a spare bedroom. Remember that the attic floor was designed to be only a ceiling of the room below it. Transforming it into a spare room may require it to be stable enough to hold up the weight of its future occupant or two. Try to see if you might need to add up some reinforcing frames to enable your attic to bear more weight as a spare room. If you forget to check out such stability issues, you might just end up having cracked ceilings or stability problems which might later on become costly problems to address. It is better to check these issues first before you ever proceed on renovating your attic.

Turn the attic into a bedroom

Turn the Attic Into A Bedroom Let’s say that you live in a one bedroom apartment and you have guests sleeping over. You can give up bedroom and sleep on the couch but if this is going to be the scenario every time, perhaps it will be best to turn the attic into another bedroom instead? The attic will make a nice bedroom because it is above ground. Not only that, a study shows that homeowners who convert their attics or add additional living space to their homes can carry a significant weight at the time that they decide to resell it. To make this happen, the first thing you have to do is improve the insulation in the room. Most people do not insulate this section of the house compared to the bedroom or dining room because this is only used to store old junk In order for people to sleep here comfortably, you will need to install additional layers of insulation as well as a drywall to hide the wooden frames. It is one thing to fight against the cold and another when summer is here. For that, you will also need to provide adequate ventilation by putting roof rafters and windows so air can flow in and out of the room. Next, you will have to fix the walls by using either drywall pieces or wood paneling. Choosing what to use really depends on your budget. Since most attics are dark, you will have to light to this place by installing a skylight. You can put one or a few which will also save on electricity costs when someone is up here during the day. After roofing and walls, you can now focus your attention on the floors. You can use the existing wood already on the floor or replace these with tiles. Another option will be to put a rug. If a pull down stairway or trap door is okay to gain access to your attic, this should also be changed when what is already up there is already a bedroom. This is because it is a requirement in order for your construction to be approved. The staircase must be 2 feet by 6 feet with single or double hand railing. As for lighting, you can easily put a few more bulbs by wiring this to the nearest power source. The same goes for heating and plumbing should you also have a bathroom upstairs. Homeowners who decide to hire a contractor should look for several, ask for an estimate and compare each one. As much as people want to spend so much to make this renovation look good, there are limits to how much he or she can shell out to make this happen. Those who have the right contractor for the job should make sure that the building permit and other requirements are in order so construction can begin. They should also be able to keep you updated on the progress of their work and be consulted if there are any problems because this is your home. Turning your attic into a bedroom is one of the best decisions you will ever make as a homeowner because when everything is made according to your specifications, you will already be able to have guests come over and sleep there without you ever having to give up your bed.

The do it yourself guide to attic renovation

The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Attic Renovation Everybody has a dream house, but people can't help it that if they already have one, they want to keep it changing or modified. Change is good because this will not only improve your house appearance but will also strengthen it in the process. If you plan to have a do-it-yourself attic renovation, here are some notes to check out that might help you decide what and what not to do. Attic Renovation might be the answer for homeowners who want extra space in the house to be used as rooms and utilize its function. But one cannot just go on with the modifications without looking at the project at every angle. The Space and Framing These are vital elements to your attic modification plan. You must first know how much space will be available once the desired change is done in the place and if that space fits what's required by your local codes. Rafters should be used as the framing for your roof and not trusses because the latter wouldn't allow enough space for you to pursue with what you have in mind. If your attic is the type that is open, the roof should have braces that are either cross or tie for support. This will also be great to be used as installation for ceiling fans for added ventilation. Accessibility You should also refer to your local building codes about the required number of exits, windows and entrances to the attic are permitted. In most cases, one outdoor exit is enough, but the room has to get enough air through the windows and proper lighting. The Headroom This is the first measurement that should be considered when deciding on modifying your attic into a functional room. Make sure that people are able to stand and move freely in the space or else it will be uncomfortable, unsafe and not fit for everyone. Again, building codes has reference regarding the matter and one has to abide by such. The Overall Look If you decide on renovating the attic, consider each and every part of the house. Decide on depending how the modification will affect each. You should let a professional see your home to make sure if you can proceed with the project. One should always think of safety before pursuing with any plan. So before you can change the attic, you have to strengthen the foundation first. See if the first floor has any cracks or leaks that may contribute to the sturdiness of the overall construction. See if it is safe to add electrical elements from the main floor up to the attic and study the safest way it could be done. Anything that may contribute to the success of the plan should be looked at. You may even ask the help of building inspectors to be sure with what you're doing. In the end, you will benefit from all these because your money wouldn't be wasted and you'll have an additional space in the house that is fully functional. The most important thing to remember when you want a do-it-yourself attic renovation is to research on all the things that you have to know about before even drawing out a plan. Read through books about design, browse though the local code requirements for safety and assurance and search the Web for practical ideas on how to go about it.

How to renovate the attic of an antique home

How to Renovate the Attic of an Antique Home Some of the best homes to renovate are those that are antique. This is because it has so much potential unlike the modern homes of today. One room in the house that can be converted into living space is the attic and here is how you do it. First, you will have to inspect the condition of the attic which can be done by hiring an experienced inspector. This person will be able to tell the extent of work that needs to be done and if it is feasible. Since most antique homes are considered national treasures, you should know the limitations of the renovation. For that, you will have to get a copy of the preservation guidelines. Antique homes are much different than modern ones. So, if you need help, you don’t just call any contractor but hire someone who happens to be recognized by the local preservation society or historic commission because they have encountered unexpected problems in the past and are now better prepared should it happen again. For instance, in the old days there was a lot of lead found in paint and asbestos in most homes. You may not know that and at least there is someone there who does. For the lighting in the attic, you can switch from toggle switches that were very popular back then to the modern push button type. The bulbs used should be energy-saving fluorescent or compact fluorescent. Whenever possible, also use some task lights. Most attics don’t have windows. For that, you should install energy-efficient ones to prevent heat loss. This will surely make it comfortable for those who want to spend time working up here or just hanging out. If the walls are still good, you can take away the cracks and peels so this can be repainted again preferably with protective coating so there will be no damage if it gets wet. If you want to use wallpaper, make sure that it has a waterproof coating. As for the floor of the attic, you can make this good as new by sanding it. Another option is to buy a carpet and have this over the wood. But if it is damaged, you should find some old wood, replace it then again cover this up with the carpet. Some homeowners want to make the attic look like it was during its heyday. For that, you will have to look for some old stuff. You can check out the junk yard, or the garage since there still could be something there that you will find useful. This will prevent the home from losing its value should you want to sell it again in the future. Perhaps the two modern things that you will have to add in the antique home are proper insulation and ventilation. Again, this was not used back then but since you are turning this into living space, it is only right that you put layers of insulation on the ceiling and a ventilation duct, so you will be able to keep the temperature of this place at a comfortable level during the warm and cold months of the year. If you are successful in renovating the attic of the antique home, you can also do the same for the rest of the house. By taking it one step at a time, you will never go way above your budget so there is still money for other things like new furniture or appliances which you would like to purchase and put inside your home.

The first steps in attic renovation projects

The First Steps in Attic Renovation Projects Not all homes with an attic will get the chance to convert such into a useful space like an entertainment room, a guest room or simply an additional area that you can utilize for personal use. Attic renovation projects could only be done if the space of that part of your house has the right measurement to be modified with the abovementioned plans. Feasibility Study You may hire a professional to look into your attic before even dreaming that it could become something that you want it to be. You can also do this procedure if you are knowledgeable about getting the sizes or the areas in the space provided. You need to get the area measured first and foremost. Not because it looks large enough does it mean that it is possible to proceed. You need to think of the things and materials that would be added up to it once the project starts. These measurements need to be seen by the authorities once you get your planning permit and the list should meet the least local building prerequisites. This process can also be done by the building inspector in your area. The person could guide you through the basic needs and requirements before you can proceed with the project. The inspector usually checks on the available headroom, the allowed volume of electrical passages, lighting conditions and ventilation sources among others. You may also check out the local building code that can usually be requested at the local libraries. Check on the Structure One should inspect on the framing used in the construction of the attic to further know if it is feasible to do some grand renovations into it. Your roof should be supported by rafters for you to be able to consider pursuing with the plan. If the roof is supported by trusses, you should scrap the plan altogether because there might be not enough open space in the area. But even though your attic got rafters as support, you would still need to inspect each for any leaks, damage like cracks, sagginess and the likes. If the roof is at fault or you found it to have a water leakage, then you have to first change it or do some repairs before you could execute your renovation plans. This may add to the budget so you should be aware of the costs so you could be prepared with the right amount once you've started the ball rolling regarding the renovation. Code Requirements You need to follow rules especially regarding this matter because in any way, the code necessities must be met. If the attic is to be modified into a bedroom, a minimum of one exit from the outside is a must. This can be in the form of an egress window or stairs. Additional windows or you can also install skylights in it to meet the required specs for ventilation and light purposes. Mechanical Structures There are elements in the attic that are immovable like the chimneys, so these need to be incorporated in your design. Electrical equipments and plumbing materials can be moved so these are easier to place out in the plan. Just a reminder about the chimney, though, check out your local codes for the allowed framing around such structures. It is easier to precede with your attic renovation projects once you know that not only you are abiding rules but you are also on the right path of creating a safe space that you can utilize.

Renovation attic estimate

Renovation Attic Estimate When you don’t have the faintest clue as to how much your renovation in the attic is going to cost, you should get an estimate to figure out how much money will be needed for the project. A renovation attic estimate will cost depending on the dimensions of the room. Another factor will be the type of materials you wish to use to achieve that finished look. A contractor who is offering his or her services will of course have a few markups so they are able to make money for their business. As for materials, you will have to buy the materials yourself from the home improvement store at retail price. But given that they go on sale annually, you can wait until the price drops or wait until the months of October when there are not that many people who renovate during this time of the year. If you want to cut down some of the costs, in the attic renovation, you can do some of the things yourself. One good example is painting since you don’t have to study how to do it. But for more technical stuff, you have to learn how to pick the right contractor that can give a good estimate. Here are some mistakes which you should avoid. 1. First, the homeowner doesn’t even bother to check if the contractor has a valid license. 2. Another mistake is not to ask for previous customers or conduct a background check. 3. Some homeowners fail to ask the contractor key questions. When this happens, the customer will likely pay more than the projected budget especially when he or she has no idea on the brands used for the attic renovation. 4. Some people fail to check if the contractor has insurance coverage. 5. The homeowner makes the mistake of assuming that oral agreements are good as those written on paper. 6. The customer gives the contractor a huge deposit before starting on the project. 7. Another mistake is to trust the contractor at face value. Of course, this could have been avoided only if you did all the precautions. If you did your part by talking to previous clients and compared the prices of various contractors, you will be able to find someone who can give a reasonable renovation attic estimate with which you can sign and agree on. Aside from contractors which you can find through the phone directory, you can also check for such professionals online. Some of these individuals have websites. Once you input some information, they can give you a general idea of how much it will cost. You will then have to invite them over to your place to get a more accurate measurement of the attic and discuss in further detail the scope of the work. Remember that any renovation work in the attic or in any other room in your house does not begin until you sign that piece of paper. You should also not be forced or pressured into having it done by them. Once you have your renovation attic estimate, tell them that you will get in touch with them in a few days. This will give you time to review what is in the contract and compare what other contractors have written as well.

Attic renovation

Planning an Attic Renovation Attic renovation may seem to be a lot of work for some people. But actually, what it may require is just some good planning and the right amount of effort. Renovating an attic in itself may provide some certain benefits. Some may do it in order to free some usable space in the home. Aside from the basement, the attic is usually the best option for homeowners looking for some additional space to use around the home. What makes renovating the attic the primary choice for most people is that there are many more uses that attics may provide in terms of space than that found in the basement. One of the most important things to do before starting on making detailed plans on the attic renovation is checking its structural aspects more extensively. Checking out if there may be hindrances to certain renovation work on the attic due to structural limitation may help reduce time wasted on useless renovation planning. Planning a certain renovation idea that in the end may prove to be impossible to undertake can be distressing and discouraging in itself. That is why taking a closer look at your attic and minding the different structural characteristics in it may help you come up with more workable renovation plans that would not be put to waste. One of the important things to take a look at when doing a renovation on your attic is the roof area. As you well know, attics are usually the top most living space found in homes. They are usually designed to be storage spaces. And for this reason, some contractors create them with not so much considering providing enough headroom space. It is usually normal for some attics to be constructed with not much of a standing room for people. There are some attics that may also be constructed as part of the roof itself, complete with the usual beams and frames going through the available spaces. This alone may already provide some limitations as to how much additional space can be created even by the best renovation plans available. Aside from the roof, another area to consider before starting out detailed renovation plans for the attic is the floor. Since attics are at the top of the home, you should also consider that the attic floor usually forms part of the ceiling of the room beneath it. Before undergoing any structural modifications on that part of the home, make sure that the attic floor is strong enough to hold additional weight in case they are renovated to become a room. An attic floor not strong enough to hold additional weight may end up sagging and may result into cracked ceilings. This in turn may weaken overall structural stability of the whole home. The damage that may result can become more costly than the actual renovation done on the attic itself. Attic renovation is not just as readily doable as you might think. Renovation work in the attic and even for any part of the home must ensure that the structural stability of the home may not be undermined. Creating additional spaces in the home may be a welcome necessity but it should not be done without thinking about the probable damage such renovation work may cause in the whole home.

Attic conversions

Attic Conversions Attic conversion is the fastest way to turn storage space into living space. Once you have figured out what to do with, you can begin planning and then implementing it. One of things you have to work on in this room is insulation. This is because the attic is usually not well insulated unlike the other sections in the house. You will need to talk to a professional how to make up for this deficiency. Chances are you will have to put additional layers of insulation including a drywall to cover the wooden frame that is left exposed. Once these two layers have been installed, this will become warm since the cold is kept out. Since it could get too hot here during the summer, you should provide proper venting. This helps prolong roof life and make the room more comfortable. One way is by constructing a continuous ridge along the roof rafters. The other is to make fixed grilles. If you choose to use fixed grilles, keep in mind that building codes require you to make the total area of the opening to be at least 1/300 of the total square feet of space that is going to be ventilated. There are three types of these available namely rectangular, round and perforated. The most affordable of these is round. The next thing you have to work on is the wall. You can use either cheap drywall pieces or wood paneling. Since the room is quite small, you should add windows to improve the lighting in the room. The wiring can surely come from a nearby power outlet one floor below. To save on electricity during the day, you can install a skylight so you can also lie there at night and look at the stars in the sky. You should also think about the flooring. You can still use wood or replace these with tiles. Since this could feel cold when you step here, one solution is to put a decorative rug over it which also insulates the room. Another thing that is related to flooring and part of attic conversion is accessibility. If the only way here was through a trap door or a pull down stairs, you will have to change it because this is prohibited. This has to be changed with stairs that is permanent measuring 2 feet by 6 feet that has handrails on both sides. You can also have only one handrail as long as the other side is opposite the wall. To make this happen, you might have to do some work downstairs by sacrificing a portion of an existing room or closet. Once these three details have been worked on, you can already work on the small details. This includes putting shelves on the small spaces along the walls and bringing up some furniture. Just makes sure that this will support the walls and floors. Attic conversions are fun. You should just get a building permit from the mayor’s office, have your blueprints ready and make sure that everything is up to code when someone drops by to inspect it. After you have acquired all the paperwork and found a contractor that can do the job that is within your budget, you will soon have additional living space to your already beautiful home.

Attic renovation for maintenance and repairs

Attic Renovation for Maintenance and Repairs When you think of attic renovation, it isn't exactly that you want something grand to come out as a result of your modification plan. You may also just want to do some minor changes or modification for maintenance and repairs purposes. Safety First This rule doesn't just apply on the attic but on every part of the house. In every project that you want to do in your home, the safety of the people living in it must be the first consideration. Painting You need to check on the framing of your house, the support systems, even in the attic, to see if there are any dry rot or damp or anything that needs to be replaced. If you do find damage, get it repaired, before painting these elements to prevent further harm. Painting the attic would also be beneficial because it would add light to the area. There are also paints available now that could terminate some insects, others also serve as protection from fire. For whatever purpose it may serve, painting the area once a year or whenever the need may be is a good habit to maintain it and to keep it neat and fresh. Structural Repairs The attic, being at the top most part of the house, is often overlooked when it is renovation time. Usually, you'll find attics in houses that are only being used as storage area. This is because turning the attic into a functional room is costly and makes others think twice before planning on doing such a major project. But even if you still don't plan to have a grand renovation done with this part of the house, you must always inspect the structure. Look for water leaks, rusty tubes, cracked frames etc. Upon finding such faults, you should go and have them repaired to avoid further harm. Maintenance Every part of the house, including the attic, must be maintained clean as much as possible. The attic may be a hard task that homeowners tend to forget that part, but you really have to have time sustain that area of the house because whatever problems that that arise from the attic will also affect the rest of your home. Keeping it clean will also keep the insects from it and also avoid termites to habituate on that part. It may be challenging to do but would really be beneficial once you get into the habit of looking into that. Further Issues If you had an attic renovation that has turned that part of the area into a functional room, then maintenance and repairs would be easier to do but must be done more often than before. Because of the position of the attic, ventilation should be your utmost concern, the lighting then the safety exits. These factors could be included when you've had it modified, but as the owner of the house, make sure that everything is in good condition all the time. You won't want to be caught on a fire in your own house then realizing that the safety exit is no longer safe to be used. These are only the basic maintenance and repairs ideas for your attic renovation plans. You could have you own as well or have developed a habit through time.

Attic renovation

Attic Renovation When we don’t want to throw away our old items, they usually end up in the attic. But once you get rid of everything here, you can do something else with it like turning it into living space. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few essential tips you should know about attic renovation. Attic renovation requires planning. This means you first have to figure out what you want to do with the room. Do you want to turn this into an extra bed room or a play room? Naturally the requirements for both are quite different so do some brainstorming in order to come up with the best design possible that is within your budget. Since this is now living space, you also have to consider have people can gain access to this room. A lot of people construct stairs at the best point of access so there is no need for a lot of modification to the existing structure. For that, you will need to go to the mayor’s office and obtain a building permit. Of course, if this job is going to be done by a contractor, you don’t have to worry about it because he or she will take care of everything. So people can use the renovated attic, you should make sure that it has adequate insulation and ventilation. There are many ways of doing this without increasing your monthly consumption of heat or cooling. Another thing you plan on is plumbing and wiring. The flooring of the renovated room must not rest on any wires. To save money, it is best to place these in close proximity to the nearest power supply and drain line. The renovated attic will soon have new furniture and other items. Aside from planning what to do, you should already know how to get these things up there. The small items won’t be a problem. It is the bigger ones which require two or three people that you have to worry about. Lastly, maximize every possible space in the attic including the “dead spaces.” This will enable you to utilize these areas as storage areas where you can store underwear and socks. Attic renovations can be done by yourself or with the help of a contractor. The decision of undertaking this project is your decision but if you are confident that you can do it, go ahead and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Once you have made that decision and managed all the challenges, only then will you be able to turn your attic into something new. Yes, there will be some times ahead especially when this wasn’t meant to be a living space. Also, you will be dealing with the pre-existing structure and some of the old materials. You can demolish everything but since this is too expensive, you have to find your way around these obstacles and thus reduce the costs. But after a few weeks, the final result will add more value to your home should you decide to sell it in the future. So do you think its time for a little attic renovation? The first thing you have to do is go upstairs, see what you would like to throw away and then picture for a moment what you can turn room this into.

Attic renovations

Attic Renovations A lot of people don’t like going to the attic since they have to go all the way upstairs and sift through the junk just to find one or two items. That could all change as more people realize that attic renovations can turn this into living space. If you have no idea where to begin, the first you can do is call the building inspector that can check whether or not the space can be converted. This person will check on following; First are the frames. If there are too many frames, it will be very difficult to renovate the attic. Next, they will inspect the space to see if there is adequate headroom. If it is too low, the building inspector will recommend that you raise the roof but this is going to be very expensive. Another thing the building inspector will do is inspect the joists to see if a bed and other items can still withstand the additional weight in the room. The building inspector will also need to check if there is a suitable way to gain access to the attic. He or she will probably tell you that the current pull down stairs has to be replaced as this is prohibited. The building code requires the inside stairwell to be 36 inches wide with enough room to also have a 36 inch landing at the top and bottom. Your attic must have space for air ducts. This is because despite the added insulation to keep this place warm, you still need a heating and cooling system that will maintain the temperature just like in the other rooms of the house. The last two things the building inspector will check on are the electrical and plumbing systems. If adequate wiring and sewage may be placed into this room, you may soon get the green light and you may start planning already what you want to do to the attic. There are many things you can do with your attic. This can be converted into a gym, an extra bedroom, playroom or home entertainment room. Once you have figured that out, you can already call a home remodeling contractor to give you an estimate. Don’t forget to install additional lighting to the room in the form of a skylight and some windows. You should paint the walls using light colors and as for the flooring, you can keep what you already have and cover this over with a rug. Some of the things involved in attic renovations can be done on your own while there are others that have to be done by a professional. You have to study what you can do and then leave the rest to them. Before you hire a contractor, you should at least get an estimate from a few and then compare their estimates. This project should only be awarded to the contractor that can do this efficiently and effectively. There are limits to what you can do with attic renovations. Some homes can have a toilet while others can’t. The key to turning this into living space is being able to maximize this to its full potential so in the long term, you can get a good return on your investment like perhaps reselling it at a price much higher than what you originally spent to buy it?

What to do with your attic

What To Do With Your Attic One day, you woke up with urge to do something new about your attic. Your stuff up there has been gathering dust for years. Not to mention that every year, more junk is added into a space that, come to think of it, can be utilized more efficiently. Your mind begins to wonder. There are a number of ideas that thought of and all of which you equally want to try out. There’s always the possibility of adding a new bedroom to your house and the attic is the most likely candidate for that. This can be advantageous if you plan to sell the house in the future. Converting the attic into a bedroom is a good investment and can also help increase the resale value of your house. Or, you could fully dedicate your attic as a storage area. You won’t have to worry with the extra costs of changing it into a livable area. You just maintain the status quo. Although you will have to clean the area once in a while and check if rodents or pests have began to make themselves comfortable up there. So you have a bedroom and a storage room. Another idea would be a playroom for the children. All you need is to clear the current attic of junk, clean the floor and the ceiling, and lay down a carpet so the children won’t get hurt when they stumble down the floor, which they offer do. Also, when you decide to make the attic into a livable work space, you will have to change the insulation system if it’s installed on the attic floor. This will simply not do. You have to redo the insulation and have it installed on the attic roof instead. If you’re worried about the costs, there are ways to keep it at a minimum. When redoing the insulation, don’t forget to give way to the vents and “breathing” ducts of the house. You can also save money this way. You see by properly insulation your attic and letting the natural air flows, it will no longer be necessary to provide for a heater during the colder months. The hot air from the ground floor will be sufficient to heat up a small space like an attic. You can also convert the attic into a study if your house doesn’t have one already. You could place bookshelves there and a study table where you can write your articles, stories, or memoirs. This can be cheaper than converting the area into a bedroom. All you need are basic stuff and you can create an office in there. However, before you begin your little project, you need to look up a few things. There are some building regulations that you will have to follow if you want to renovate your attic. Some of these regulations include following the standard 50 pound per square foot combined live and dead load for the attic floor. Aside from lights and ventilations, the law has required that an attic which has been converted into a livable space meets a certain measurement for the ceiling height. Smoke detectors are also required to be installed as well as fire exits. Even bedroom designs need to follow certain specifications. Everything will now depend on which path you will take. Are you going for a bedroom renovation or are you going for an office renovation plan. Or are you going back to sleep and let your attic be?

Loft and attic renovation tips, ideas and tricks

Loft and Attic Renovation Tips, Ideas and Tricks Loft refers to the utmost part of the storey or can also be called as the attic of a building. This is because this room is directly beneath the roof. Lofts are usually commercial establishments that are turned into residential buildings so it contains an ample space and large windows. Loft and attic renovation can easily be done with the proper planning and right budget. Loft and Attic Conversions In converting this part of the building into something useful and functional, you need to have first, the proper documentations that prove that you own it. Consult with your local government as to the needed permit, allowing a period of six to nine weeks for the permit to be approved before you can start on the construction. Your local councils also have a say regarding such matters so you need an expert to measure the property to make sure that you are free to do the planned changes in it. Size Matters With an expert's help in measuring the area, you would have an idea as to what can be done in the place, if you still need to expand its roofing and other structures in it before you can do any remodeling. What Can Be Done? When converting lofts, two of the popular forms that are being done these days are the dormer and the Velux. Velux is actually the name of the window being used in this type conversion. It maximizes the available space of the loft and there is no need to have an external alteration. In creating such, the first step is insulating the roof, after which the Velux windows are installed and reinforcements are done on the floor. This is easier to do than the second type of loft conversion and this also costs less. The other form of this type of modification is called dormer conversions. This is much harder to do because it requires the extension of the roof along with vertical protrusions. This is to increase the space available and will allow you to have typical kinds of rooms built on it. This type is harder to do and will require you to shell out more money for the project. But with the ample space to be created, you'll have more option about what to do with the rooms. Ideas The converted lofts are a great venue for parties because of the space. You can do a lot with such rooms, plus it adds to your property's appeal. If you plan to sell the house later on, this is definitely an add-on. As with any modifications, make sure that the area has proper ventilation. It is also advisable that there should be a source for natural light to come in. Safety exits should also be planned ahead of time as this would also be a factor when you are getting your permit for construction. Loft and attic renovation is actually done in many places today. Conversions are being made to this part of the house that were not so much utilized in the past. Thanks to home designers who have paved the way for such renovations, attics will no longer be associated with cobwebs and darkness as it used to be in the old days. But instead, this innovation would surely place a trendy tag in this part of the dwelling.

Considering an attic renovation

Considering An Attic Renovation Have you ever thought of converting idle space into living space? A lot of homeowners have considered an attic renovation in order to increase the resale value of their home and also to make this area usable. You too can do the same but the only way this can happen is by using what you have on top of your existing home. But can you do this in your home? The truth is, not all homes can undergo an attic renovation. This is because not all attics have enough headroom directly under the ridge line and less than 7 Ѕ feet of headroom over at least half of the attic floor space. Also, it is difficult to have an attic renovation if the existing roof uses a “X” or “W” shaped frame. However in some cases, a contractor may find a way to work around this as long as the roof is supported by cross braces. Another thing you have to think about when you are considering an attic renovation is the structural integrity of your flooring. Keep in mind that the flooring here also serves as the ceiling of a room below. Should the floor joists be insufficient when you step on it, someone could fall down and get hurt. This is why you should assess the strength and suitability of the attic floor by contacting a professional to do the study. If these two things have been met, you can already plan what you want to do with your attic. Most homeowners who consider an attic renovation may convert this into a bedroom or playroom. This means providing sufficient insulation, lighting and ventilation to this room. You can provide insulation by putting in additional layers to what is already present there. For lighting, you can install a skylight. As for ventilation, you can put a window so air is able to go in and out. Another thing that is related to flooring and part of attic conversion is accessibility. If the only way here was through a trap door or a pull down stairs, you will have to change it because this is prohibited. This has to be changed with stairs that is permanent measuring 2 feet by 6 feet that has handrails on both sides. You can also have only one handrail as long as the other side is opposite the wall. If you have no idea how to get this started, why don’t you look at home improvement or interior design magazines? You can even get a professional to help you plan it out because in the end, he or she can help put into drawing what you want done in your head. A few other ideas for those considering an attic renovation include making this into a gym, a home theater room, an art gallery or a stellar room. If you have other great ideas, go ahead and try them out so you can empty out this storage space. If you are considering an attic renovation, think about these two things. First, this project should not cost you a fortune. This means you don’t need additional foundation to make sure that this can be used as living space. Secondly, if you are able to get a return on your investment in the long term, then hiring someone to do the job is all worth it.

How to turn your attic into a playroom

How To Turn Your Attic Into A Playroom Children love to play outdoors. But when it rains or it snows, they need another place to play in so why don’t your turn your attic into a playroom? Can you really turn the attic into a playroom? That answer really depends if the room is worthy. You can easily find out by getting a tape measure and seeing if this can be done. If you are able to walk in here without any squeaks or noises, the odds are in your favor because it can support the weight of your kids and their friends. Before you hammer away, make sure you get all the permits required from the mayor’s office. You will have to get this yourself if you are the one going to do it. But if you hired a contractor, they can take care of the leg work so you don’t have to worry about anything. One of the things that you have to provide in your renovated attic is proper lighting. Your children cannot rely on the bulb that is already there during the daytime. What you can do is install a skylight so there is natural light entering the room. Proper installation of the skylight depends on the path of the sun during the course of the day. You can even install several and make sure there are shades so the room is not very hot to be in during the summer months. Natural light can also enter the playroom if there is a window. If there is one already, then that is one thing you don’t have to worry about. But if there is none, talk to the carpenter. It doesn’t have to look like a conventional window. In fact, you can even use an oddly shaped or off sized design. The next two things to work on are the walls and the floors. You should make sure there is sufficient insulation on the walls so again it is not too hot during the summer. They should also be painted using light colors to add to the lighting already provided by the windows and skylight. If the kids will be coloring in this room, make sure that you are using materials that are durable and easy to clean. A good example is laminated flooring and you can use either marble or painted wood. The nice thing about turning the attic into a playroom is that you don’t have to buy new furniture. One plastic table and a few plastic chairs will do. If the kids want to sleep here, you can easily roll out a mattress and hide it by putting these inside a trunk. Should there older guests dropping by, then perhaps a fold out couch will add a nice touch. The playroom can also be used as a study area or a library by putting shelves on the small spaces. Naturally, you can place books here as well as stuffed animals balls and other things that will be within their reach. Since the shelves are not enough for old your kid’s toys, don’t forget to put in a trunk or a small cabinet for them. If it is not that expensive to have these custom made, then go ahead so you are able to maximize space. Turning the attic into a playroom is quite easy. Make sure you have all the cleaning materials nearby since you will have to clean it up when they are done.

The secrets to renovating the attic

The Secrets to Renovating the Attic What is more complicated? Building a house or renovating? If this is planned properly, you will be able to succeed in both. Aside from that, here are a few other things you will need to make sure everything goes smoothly. First, you have to now what you want to happen to the attic? You must have an idea of what will this be converted into. Do you want to make this into a extra bedroom, a playroom for the kids, a gym or an office? When you have figured that out, it will already be easy to get the right tools and equipment. A renovation should not cost you an arm and a leg. To prevent this happening, another thing you have to think about is your budget. Naturally, homeowners who are able to do it themselves will be able to save hundreds of dollars. If you are stumped by a small problem, try looking for information about this online or on television since there are shows that can teach you a thing or two so you can carry on with your work. But if you are inexperienced and you want this done right, it is best to hire a professional. Just remember that hiring someone who does this for living will cost money. You can try and save some dollars by canvassing around and calling up different contractors. Is the cheapest contractor the solution? No because if they are just starting out, you are not sure if they can do a good job or not. So, you don’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong contractor. Your decision on who to get should not be based on how much they are quoting but rather on their experience in this line of work. You should call up their previous customers and ask questions. If you are satisfied with your background check, then you can consider them as someone you can hire for the renovation. But going back to the issue of your budget, if the contractor is asking a certain price and it has exceeded your budget, the best thing for you to do will be to find ways to save money. You can do so by installing cheaper but still durable appliances, recycle some of furniture in the room by repainting it so they look once again or have the work done in phases. This may take longer than what you anticipated but at least you are working within your limits. If you stick to the plan and your budget, you will be able to complete the renovation of your attic. Unfortunately, there are many people who do not plan ahead, shop wisely or hire the wrong contractor end up with an incomplete project. Surely, you don’t want to happen to your attic or any room in your house. So, before you do anything, think about what you want to turn the attic into and get ideas from interior design magazines or online. Some people follow exactly what they see while others make some slight modifications. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to attic renovations. The important thing is that it you are happy as it shows your personality so forget what other people say and just go for it.

Home improvements to your attic

Home Improvements to your Attic When I was growing up we lived in a two story house that was small but quite nice and simple. We had no attic or a true basement either. My parents and my siblings made no effort to make up scary stories about the attic or the basement since we don’t have one. They did tell me all sorts of nasty stuff about the tool shed out back, but that’s a different story. I grew up laughing at friends who were afraid of going up their attics, and they in turn made fun of me being scared of the tool shed at the back of our house. Now that I’m all grown up, have a family and a nice house in a quiet neighborhood, I suddenly became afraid of the attic. There’s something scary up there and I’m not referring to supernatural kind. I’m talking about attic renovations and the scariest part is the costs. Fortunately, we are now in the information age where you can get a whole bunch of information from the web. Your friends probably have a lot to say regarding the matter as well. You will have to exert some extra effort in order cut down on those renovation costs. Remember that renovating your attic is very important. The insulation up there helps keep your house warm. If the insulation has begun to deteriorate, the heat insulation efficiency will change causing you to pay an extra in the electric bill for the colder months. Not to mention you’re sacrificing your family’s comfort and even their health when you ignore the symptoms of an “ailing” attic insulation system. Okay, on with the show. When you begin renovating your attic’s insulation, start with a thorough inspection of the area. You can minimize the costs of insulation if you actually knew how much more layers of insulation you need. Also, try looking for quality insulation materials instead of packing the attic of the cheap yet low quality stuff. It’s best to invest on a good brand that will last for years. Batt, Blown, and Rigged are basically the most common kinds of insulation. Blown insulation, which is also known as Loose Fill insulation, is the easiest to use and also the cheapest among the three. The components of blown insulations are usually chopped up fiberglass, mineral fibers or wool fibers. This kind of insulation is used on horizontal spaces. Unlike blown insulation which is made from chopped up fibers, Batt insulation is made from real fiber glass. Batts are easy to install since they come in rolls which, most of the time, fit exactly between the joints of the attic rafters. The good thing about batts is that they are moisture resistant. However, they are not water resistant. They incur substantial damage when they get wet. The last kind of attic insulation is the rigged type. You can buy this type of insulation in sheets measuring 2 feet by 8 feet. Be patient when you’re renovation the insulation in your attic. Remember that you’re doing this for your family and in the long run this endeavor will save you money. It is a good investment as well since a well installed and well maintained insulation system can increase the value of your home when you decide to put it up for sale.

Attic remodeling and renovations

Attic Remodeling and Renovations Space may be the final frontier but at home, people see that there are limitations to this and he or she must make do what is available. If the house is getting small, there are ways to make it look bigger and perhaps doing some attic remodeling and renovations may be the answer. The attic is the best place because it can be transformed from storage space into living space. It can be turned into an extra bedroom, a playroom, an office, library or a gym. Before you can start your project, you have to check how much usable space in the attic can be converted. Ideally, the height of each wall must be at least 5 feet. You should take this very seriously to avoid bumping your head. If the height of the walls does not reach the minimum requirement, you can have this adjusted by converting the roof to make it slope upward. Another option will be to change this to a gable roof that goes straight up. Homeowners who reside in old houses will also have to strengthen their ceiling joists. This can be found under the floor of the attic and used to support the additional weight that will be brought into the room like a new bed, a couch, television or even a tub. In order to do this, you may have to reduce some of the space in the already cramp room. Attic remodeling and renovations also requires proper insulation, ventilation and lighting. For insulation, you will have to install additional layers so it is not too hot or too cold throughout the year. You can also control the temperature by putting in air ducts. As for lighting, you can put a skylight on the ceiling and windows which will surely save you some money on your electricity bill. For those who are planning to put a bathroom in the attic, you should connect this to the nearest source. Another thing you have to work on is access to the attic and this can only be done by putting a staircase. If you are going to use a straight staircase, this should measure 3 feet by 16 feet. For those who want to use a spiral staircase, it must measure 5 feet in diameter. The building code prohibits the use of ladders if this leads to a bedroom but not if this is going to a loft. If you are not sure whether or not your attic can be remodeled or renovated, you can get in touch with the building inspector or an architect. If it is possible, you can already start planning what you want to do and then hire a contractor who will take care of the rest. When looking for the ideal contractor, you should call several. You should not only compare their rates but also do a background check on them to see if they have licensed people working for them, if they are insured and if they have done a good job with previous clients. After you have done the prescreening, it is time to decide who will handle the project. Attic remodeling and renovations should not cost you a fortune since you are only working on a small section of the house. Once it is finished, you can appreciate how it looks now compared to what it was before which was just a room filled with old junk and boxes.

Turn the attic into a bathroom

Turn The Attic Into A Bathroom Have you ever had a problem when there are not enough bathrooms in your own home? The solution of course will be to construct another one. So why not turn the attic into a bathroom? Turning the attic into a bathroom or any other living space requires planning. The key to making this happen is coming up with the perfect design that will allow you to maximize every square foot of this place. You can’t have a bathroom without a shower. Since there are so many to choose from, you should go for the wet room style shower to increase the sense of space. Make sure you consult with a good supplier on the showerhead and tiles who can give good advice to make the room feel spacious and light. If you want to put a bathtub there, make sure the structure in the bottom can handle the weight. These same goes for your vanity table and toilet by supporting the walls and floor. For those using wood, replace the old 2x4’s or 2x6’s with 2x8’s. If this is not possible, add more of the old ones to support it. Homeowners who are using wood for the renovated attic must apply oil to protect this against water. You can even use the same material for the flooring since there are variants that are engineered for use in the bathroom. This can then be painted with specially formulated bathroom paint with a plastic base that is also water resistant so it can easily be wiped down. For sloping walls, you can easily make use of that by installing shelves which can be used to store your towels and other linen. As for electricity and plumbing, make sure this is connected to the nearest possible source. This will ensure that your heater is working when the weather is cold outside and there is light. The bathroom will also require a ventilation fan. Without one, you will notice that the room looks foggy, molds will grow in between the grouts, paint will peel off the walls and your towels will be damp. To avoid this from happening, you should choose the right fan based on the size of the room and also the one that produces the less noise so you won’t get any complaints from the neighbors. Another thing you have to work on is better access to the renovated attic. This should be bigger or wider whichever is necessary and there must be anti-slip pads on the staircase so no one will get into an accident after coming out of the shower. Before you can turn your attic into a bathroom, make sure you get all the right permits from the mayor’s office. If you don’t have the skill to make this happen, hire a contractor who has been doing this for a very long time and has the reputation to do the job. Once you have these details in order, it is just a matter of time before you will see a big difference in your home and no one will no longer have a problem whenever they need to use the bathroom. Since renovating is still an expense and you need cash for the project, why don’t you hold a garage sale and use the proceeds to partially pay for the construction costs?

Great attic renovation ideas

Great Attic Renovation Ideas Most homes have an attic. This is that section of the house where you hide old clothes, toys and other items which you do not use anymore. Instead of keeping them, why don’t you get rid of it so the room can be put to better use? To help you get started, here are a few great attic renovation ideas. If the house you are living in has only one or two bedrooms, you can convert this into an extra bedroom by fixing up the place and then throwing in a bed and linen. Another decorating idea for the attic will be to turn this into a children’s playroom. For that, you will need a soft carpet and a lot of toys. Since children love to draw on the walls and floors, you better be prepared for it because you will be the one to clean it up. For homeowners who don’t have children, they can convert the attic into an artist’s or a photographer’s studio. You should just make space for all your materials so you won’t have a hard time working indoors. The attic can also be turned into a gym. For that, you will just have to find space for the different machines. Some only buy one that can do several exercises which you will find very useful given the limited space. This can also be turned into a makeshift office for entrepreneurs that are home based. Surely, there is enough space here for a table so you can put your laptop which is much better than working in the kitchen or the bedroom. Perhaps the best idea just yet is for the attic to provide you the ultimate escape by converting the attic into a home entertainment room. Here, you will be able to watch movies and major sports events without disturbing anyone in the nearby rooms. For any of these ideas to push through, you first have to check with a building inspector if the current structure of the house can be renovated. Chances are, he or she will tell you it is possible as long as it is brought up to code. This means fixing a few things like the flooring, the insulation and the walls. You will also have to install a permanent flight of stairs because the pull down type is prohibited when the attic is turned into living space. Those of you who want to counter this can do so if you are able to explain that the attic will be turned into a loft. The ideas just mentioned are just some of the possibilities when you do decide to renovate the attic. If you need ideas, look in magazines and on the web. When you need a services of a professional contractor, look at several and then hire the one you think that can do the best job. How long does it take to make a great attic renovation idea a reality is up to you. Why? This is because you have to figure out what you want to do with the attic first. One person may want to convert this to a bedroom while another would like to use the space as an office. This really depends on the needs of each individual and when you have answered that question, you will be ready to make your next move.

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