1. Analytical Free Essay begins with the identification of topic (of the text). To do this, select the keywords (words related to the same topic, synonymous words and phrases).
... - this is the topic to which the author refers.
This text (article) is about...
The author refers to the crucial theme of...
The author dedicates the article to...

2. Defining the topic, you can try to formulate the problem of Free Essays.
The problem is an issue that requires study. The problem is formulated as a question, or a combination of the words "problem of …" There may be several in one text of the essay. It is important to see and comment on at least two points. Do not try to comment on the entire text, but deeply analyze the problems you’ve mentioned at the beginning.
What is the question you choose? It is important to choose the one question on which the author reflects the most and about which the author clearly states his position. Re-read how you identify the problem. If it is in the form of a question, the position should sound like the answer to a question. If you use the formula "the problem of," the structure would be different.

Online essay database suggests the following patterns: the author can … the problem:
• state
• consider
• launch
• affect
• name
• formulate
• investigate
• analyze
• touch
• address

Possible problems in Free Essays:
The problem of memory of origins, childhood (why, as adults, a person feels the connection to the house of his childhood, with the world of his childhood?);
The problem of role of childhood in human life (why childhood is the most important stage of a person's life?);
The problem of historical memory (why would a man keep the memory of the past, what it means to love his family and his motherland?);
The problem of father's house (for some reason we can not forget father's house);
The problem of assessment of childhood (what is the role of childhood in the development of personality?);
The problem of man's moral strength (why the moral nature of man often manifests in ordinary everyday situations?);
The problem of human impact on nature (the extent of human influence on the environment and what are the possible consequences of this effect);
The problem of human perception of nature as a living matter (whether a person must perceive nature as something living, to take care of it?);
The problem of social injustice, social order;
The problem of alienation of the world of the rich and well-fed from the world of the poor and hungry;
The problem of internal conflict of temptation abundance (whether children from poor families can resist the temptation of abundance and not become embittered?);
The problem of choice of profession taking into account the personal and public interests (whether personal or social interests should matter in choosing a profession?)
The problem of man's responsibility (whether a person can be free from society from other people?);
The problem of commercialization of culture.

3. Commenting on the problem in Essay database online.
Commenting on the problem and retelling the story are different. When retelling the story, you tell what heroes of the store do, and in the commentary you tell about the author. This is the most important and complex task.
It is important to reflect on some of the issues related to the text. Whom is the text addressed to? What is the relevance of the text? Does the author offer the solution to this problem? What category is the problem: moral, ethical, social, environmental, socio-political, philosophical, psychological? How this problem covered in the literature? Does the author accomplish his task?
Here it is possible to apply to the means of expression, if they help to determine the author's position. What is the point of the writer's vision? Perhaps the author shows this through the eyes of the narrator? In what mood he writes? What does he point out? What follows this? What conclusions we come to?
Templates: The problem may be:
• social
• social and political
• ideological
• moral and ethical
• philosophical
• psychological
• aesthetical
The significance of the problem can be emphasized by the words:
• socially significant
• burning
• life meaning
• urgent
• primary
• basic
• unsolvable
• principal • acute
• important
• serious
• disputable
• deep
• topical
• current
• complex

The problem can make the reader:
• think deeply
• talk with the author
• better understand themselves and others
• better understand the tragedy of what is happening
• seriously ponder
• critical of ...
• change the viewpoint on ...
• share thoughts about...
What to pay attention to when looking through essays in Repository of Free Essays?
It is important to comment on the main problem. You can do it using the mentioned words and phrases. This allows you to see the interests of the author. Commenting on the issue, you are showing your perception of what concerned the author. Comments allow you to look deeper at the problem posed.
Common mistakes in commenting in free essays:
• Retelling of the original text or its part.
• Commenting on all the problems in the text.
• Comments about the actions of the characters.
• Avoid repetition of the word "problem".
4. In analytical essay of Free Essays Service, determine the author's position (the idea of the text).
It is necessary to tell how the author decides the stated problem, mention the reasoning for his position, what, in the end, the purpose of the text is. If the problem of the text is a question, the author's position must be the answer to the question, how the author responds. Formulating the problem in the form of a question, you must know how the author responds to it. You are not required to formulate the position of the author at all, but to show his opinion on the problem highlighted and commented by you.
Author's position in the journalistic style is most likely to be told directly, and it can be easily detected. It is better not to quote the whole sentence, which reflects the author's position, but to quote or paraphrase a part. In non fiction style, the author's position can not be declared directly. It is important to note it the way it is stated: directly or indirectly; the use of means of expression; invocatory; evaluative; availability; simplicity, etc.
The author of Free Essay on analytical topic can:
• Dedicate his article
• Solve the stated problem
• Have emotional impact on the reader
• Make the reader think
• Figuratively recreate a picture of what is happening
• Highlight key issues (thoughts, words, motives)
• Figuratively represent the essence of the problem, which worries him
• Strengthen positive or negative attitude to anything
• Send depth problems (feelings, ideas, thoughts, generalizations, and reflections)
• Disclose the nature of set problem
• Precisely formulate (express) thought
• Form a positive or negative attitude towards the problem raised
• Try to find the reasons for the negative (positive) effects
• Underline the acuteness of the problem
• See the depth and urgency of the problem
• Give new life to an old theme
• Form a positive or negative attitude of the reader to the issues raised
• Emphasize the true state of affairs
• Ironically (sarcastically, with indignation, admiration, etc.) narrate about the events and heroes
• Speak with alarm about the urgent problems
• Handle to the traditions of foreign or domestic life, literature....
• Express opinion of the majority or minority
• Try to understand why
• Use a number of convincing arguments
• Encourage the search for truth
• Try to explain why
• Raise the issue in an article that seems most relevant
• Force a reassessment of relations...
• Raise a number of ethical issues that require immediate response
• Help us to see the traditional theme in a new way
• Clarify some points
• Write in an interesting and new way about old problems
• Push the reader to find a solution to difficult life issues
• Give an example quote
• Be strict and judge negative phenomena of life
• Set out to find answers to complex questions of life
• Force us to decide complex questions of life (making moral choices)
• Invite to talk about difficult issues of our lives
• Convincingly argue using specific examples
• Show a pattern of behavior, attitude to life
• Calls us to ...
Looking through essays in Essay database online, pay attention to those where the author seeks to achieve the objectives. Share his thoughts to make readers be interested in the topic, the problem and emotionally affect the reader.
• The author believes that ... The author claims that...
• The author is convinced that ... and this confidence has its reasons.
• For the author, it is important to convince the reader that...
• No doubt the author's opinion about the problem...
• The author leads the reader to believe that...
• The authors sought to convey to the reader the idea that...
• Solving the problem, the author concludes: ...
• ... - in these words - in my opinion, the author reflects the main problem of the text.
• ... - this statement accurately reflects the author's idea.
• The author's position is clear: ...
5. Expression of own attitude to the problem is a crucial part of an essay when you turn to Free Essays Service.
When proving, there should be given at least 2 arguments, referring to examples of the reader or life experience. Our own opinion should be expressed correctly. Your arguments should not repeat the ones in the original text. Dig in memory, remember what you have read about it, what you have literary associations cause. It is important that your arguments are confirmed, proving your point of view, rather than being merely illustrative of the same subject. Therefore, formulate for each argument that you prove the given examples. It is important to demonstrate why you think so. I (do not) agree with the author, because ... and I think ...

There is a strict structure of arguments in analytical essay:
1. thesis
2. reasoning
3. conclusion
Each argument starts with a new paragraph. Provide examples, citing examples from the literature, or famous people, your life or the lives of others.
• One can not but agree with the author that ...
• It is possible to argue with the author about ...
• The author is correct that ...
• However, his idea of … causes some doubts...
• It is difficult to disagree with the author
• The author's position is close (clear) to mine
• I (do not) share the view of the author
• I share the outrage (rejection, admiration) of the author, and I think ...
• My opinion is confirmed by the following fact ...
Templates taken from Repository of Free Essays:
• I am pleased to read...
• We can not remain indifferent...
• Unfortunately…
• It should be noted that certain of the author's position is no doubt...
• The author proves that...
• The author, in my opinion, is not quite right in saying that...
• The point of view of the author is, of course, interesting, but I think that...
• In my opinion, the author is too categorical in his judgments because...
• I believe that it is not quite true when the author says that...
• The author rightly observes that...
• Author's estimates are valid and accurate. Indeed,...
• Author's position on this issue coincides with my point of view.
• At first,… Secondly,…
Arguments must be accurate. The arguments used in analytical essay must be deployed and convincing. Arguments have to prove your point.
How can you enter arguments in the statement of own position? With phrases:
• Referring to (fact, scientific data...)
• To cite an example ...
• This can be proved as follows...
• Proof of this is the following fact...
• Here is another example that proves my point.
• This is easily seen by referring to...
With the introductory words and phrases:
• For example, assume...
• According to someone facts, I come to conclusion that...
• Firstly, ..., second, ... etc.
With the help of unions and subordinate part:
• As…
• Because…
• Because of…
• Thanks to…
• Due to…

6. How to finish the essay? By 2-3 sentences that duplicate entry. If you experience any difficulties with writing essays yourself, look through the Essay database online. There you can search for some ideas, examples and inspiration for your essay.

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